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I cannot think of a more conscientous and considerate person to help us select a violon of quality than Rhiannon Nachbaur. She is knowledgable, generous and honest.

Borrowing a violin on trial from her was much easier than I expected and gave us the time to make a sound and informed decision.

What more can we ask when we are about to make such an important purchase?

- Jean-Claude, Vancouver

I want you to know that the violins arrived safe and sound. I’ve spent the past few hours playing scales and tunes and with different violin/bow combinations and enjoying a grande time of it.

I’m keeping an open mind and trusting what feels right. One thing I do notice is how different your violins “fit” compared with my ultra beginner violin. They feel a bit lighter and seem, somehow, a little easier to play. And they sing.

Thanks again for all you have done for me to make this purchase as open and well rounded as is possible, especially given the distance. And, most especially, given the fatigue and discomfort of a difficult pregnancy. You’ve been terrific. I know I’ll probably have questions as I work my way through the decision making process.

- Deb, Nanaimo, BC

Thank you, Rhiannon, you have been very helpful and nice. Your great enthusiasm and customer relations is unbelievable. You don't get this service from a lot of shops / entrepreneurs...

No matter which violin I buy I will always recommend your shop. You customer service is outstanding.

- Michael, Montreal Quebec

Thanks for the Venture One tip [for saving money on return shipments]... It worked out great.

Once again, thanks for everything. All the best,

- Dan, Burlington, ON

It was wonderful to have someone who was so keen on helping us get the exact violin that would suit our son. With just a few bits of information about the style of music my son likes to play we had three suggestions for trial. Believe it or not, all three were suitable.

I had previously ordered violins from another shop and none were acceptable (by teacher's standards). But with the options from Fiddleheads, she said any of the three would be a good choice for our son.

We kept the violins for over a week while he played them and once he decided on the one he liked [a Bellissima violin] the purchasing process couldn't have been easier (including the return of the "rejected" violins).

Rhiannon was great throughout the whole process, keeping in touch and offering help if we needed any.

I thought the purchase of a violin was going to be a long, drawn out process. I should have call Rhiannon first, it would have been even quicker. Bows are next, and we will be calling Rhiannon.

- Carrie, Fort Frances, Ontario

Alright, you talked me into it. Let’s give [the used violin] a try. I’ve already read over your trial page and I’d be happy to pay the 50% down-payment and shipping by PayPal.

You weren’t pushy, you were enthusiastic. If anything, it helped me trust you. I’m sure you know better than most, when you’re talking business over the internet, you never really know what kind of people you’re dealing with.

- Owen, Canada

[I] missed the first moment that Nathaniel laid eyes on the violin. My husband tells me it was like Christmas! Apparently when Nathaniel was getting ready for bed that night he told my husband that he felt so happy that he felt like he would cry and said, "I love my violin. I'm so happy!" What a kid!

We're very pleased with the instrument, and with the service we've received. We were glad to have the trial period and I'm glad to say the instrument suits us, because how could we ever give it back now that Nathaniel loves it so much? I think it's meant to stay here.

- Heather, Ajax, Ontario

About a year ago, I started playing the viola and taking lessons using an old instrument we have had for several years. I've longed for one of my own.

I had a difficult time finding the viola I was looking for, but I finally hooked up with a dealer in British Columbia (Rhiannon Nachbaur, whose website featured several [Polish] makers.

[Rhiannon] was able to arrange for us to try [two] violas.... She was very helpful. I chose 2 to bring home; Both sounded tremendous, but were very different.

Finally, yesterday we [decided on an instrument]. I hope over time to be able to do it justice with my playing.

Pictured, Tom with a 1/32 violin

- Tom, West Hartford, CT

Thank you so much for all you did for us. The violin arrived yesterday at our home in perfect condition! It is beautiful! We have both been playing and my daughter loves it so much. The pin that you sent along is also beautiful!
Again, thanks for all your help and service! We'll keep you posted with the violin!

- Heather and Kaylee, Utah

You were kind enough to lend me these two violons. I will gladly refer young musicians your way if ever I meet people interested in purchasing a violin. 

Hope you are well and the business is doing ok. Thank you again, Rhiannon. You are wonderful!

- Jean Claude, Vancouver, BC

Hi Rhiannon, thanks for letting me trial the violins here at home. Its helped in the decision making process considerably, especially since I'm sailing in uncharted territory! I do like the sound of this [violin] and it definitely has some character so I'm quite happy with it.

Hopefully with practice my sound will improve so the cats won't run and hide anymore.

- Ian, Salmon Arm, BC

I appreciate your prompt follow-ups. I look forward to purchasing this violin from you and await your reply.

- Keith, Spokane, WA

Thank you very much for being cooperative and being able to purchase a violin my daughter is very excited about [Zhu VN-903]. 

- Deirdre and Jenna, Oakville, ON

Brother teaching sister to play violinHi Rhiannon! Look what happens at our house with an extra violin kicking around!

(See Photo)
By the way, Dominik has definitely decided on the "red violin".  Let me know the total so I can write you a cheque.
See you Thursday! 

- Karin, Salmon Arm, BC

I unpacked "Bruno." I do like the tone. The high string is far, far sweeter than the horrid practise fiddle I was using. Evrn my lousy bowing sounds much better on these strings!  I like the weathered, "experienced" feel of the neck. I like the instrument's looks and character very much.  It is quite endearing and "personal." Thanks very much for the trial period!

If I ever manage to play a recognisable tune with no major errors I will record it and send you the mp3 :-)  That's a promise!

