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Inclusivity & Benevolence Policies

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The further maturation of this policy was highlighted in October 2020 in a blog post here and again in May 2021 here. The policies on this page were last updated May 30, 2021.


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Acknowledgement of Secwepemc Land

Fiddleheads acknowledges that the beautiful land on which our studio sits is located in the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc [she-KWE-pem] territory in the southern interior of British Columbia within the unceded traditional lands (meaning First Nations people never ceded or legally signed away their lands to the Crown or to Canada) of the Secwepemc Nation.

Our owner Rhiannon Nachbaur has gained a stronger, painful understanding how the actions of colonizers were and still are devastating to the Secwepemc Nation (read her article about the process here). She appreciates the beauty and culture of these people and how they honoured their traditional lands.

She considers herself a very fortunate guest during her time living here making music and raising a family. She strives to stand up for Indigenous People and to protect them and their formerly pristine lands from future harm. 

She encourages others to lean more about the land on which you live and write a territorial acknowledgements at this helpful link

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Equal Treatment from a Woman-Run Business

Fiddleheads' focus on professionalism and fairness sees us constantly striving to provide courteous service to all customers and prospective customers.

Rhiannon is passionate about progressive human and animal rights matters. She champions for fair treatment of and respect for all earthlings and focuses her resources and energy on:

FeminismLGBTQ+ RightsBlack Lives Matter & Human RightsAutism & Mental HealthEducation & Music EducationEnvironmentalism (earning a Green Business Award) Veganism & Animal Rights

Fiddleheads endeavours to provide a safe and warmly supportive place for all people to shop, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs systems, or neurodivergence. You are safe and respected here.

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Respecting Our Generous Goodwill and Expertise

Our unparalleled expertise and service is the best in the violin world by far! You will see from our countless testimonials Rhiannon has moved mountains for her customers since 1997. Unfortunately, her generosity has been exploited by come clients at times, leading Rhiannon to create a new, fully self-serve website that will largely remove her from constant obligation to clients' email and phone requests.

We kindly ask that persons sending queries but with no intentions of buying from Fiddleheads be mindful this is our livelihood and our limited time is valuable.

Due to an increasing number of requests to help people purchase at other shops, Fiddleheads reserves the right to withdraw our service from persons who are clearly abusing our good will in providing specialist expertise free of charge.

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Courteous Behaviour

We thank our marvellous customers for respecting that there are real people with feelings taking time to read and reply to your emails.

You, my people, are so appreciative and kind so it is only for total transparency that we state that insensitive or inappropriate remarks or treatment from cranky-pants and bullies are not tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse service to people or organizations that do not respect the rights of all earthings.

As author Brittany Candau said: “You must always remember this: Have courage, and be kind. You have more kindness in your little finger than most people possess in their whole body. And it has power. More than you know.”