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Fiddleheads Violin Studio Testimonials & Feedback: Our Site

I'm so impressed by your web site -- it's packed with info and inspires trust. I've been digging into it occasionally over the past month...

Wow, [your email] is a lot to digest at once, but it's great -- thanks for taking the time to cover all the bases. The numbers and advice are very helpful.

I really do appreciate it.

- Jeremy, Summerland, BC

Hello there, I love your website! I spent a lot of time looking for intelligent and informative information about purchasing a violin. Your site was a breath of fresh air.

- Degna, Brooklyn, New York

The [Fiddleheads] website, as well, is nicely elaborated, and offers information like instrument sizing criteria which is very comprehensive, useful, and helps knowing exactly what you want to ask for. [This is because] the expression "I want a violin" usually requires a bit more detail to become fully accomplished!

Rhiannon also provides the credentials of the makers and workshops selling instruments, which I is not a common practise in my experience. Her articles are astonishingly thrilling too.

Read complete review by Amnael

- Amnael Orozco, Violist, Violinist, Arranger and Concertmaster at the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Mexico City

You do have a nice website. The pictures and stories make it feel more personal. I look forward to exploring it some more.

- Maya, New York

Hey, I wanted to compliment you on your website, and your creative marketing.

I forgot to mention this to you before, but I think it is well put together, and effectively shows off your creativeness, sense of humour, and literary talents.

- Rick, AB

I love your website! Very well done. If this email goes to Rhiannon, you have a beautiful family. Respectfully Yours,

- Dr. Victor J Wedel, PhD, RT, RDMS, California

I have been all over your excellent website and read testimonials, and looked at violins, reviews and prices. Thanks so much,

- Lorraine, Fort St. John, B.C.

I checked out your website and I love it! It is very easy to understand and most importantly it gives the customer the feeling that you are totally up front and trustworthy.

It has a real cheerful feel to it. Your cheery personality really shines through!  

-Herb, Winnepeg MB

Marty Laster, author of Blues Violin for the Young Beginner

I am Marty Laster, author of Blues Violin for the Young Beginner.

I enjoyed your web site and believe we are kindred spirits as far as an eclectic individualized approach to teaching.

And yes, children learn best when enjoying themselves.

I am thrilled to see my book on your web site and just wanted to connect.

- Marty Laster, New York NY: Visit Marty's Website '

I came accross your website. Very cool! I'm a pro fiddle player currently living in Winnipeg. If I'm coming through [your area] I'll definilely check out the shop!

- Jeremy Penner - Visit Jeremy's MYSPACE

Great products! Excellent suggestive selling skills... people are too busy to think these days, and need the help. I really appreciate it! Have the best day ever, OK.

You are so appreciated by so very many people. :o)

- Vicky, Calgary AB

Thank you so much!! Thanks a million. Great website!!

Yes [the violin sizing advice] was a big help. I will be purchasing string supplies when I get organized. I am a trumpet player and band director. The whole string thing is a little overwhelming. You guys are so talented I admire string players so much. Thanks again!

- Wanda, Elementary School Music Teacher in Baltimore, Maryland

I like your site, is informative and professional and what I like most easy to navigate.

- Jakob, Violin Distributor Owner, Poland

Just wanted to say that I think you have a great method and site!

I am a part-time music teacher who travels to clients homes and have been browsing around the net for a long time to find some inpirational reserach and book suggestions and yours is it!

Thank you! Incidentally, do you mail to Ireland? [YES! Fiddleheads ships to customers around the world]

- Grace, Ireland

Love this site. Just found while searching for an 1/8 violin for my student. My grandparents were Canadian. John Livingston, the naturalist/photographer, was my great uncle. ;-)

I am very green!  ;-)

- Maureen, USA

Love your web site and attention to carbon footprint!

- Dawn, Armstong, BC

Hi, my daughter is a big fan of your site and has her eye on a new blue fiddle for her birthday coming up at the end of February. Your site is well done and she spends a lot of time on it reading and learning.

- James, Whitby, Ontario

I love your shop, and it was the first site that I found that had a good set of carbon fibre bows in stock.

I do love to help support smaller business people like yourself. [The website has] pictures of your products, good information about each product and clearly labeled prices.

- Alex, Pottstown, PA

"I am so impressed with your website and have referenced it to others in my fiddle chat groups."

- Melva, Anniston, Alabama

Your personality just jumps out your website and your emails. Stay passionate.

- Mike, Hamilton, ON

Great going on providing some good violin books --- this will be ideal for me to have the new books when I have plenty of time in the summer.

- Renate, BC

Thank-you Rhiannon. Good business move changing [many of] your prices to CAD! We're really looking forward to using this new violin from you, we really prefer to buy local, and from people we know. Thank-you again.

- Amelie and Missagh, Kamloops, BC

What a nice web site you have! I think I read that you had found that metric automotive [nuts] would work for the Bon Musica. I was wondering where one can buy metric [nuts]. I am thinking of trying a Bon Musica but would like to have replacement nuts ready since several people on their reviews have complained about the nuts that come with it getting loose.

I am enjoying your web site.

