We Chose the Powerful Magento Platform to Ensure Our Customers are Safe

We care very much about the security of this website

After all, Fiddleheads has been our livelihood and our "baby" since 1997 and our customers are like family to us.

Fiddleheads upgraded from our former static HTML site to a full e-commerce solution in June 2021 after developing the site since February 2019. We chose the open-source and powerfull Magento 2 platform in order to best recreate owner Rhiannon Nachbaur's grand vision for the site.

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About Magento 2

This impressive platform was created by some pretty darn smart people in 2007 using PHP frameworks. All code is distributed under Open Software License so all base code is transparent and not proprietary. Magento isn't going anywhere anytime soon as it was acquired by Adobe (the folks who make Photoshop) for a whopping $1.68 Billion USD in 2018.


As of the time of this write-up, more than 100,000 online stores have been built using this platform. The code has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and $155 billion worth of goods was been sold through Magento-based systems in 2019. That same year Magento accounted for nearly a third of the total e-commerce market share!


It applies conventions of object-oriented programming and model–view–controller architecture. Magento also uses the entity–attribute–value model to store data, introduced the Model-View-ViewModel pattern to its front-end code using the JavaScript library Knockout.js,. The platform now requires Elasticsearch and appropriately-configured servers for its catalog search capability, maximizing speedy and accurate searches.

How 'bout dem apples?

But who is using it?

Magento 2 is almost exclusively used by much larger businesses, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, such as Ford, Chrysler, Samsung, Nike, Olympus, Canon, HP, Omega, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Okaley, Gap and (hint hint to grateful customers) Lindt Chocolates.

To the best of our knowledge, ours is the only violin shop online running Magento 2. We are very proud of this as it is the premier platform in a huge market for the number of custom extensions, robust programming using current technologies, and total freedom of configurability.


Your Privacy

Fiddleheads.com/Fiddleheads.ca is hosted on a dedicated server and operates via the customizable and secure Magento 2 platform. We are diligent in installing the latest security patches to the platform and extensions in order to eliminate vulnerabilities and maximize protection from hackers, scammers and other poopy jerks.

Using Magento sets Fiddleheads apart from all the competition running flimsier sites on weak platforms. (You'd be amazed to know how many large sites from big companies are open to attacks and we put in the extra care to reduce risks to our customers and ourselves.)

Yup, we are the figurative brick house and the other guys are in straw and stick houses! We're not afraid of the big bag wolf!

Our Promise

Unlike many other platforms overrun by awful scam sites, ours ensures your precious personal data and purchase history is never in the hands of another company.

We promise (cross our hearts, hope to die) we will never sell or give away your personal information (except when required to in shipping goods to you) so you can trust you are safe shopping with us!

More Details

Our detailed privacy policy in all its legalese glory can be read here.

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