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Double, triple and quadruple fantastic on all accounts

I have been spending hours on the internet looking at violin sites. Yours is one of the most impressive. Your personal approach and wonderful customer reviews inspire trust, which is why I contacted you.

I have been narrowing my choices between another good quality vintage violin or a Chinese instrument, which I believe would be a excellent value for the money. Like most people, I had always assumed that Chinese violins were inferior; that is, until I spent some time reading forums on violinist.com and other information. Your site also helped me view Chinese violins in a new, favorable light.

From among Chinese instruments, your model 909 would seem to be an outstanding choice. Its tonal quality might even be superior to that of my former violin.

The more I think about it, I believe I can hardly do better in that price range.

(Just so you know, I found the model 909 on two other sites at prices higher than yours. One listing was $2000 more.)

Double, triple and quadruple fantastic on all accounts. Your attention to detail is outstanding.

June 24, 2015
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