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    You made me feel like a friend
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    Happy VN-100 player from the Cayman Islands
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    VN-909 from Fiddleheads
    Beautiful projection, comfortable to play
    Never would've expected this sound quality improvement, it was so impressive to begin with
    I tried out countless violins in my search at other shops, then Rhianon made it simple and easy to decide
    Buy your violin here: Rhiannon's personal manner and service are untouchable
    The instrument is beautiful, the set-up is perfect, and the tone is amazing for a new instrument.
    I am thoroughly enjoying my 909 violin from Fiddleheads: This Violin is enriching my life
    I couldn't have found my dream violin without Rhiannon
    My teacher and I agree your violin was the best one of all we tried
    Looking for the perfect fiddle
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    I would have spent double for a violin like this at another shop
    An incredible journey with the best possible guide
    An excellent violin for a music lover and advancing student!
    Much better than any violin I’ve tried in Toronto

Amazing violins and service

[REVIEW: Google, 5 stars] They have an amazing range of violins, and Rhiannon goes out of her way to give advice and help you find what you're looking for.

Very prompt. Excellent communication. Eco-conscious store.

September 11, 2021

An excellent violin for a music lover and advancing student!

I just received this violin a few days ago, and I love it already! It was packaged securely and arrived in great condition.

I love my Zhu 909 violin! Of course it will require some break-in time, but it's perfect for my advancing practice and performance and keeps me playing.

Its sound and projection are great, and I feel I can connect with my instrument so well. When I play it it vibrates against my chest and it feels like singing!

I played a Sun 100 violin before, it is very nice too and we got it from Fiddleheads, but as I advanced I felt I needed a more responsive instrument.

This Zhu 909 has amazing projection and the sound is rich and full; I'm sure the sound will become even better as the instrument matures. The violin sings for me. It has an amazing voice.

When I turn music on, the body and the strings of the violin vibrate and it feels like it has a heart of its own. It allows for a wide range of emotion and expression -- perfect for and advancing violinist!

The projection is amazing, thank you so much for the wonderful instrument and the music it produces!

Rhiannon, thank you for the wonderful "customer service", I would call it the Friendliest Advice for the young musician! Rhiannon replied to all of my questions and kept me informed, and I appreciate it very much.

I really recommend this shop to anyone who loves music and cares for our planet -- Fiddleheads is also Eco Friendly. It's friendly to everyone :) Thank you a hundred times for your kindness and love of violin, music and people!

Hope this inspires someone! Thank you!


September 2, 2021

Much better than any violin I’ve tried in Toronto

One of the best places to buy a violin in Canada

The violins arrived perfectly, and they look even better in person than I expected. I have been playing the three violins for a few days now.

909: Easy to play. It does have a slight metallic / sonorous sound. I am guessing this is owing to the break-in period.

Moneff: Clear, and sweet tone. Wonderful violin.

Stankov: Clear, and vibrant, specially on the E-string. Excellent violin.

I find the Moneff and Stankov quite similar. They are both very clear, and deep. Much better than any violin I’ve tried in Toronto. I think I am going to focus on these two, and show them to my teacher this Monday before deciding. I noticed that the E string on Stankov projects more than the E string on Moneff.

[Update: 1 week later] Good news! I have decided to keep the Stankov. It’s such an amazing instrument.

[Official Product Review]

I tried over 20 violins in Toronto, and couldn't really find one that spoke to me.

Getting violins on trial from a website was a strange concept, but I gave it a shot. I tried three violins sent by Rhiannon, and they absolutely blew away what I had tried locally in Toronto until then.

I always like to know about the source of materials used in the things I purchase, and, at least in Toronto, it was common to come across violins that use unethically obtained animal parts like mother of pearl. It was a relief to learn that Rhiannon runs an eco-conscious store, and doesn't sell violins that use animal parts.

In the end I decided to go with a violin made by Ivan Stankov. It's a beautiful violin, with a very deep and rich sound.

Rhiannon has been very helpful with her advice, and keeping me on top of everything. I can highly recommend Fiddleheads, and the violins they sell.

I really hope you win the [environmental] award. About time they start giving awards to socially conscious businesses. I have had a great experience with Fiddleheads.