- De, Nanaimo, BC

Thanks so much for your prompt reply - I certainly will recommend you to others who are looking for an instrument. Thanks for being so considerate to work with!

Yes, go ahead and ship [the cello] with the case.  I can't see me not liking it after what you've said about it, and if I do really dislike it, then it is better to pay the shipping costs than to spend thousands of dollars to save a few hundred (if I'm making any sense!)

- Bev, AB

I would never have dreamed I could get a fiddle from Canada to Alabama at Christmas in 3 days for $60. I should pay you some gas money for bringing it along on your vacation [to speed up delivery] 

The one piece back is definitely a special violin it's just not my violin if you know what I mean. I really appreciate the time and the great price you offered me. Although we have only talked on the phone a couple times. I feel like I have known you forever.

It was a great experience trying the violins and I so wish it could have worked out for both of us. You are right I want a $10,000 violin for $3,000! That is not going to happen I know.

I will still consider [other Fiddleheads instruments] though and I do appreciate everything you have done for me. Thanks again,

- Tommy, Alabama

I think your offer of a two week trial is an excellent idea.

I don't think a shop would let you take one of their instruments  home and play it for two weeks and then return it. Once you've bought it its yours!

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

It was a fast delivery [2-day]! Alli is practicing with the violin and will take it to her lesson to get her teacher's opinion. Thanks for the trial period. We'll keep you posted.

- Sheri, Council Bluffs, IA

The violins made it here today. I can't beleive how different they sound; both beautiful. I'll let you know as soon as I decide and put the other back in the mail. Thanks again and have a great evening.

- Sharon, Conway, SC- Web

It is up to you to decide to ship me one or two MJZ violins [for trial], I trust your expertise, you can choose one.

- Victoria Strochkova, Violin Teacher, San Ramon, CA - Website

Not a problem [for writing a day later],  I am surprised to get an answer on a Sunday!  I love that you are a mom involved with your kids, work/home life balance is important.  

I appreciate the time you took on the phone to discuss the violins and I enjoyed our chat.  The extra bow is great, it will give us another option, and thanks for sending the shoulder rest to try out.  Lauren is not liking the Kun, it sounds like this [Bon Musica] will be more comfortable for her small shoulder.

Sent the paypal deposit so you can get the package done up.  We are very excited to try these two violins, hopefully we will only be shipping one back to you!  Have a great evening, let me know if you need any further info from me.  

[Having] the tracking number [was] perfect. Even more perfect just received the violins, delivered to my door just a few minutes ago.  Looks like they did the trip well except for a loose E string on the one, which I can just rewind into the peg.

Great timing, as we have a lesson this evening so our teacher can take a look at them too.

Thank you for the pin, my daughter will love it.

Kathy, Calgary

These are the best sounding violins I've ever had the pleasure to play.  Both violins were a pleasure to look at, and the 909 was especially easy to play.

Thanks for all your help!I really think you are a helpful honest dealer.

I truly appreciate the time you've spent trying to help me find the right violin, and who knows, if I ever upgrade again I would look to your store as a terrific place to start because of your enthusiasm and expertise.

- Stacey, Ontario

We have really enjoyed playing the bows.   Have decided to keep the prism.   I have the other two packed and ready to ship back to you.  Thank you for allowing us to try the bows.   

- Kate, Louisville, KY

If [the violin trial] doesn't work it's disappointing it didn't end on a higher note. I only regret that buying violins is probably something I will only be involved with once in my whole life. I'm not in a position to be a repeat customer, and it's too bad. It's been fun.

- Haim, New York

Thanks for checking in I'm having a lot of fun trying out the violins - I've never wanted to practice so much in my life! Please let me know if you need any of the violins back soon. Thanks again for all of your assistance!

UPDATE: It was great meeting you this weekend [during your business travels]!  It has been great going through this process with you!  I will only have good things to say about you and your business! Thanks again for all your help!

- Cynthia, Rossland, BC

It looks as though "Miss Gretchen" [the violin] is staying in South Carolina. It was an easy choice, but I gave the other one several tries just to be sure.

Thanks again for offering the trials; there is no way I could have purchased it without hearing it first and just reading your website made me want to give you my business. I'll happily hand out your cards at the next recital.

- Sharon, SC

Thank you for your consideration on the deposit and the [combined] shipping for the two bows. I'm looking forward to having a little "bow party."  And thanks again for your superb and personal service.

- Keith, Oreon

Thanks Rhiannon, the [trial deposit] was simple!

- Dan, Burlington,  ON

Thank you very much for your quick service, much appreciated.
The violin arrived safely and thank you for the lovely pin you enclosed. It is very nice indeed.
I have tried the violin and found it has a unique sound, a bit reedy at first, but it can project very well at the same time. At the beginning I fear that it may sound a bit shallow but after playing and practicing on it for awhile, I warmed up to it.
My finger hurts now because I played too much on it! 
I do like how it sounds, as you said, it has a lot of character to it! I will keep it.
Thank you very much for your help with the purchases.

- Patricia, Scarborough ON

Rhiannon, you are so kind and comfortable to talk to. I thought the process for the trial would be a little difficult, but you made it very simple and easy. Once again, thank you for all that you have done. I will definitely let other people know about you and your professionalism! 

[Upon thinking I couldn't afford the violin]I have not sent it back yet because I have kept it to play, and to reconsider. Even with just two days the violin has grown on me even more!

Truthfully, I do like the [Zhu VN-909] more than the other one that I have. You are so kind to offer me further assistance. I always appreciate you and your efforts.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon,

- Jessica, Arlington, TX



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