1. Fiddleheads Receives a Second Government Grant for Our New Website

    MacBook, iPad and iPhone on a wood desk with Fiddleheads' site on all screensOur gorgeous new website received funding from the DER3 Program in September

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  2. SOLD - Stankov 2020/2021 Image Gallery

    Stankov violin front, side and back

    [SOLD: Toronto, Ontario] Ivan Stankov is a Master Luthier among Bulgaria's most respected makers. His instruments are gaining a sparkling reputation for tone, craftsmanship and finishing. He competes in luthierie competitions in Europe, including Italy's Trianalle and the European Eufonia Competition and has won several medals for his violins, violas and celli.

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  3. SOLD - Dimitrov 2018-5 Image Gallery

    Dimitrov violin front, side and back

    [SOLD: Calgary, AB] Dimitrov's instruments are inspired by the works of great Italian masters like Stradivari and Guarneri and he only works with the woods "of excellent sound qualities from the Balkan region." Mr. Dimitrov is a member of the Bulgarian regional Association of the Master-luthiers and the Chamber of Handicraftsmen. He participates in exhibitions and competitions in Bulgaria and in the International Competition in Trienne (Italia).

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  4. Photo Gallery: Fake Strads

    various photos of fake Strad violins spread out across each otherA Fiddleheads Email Inbox Photo Album

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  5. Rhiannon's Guide to Violin Appraisals

    old violin obscured by wood case

    Let's explore the best way to determine the value of your instrument

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  6. Fiddleheads Chosen as Finalist for Two Honours in Upcoming Business Awards

    Two Finalists certificates presented to Fiddleheads for Environmental Leadership Award and Small Business of the Year

    Fiddleheads was granted coveted Finalist status for both awards for which Fiddleheads nominated in her city's upcoming Business Excellence Awards

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  7. PDF Library Now Online

    Young white man with a septum piercing reading a book in a room full of file cabinets

    As a courtesy to our customers, Fiddleheads posts all our PDFs on this convenient page

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  8. SOLD - Moneff 2019-3 Image Gallery

    Moneff violin front, side and back

    [SOLD: West Petpeswick, Nova Scotia] Angela Moneff of the Kazanlak region or "Rose city" of Bulgaria, is among Eastern Europe's finest female luthiers. She uses traditional Italian methods of construction and a pine-resin oil varnish brushed over a special coat of mineral ground, a technique developed by master makers studying the genuine violins of Giuseppe Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari.

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  9. SOLD - Rose Valley 2020-1 Image Gallery

    Rose Valley violin front, side and back

    [SOLD: Crystal Beach, ON] "Rose Valley" is the moniker of the part of Bulgaria where the makers who complete these violins, Angela Moneff, Ivan Stankov, and other makers, call home. Rhiannon named this violin line in homage to this unique region of Eastern Europe. This particular violin was completed by Ivan Stankov.

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  10. Website 2.0 Goes Live!

    Hand with red handled scissors cutting a red ribbon wrapped around a violin

    It was a long time coming with 28 months in development, but we did it: Fiddleheads "soft"-launched our incredible new Magento 2 e-commerce website on June 7, 2021

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