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Fiddleheads Provides a Prime Wood Seasoning Environment for Optimal Tone and Stability

Humidity Control and Seasoning Makes all the Difference

rack of various coloured violins hanging

Humidity has been a problem for most violin shops for a variety of factors.

In most violin shops plenty of new inventory, including violin cases, violins, bows and other items, have gotten mouldy from too much humidity, even when stored in heated areas. Many customers have complained about other shops' (particularly massive online retailers' and sellers from the deep south of the USA) violins being contaminated with bacteria and fungi resulting in a combination of moisture and affected hide glue and had to be decontaminated. Case have been thrown away as the mould could make customers sick.



Our Location

None of these problems exist at Fiddleheads.

Our home-base in Kamloops, BC is the third driest city in all of Canada and experiences hot summers and brief cold, below freezing temperatures. The city also boasts the third mildest winter of any non-coastal city in Canada. Our instruments benefit greatly from this geographical location coupled with decades of Rhiannon's experience and expertise.


Maturing Our Violins the Proper Way

The best thing we can do for our instruments is to keep them in a natural environment for drying with careful observation and professionally-designed protective measures. Our violins will mature faster and they will sound better than the same models of instruments being sold at other sources.

We sell new instruments exclusively, with the exception of lightly used traded-in instruments sold by us previously. New violins still have much moisture in the wood and need either plenty of time (years) in a humid environment to mature, or simply weeks and months in a drier climate for the same results. It is particularly important that our new violins from more humid regions of China undergo a more effective drying than is possible in most other locations.

For a violin to go from a humid region to a dry one without proper measures can be catastrophic as the wood will shrink too quickly and crack. This has been a major complaint from customers shopping at a couple larger shops in the Midwest and the gulf region, particularly Florida and Georgia.


Our Process Avoids Future Damage

We’ve established that sending a violin from a moist region to a dry one is a very bad idea, unless the instrument has been cured properly in advance. Many of Fiddleheads’ customers live in dry regions in Canada and the USA). Their violins must to be cured before shipping from a humid region (such as Florida) directly to them otherwise warping of various parts of the instrument can occur.

Fiddleheads, located in Canada’s exclusive desert region, can assure our customers that our instruments are not only cured in one of Canada’s only deserts, but are also accustomed to high heat and low cold extremes and will not experience a temperature or humidity shock when shipping to other regions of the continent or beyond.