September 1, 2021

The sustainability label drew me to your store

That’s amazing… your [Green Leadership Award and Small Business of the Year] nominations.

I am vegan myself and it was the sustainability label that drew me to your store. Always a pleasure to meet other vegan and eco conscious business owners.

Best of luck with the awards!

July 29, 2021

Wonderful sounding violin!!!

I have been very happy with the gorgeous sound of my Dimitrov violin.

It has ample projection and feels easy to play, no wolf tones, very even, and has that indescribable sweet yet powerful presence in the sound.

No better violin, past or present, and I have played on some of the best.

July 21, 2021

What a site!

Your new site is beautiful and well laid out! Congrats on the launch of your new website! :)

June 8, 2021

Top Quality Rest

[REVIEW: Google, 5 stars] I bought my wife a new shoulder rest from Fiddleheads and it arrived quickly and was top quality.

June 8, 2021

I was blown away by the service here

[REVIEW: Google, 5 stars] Best customer service ever! I was blown away by Rhiannon's attentiveness and kindness, I will definitely be recommending Fiddleheads to anyone looking for a violin/violin gear.

March 16, 2021

Night and day from my violin I have had my whole professional career for the last 40-plus years

I played the violins for my friend's daughter and was amazed with the 907.

This violin gives such returns back to the player. It was night and day from my violin I have had my whole professional career for the last 40-plus years.

We did a blind comparison and didn't even know which model was which but we could tell the difference between them and the top one was obvious.

I'm sold. I want a 909 now.

[UPDATE: 4 weeks later] I absolutely love one of the [909 violins]. I'm getting one of them for sure.

[Upon hearing his mother paid for the violin as a surprise] My mom - bless her - incredible! She's clever, that one. I had no idea!

Amazing! Big thanks to you for making this all happen!

March 14, 2021

With this violin my daughter's playing has notably improved, and it takes far less cajoling to get her to practice.

Your violins arrived on our doorstep today! Thanks so much. They arrived in perfect condition.

Don MacDonald [a professional violinist and film composer] is going to swing by and help us tune them up, and give each one a wee test drive, before we do the "big reveal" with my daughter Caitlin this evening. She still has no clue that all this is happening. We'll keep you posted. So exciting.

[UPDATE: 6 hours later] Well, Rhiannon. Don came by to try all 3 violins (before my daughter), and thought there was no question: the Zhu 907. Hearing him play all three, I'd have to say I agree.

The richness of sound is remarkable, and stands out head and shoulders over the other two [905 and Rose Valley].

Certainly was more than I'd budgeted for, but it's hard to argue with the difference in quality and sound, when the instruments are played side by side.

Don, by the way, was so blown away that he is now on a mission to find a new violin. He thought the 907 he tried today was a finer instrument than the one he has been playing for the last four decades. Expect to hear from him soon...

Thanks so much, again, Rhiannon. It's been such a pleasure doing this with you. You've been so responsive, so thorough, and so patient.

We couldn't be happier with the violin, too! Hopefully we get to meet you in person sometime.

[Review: 2 weeks later] My daughter had outgrown her student violin, and was in need of a significant upgrade. A trusted friend (who happens to be a professional violinist and composer) recommended we check out Fiddleheads.

Although a bit nervous and skeptical about purchasing a violin online, my concerns were immediately allayed after my first conversation with Rhiannon.

It was clear that her priority was ensuring that my daughter got matched with the right instrument, and she went to great lengths to understand what "the right instrument" meant to us.

She was informative, patient, understanding, and extremely timely and responsive to our many questions, over the course of [a phone and some email] conversations.

She ultimately shipped us three different violins to trial, all of which met our criteria, and all well within the price range we'd discussed. (The shipping was surprisingly hassle-free and quick.)

We ultimately settled on a Zhu 907, having been blown away by the instrument's richness of tone, warmth, and playability.

Rhiannon's expert efforts in setting up the violin prior to them being shipped out were immediately obvious, as the violin came "out of the box" performance-ready.

Since acquiring the instrument, my daughter's playing has notably improved, and it takes far less cajoling to get her to practice.

We are so grateful for the incredible service Rhiannon provided us, and thank her deeply for the joy this new instrument is bringing all of us.

I recommend her services 100%.

March 13, 2021