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Pricing, Payment Methods, Currency & Other Financial Policies

Pricing, Payment Methods, Currency & Other Financial Policies

Unlike many other online specialty shops that require you contact a salesperson for pricing info, we openly post all our prices and policies online for complete transparency.

By purchasing from this site you are agreeing to these terms.

different forms of colourful currency


Fiddleheads serves and ships to customers around the world and currently charge customers in Canadian (CAD) and American (USD) dollar. Currency exchange is automatically updated by the site to current rates.


  • Our CAD prices are only applicable to orders shipped to a Canadian address, without exception.
  • Canadian customers who wish to pay in USD are welcome to contact us to be invoiced in CAD at the current website exchange rate.

Americans and International Buyers

  • All orders shipping to the USA and internationally must use USD payment options.


Tax, Brokerage & Import Duty

There are no taxes on American or International orders. Canadian residents pay tax as applicable:

  • GST & PST in BC (no PST on books)
  • GST or HST for rest of Canada depending on your province or territory.

BC taxes apply to goods picked up in-person at our studio. Some Canadian customers request we send their order to a friend or relative in a different province/territory than their own in order to save on local sales taxes. 

Any items drop-shipped from USA warehouses direct to Canadian customers and which are invoiced directly by us (not the site) will have no tax on shipping. We also use shipping methods which do not charge exorbitant brokerage (administrative) fees at the border.

Good News: Violins and their accessories are duty-free in most countries to which we ship.


Payment Methods

Our most preferred payment options are Interac E-Transfer (Canada) and Zelle (USA).

Should you wish to purchase off the site, we are happy to personally invoice you via email so you can pay with any of the methods above. Contact us and we will arrange all the details for you.

Accepted forms of payment is entirely at our discretion. Items are not shipped or released until funds have cleared.

Credit Card

1. Square

Square is our preferred method of accepting your credit card payments securely. It is a reliable and safe method for our customers that features high-tech fraud monitoring. Square is free for customers to use and absolutely no login or account with them is required to complete your payment quickly and easily.

For customers who prefer paying with a credit card, we prefer Square over Paypal as the former charges less than conventional credit card processors. Unlike Paypal, Square also allows full refunds (without keeping a percentage of fees) to customers for cancelled or returned orders.

2. Paypal: Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Paypal is a popular way to pay for goods online. A Paypal membership is not required to use the Paypal merchant system to process your credit card, but you must be a member to pay from a Paypal Account (which can be used very much like a bank account) or as a portal connected securely to your bank account.

You can also send payment to our direct link: paypal.me/fiddleheads

Note that due to a change in Paypal policy regarding refunds and fees in 2020, any payments to Fiddleheads using Paypal which are partially or fully refunded to the customer are subject to the Paypal merchant fees charged to Fiddleheads. These fees average ~3% of the total payment price. You may prefer to use Interac E-Transfer [Canada] or Zelle [USA] as there are no fees involved for buyer or seller for payments or refunds.


Electronic Funds Tranfers, also called "EFTs" or "E-Transfers," are Fiddleheads' most preferred method for customer payments as it results in no fees for Fiddleheads or our customers. This method sees you sending funds direct from our bank account to ours and has no fees and less risks than a credit card.

It's free to enrol in E-transfer service at a growing list of participating financial institutions. Most banks' phone banking apps have incorporated the functionality to send payments on the go. Daily limits may vary and some customers purchasing more valuable instruments make their payments to us over 2 or more days.

Canada: Interac E-Transfer

Safe, fast, Canadian! Interac E-Transfers are a reliable payment method that's only available for Canadian customer's payments in CAD from a Canadian bank account.

Interac E-Transfer payments can be made to our email address info@fiddleheads.ca.

USA: Zelle and Chase QuickPay

Similar to Interac E-Transfers in Canada, this method can be used by our American customers paying in USD.

[From their Website]: "Chase QuickPay is an online service that allows you to send money to and receive funds from virtually anyone with an e-mail address who's enrolled in the service. It's fast, convenient and secure, and it's easy to get started–all you need is a valid e-mail address and U.S. bank account."

Zelle and Quickpay Payments can be made to our email address info@fiddleheads.com.

Direct deposit to any Chase branch (Primarily USA, in US Dollar)

You don't need a Chase account to make a deposit of cash, check or other paper-based payment method. Direct deposit is available in-branch or by mailing your deposit to your nearest branch (see locator here). Most Chase branches are in the USA, but there are select Chase branches in southern Ontario and Quebec.

This is a Fiddleheads preferred method for USD payments.

Wire Transfer (to our American or Canadian account)

Most banks, credit unions and financial institutions can wire, for a fee, small to large amounts of funds directly from your account to Fiddleheads. Some systems require you do this in-branch, but many banks allow this through online banking and banking apps.

This method is recommended for payment of master grade violins or large orders with higher dollar amounts to be transferred.

Western Union

Western Union (WU) is a safe means of sending money worldwide. You can visit a Western Union branch [locator here] in person (including third party branches such as banks, UPS store, various retailers and money lending services).

You can also send Western Union transfers online on their website. You must be a WU member to use the online component. There are various speeds and corresponding fees to send different amounts.

Paper Options

Check / Money Order / Bank Draft

We're high tech, but we still accept mailed-in, paper forms of payment. These methods take extra time to arrive and process/clear, but we will hold your order for you.

We recommend tracked/guaranteed means of sending paper payments in the mail for your protection, however between the years 2004 and 2020 not a single payment to us was lost during transit.


Cash is king, but it's only available for purchases in-person. CAD and USD cash is accepted. We may refuse larger bills to avoid fraud.

For your protection, please don't mail us cash. However, chocolates are always welcome in our mailbox.


Financing/Payment Plans

It is at our sole discretion to accept weekly or monthly payments and to whom we are willing to offer this flexible service, totally interest-free.

  • When accepted, the term length is proportionate to the total amount (e.g., more costly violin = longer payment duration). The instrument's release date to the customer is also set at our discretion and with the full knowledge of the buyer in advance.
  • We never charge interest or financing fees as this adds costs for buyers and this is taking unfair advantage of people already in a potentially compromised financial situation.
  • Payments made toward an instrument or bow are non-refundable since the instrument is being held for the customer and not made available to anyone else. Likewise, payments toward a special order or custom-built instrument are non-refundable.
  • We do not currently offer rentals or rent-to-own plans.

Contact us with any specific questions regarding the possibility for in-house financing.


Pricing Errors

In the instance of a typographical error or miscalculation by the shopping cart system (price, currency, discounts, tax, shipping, or any other reason) at time of payment, we may contact the customer to adjust to the correct amount or cancel the order and issue a refund. Rest assured, Fiddleheads will never collect funds from your payment method without your clear and informed consent.


Thanks for reading our Financial Policies! You can explore other Fiddleheads policies here.