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My First Violin

Download the Template HereThis cardboard violin project template is provided free for personal use by and Owner/Instructor Rhiannon Nachbaur

Download the Template


You will need: Computer Printer and letter size paper, Cardstock or cereal box, a corregated cardboard box, scissors, exacto-knife or razor blade, craft or white glue, wooden stick or dowel or ruler

1. Print this page to Letter Size (8.5" x 11") paper. Colour printing is best.

2. Using white or craft glue, attach this sheet front-facing out to cardstock or thin cardboard (cereal boxes work great) that is easy to cut with scissors. Make sure the material is large enough for the entire violin image.

3. Following the dotted lines around the violin image, carefully cut the cardboard or cardstock using scissors. The result from this step will be your template for use in step 4 and the final layer in step 6.

4. Place the template created in step 3 on a piece of thick corregated cardboard and trace the violin shape in pencil. Remove the template and, using an exacto-knife or razor blade, cut along your tracing line. You may need to do this on a protected surface and be careful not to cut yourself-- Kids, get an adult's help with this step.


Thank you for the great idea. We will definitely look you up when the time is right for our daughter's first REAL violin.

- Tony, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Your website is amazing! Thank you for sharing all this info as it has really been helpful. We have downloaded and crafted the paper "my first violin" to play with. It turned out very nice and... she put on an imaginary concert. It was a delight to watch as she is only 5 years old.

I have bookmarked your website and will refer to it often.

- Paul, Memphis, TN

We've also made a cardboard violin for our 2-year old, using the instructions on your website.  Thanks for that great idea, and also your help us choose a 1/2 size violin.  I'll be in touch if we have any questions.

- Peter, Yellowknife, NT

My daughter loves her new cardboard violin!!!  She is so happy to have one like her big brother and was quick to copy then join him in practice. 

We use several coats of mod podge - gloss finish to make it shiny and the surface more kid proof, trimmed layers 6 & 7 to only a violin body to make it a bit more realistic, and gave her a chopstick for a bow. 

Thank you for the amazing idea and free template.  I hope these pictures and the video link bring a smile to your face.  Thanks again!

- Brent & Jenny

5. Repeat step 4 several more times until you have at least three (3) cardboard layers. The more layers, the thicker and more durable the violin will be. We recommend 5-7 layers for a properly-proportioned violin.

6. Finish by gluing the many cardboard layers together as a laminate (like a pancake!) and finish by gluing the violin template layer on the very top with the image facing out. Your violin is done!

7. For the bow, cut a length of sanded (splinter-free) dowel or a smooth stick to approximately 12" long. A ruler or chopstick can work well too. It's all about making this fun and safe, so be creative with your bow.

*This design creates a violin approximately 10.25" long, suitable as a make-believe (and cheap!) violin for a baby or small toddler. Obviously, it's not intended to replace an actual violin for use in lessons, but will surely be a fun first step for many hours of pretend play!

We hope that when the time comes to purchase your child's first violin we at will earn your business. We will be happy to match you to the ideal instrument for your budget and needs.


All content on this page Copyright ©2012 Fiddleheads Violin Studio and Rhiannon Nachbaur. These instructions and template are provided free for personal use.


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