- Kathy, Cairo Georgia

Your web site was very helpful to me in the fact that I had bought a violin and wasn't sure they had sent the correct size, by your charts they had. Thanks.

- "CC" Washington state

Great website!

- Diana, Northern BC

I [was] looking for an upgrade to my beginner violin and found your website. Your website is fabulous by the way.

I really enjoyed spending time with you and your family when I was trying out violins. I like your ideas for celebrating [my advancing to Suzuki Book 3]. I had a cookie after xc skiing but your idea of a cream puff sounds much better.

- Ardene, Vernon, BC

Thanks for the quick reply! The only local violin shop sells [a cheap brand of violas] and talks them up quite a bit. This is tempting but I wanted to shop around on the internet and get other options and opinions.

There's also string**.com and violin**.com which I am looking into but I actually liked your site the best because you play the viola and are not some impersonal paid high school flunky making minimum wage who doesn't understand the viola.

- Wesley, Utah

I really do appreciate the time and humor [you put into your site and emails]. Your website projects: the charm and integrity and its always so nice to see it backed up with real people!

- Mark, California

I was very happy to find your site today. Wasn't hard though. Number 2 on my google search. Thanks.

- Dan, Ontario

Thank you for all your help [setting up my order.] I will recommend [the Royal Sequence] CD to my students, and the other teachers at our school, and their students. I promise not to make dubs for students. I want them to buy their own recordings.

I like your website. We will link to yours.

- Julian Fisher, Toronto School for Strings

Hi! I love your site, will definitely stop in next time I'm up north of the border. I was looking for your hilarious "red violin" article to show my sister in law... I get a kick out of your archive!

- Tony, New York, New York

I love the halloween details you've got on there! Cheers,

- Kerry, Yellowknife, NT


I appreciate your support of organics and your eco-friendly operation. 

- Mary, Laurel, MT

Hi Rhiannon! I like your site ,Well done. Thank you very much.

- Bill, Manitoba

Found your awesome website while looking for a used violin for my husband for Father's Day... Luckily I found your site as I was feeling overwhelmed....almost bit on the [other shop] gimmick ads until I read your info. Love whoever does your writing! Learned a lot . Thank you.

- Diane, From the Web

I have just spent about an hour on your website and I think I'm sold! [The Fiddlestix] looks like a great product and congratulations on your business.  Looks like you have found a niche!

- Don, Fredericksburg Methodist Church, Texas

We're about to embark on our first violin purchase for our 3-turning-4 year old daughter. We're very excited to have found your site and its great enthusiasm and reputation/rapport. Thanks so much for your help!

- Christina, Niagara Falls, ON

Greetings. Nice site!

- Peter Flanagan, Ireland

Hello, I wanted to say thank you very much for the site you have put together, it was really helpful for me in finding a good "test" starter violin for my 4-year-old son. Merry Christmas!

- Todd, Sammamish, WA

I would love to consign with you.  I do like the idea of the instrument remaining with me while it's on consignment too. Theconsignment fee sounds fine as long as the violin is well marketed on your website, which is why I was interested in your selling it for me to begin with.  It was your website where I first discovered Ivan Stankov's violins! 

- Melinda, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I just found your website and it is most helpful.

- Susan

I found your site to have the most information I could find, and was impressed with what I learned on compared to some other sites I looked at.  I was about to purchase someplace else when I began to read on your site. 

- Keith, Loveland, CO

Sweet Jesus Rhiannon, I'm pretty darn excited I found your website. I Googled 'sizing a violin' and your site came up. It was one of the first I've visited after doing some superficial investigation into violins/fiddles...and turns out you're [nearby] and I'm living in Revelstoke.  Wow.  

I can't keep up with you[r emails].  You've exhausted me - delightfully so - from my computer chair.  

[It's] nice not to be confronted with stuffy-ness.  I was afraid I was going to have to go through Remenyi in Toronto who define least that was my impression going in there a few years ago.

- Denis, Revelstoke, BC

I found your website and I am in is great!!

- Shannon, Silver Spring, MD

Thanks for the guidance you've put on your website.  It's been very helpful as I'm trying to get my 7 yr old started and don't have any knowledge on the subject.

- Venus, USA

Found your site while "researching" (if random Googling yet qualifies) violin sizes. Your sizing chart is immensely helpful. But best of all is your sense of humour. The 8-year-old is a leftie, as it happens, and your "We just pick our noses with a different finger" has certainly occurred to him ;-)

Thanks for your wonderful site! Cheers

- Moragh

Rhiannon - thank you so much for getting back to me. I am so excited about your website. I am a beginner, taking lessons from one of the coolest kids that I have ever met. I got sucked into fiddling when my little daughter started lessons from Tiffany [a Fiddleheads customer] and I decided that I wanted to play, as well. I would love a purple bow, it is just the snazziest.
I spent more than an hour picking out a fiddle that I absolutely love. I am going to ask for it from Santa (my husband) for Christmas, if I can wait that long.

- Heather, Twin Bridges, MT

It was very nice talking with you.  Your website is so easy to use and very informative.  I know Mehra's violin teacher was very happy to learn about it, so you may be getting more business from out here in Bowmanville!

- Andrea B, Bownmanville, ON

You have an outstanding web site. I was looking for information on violin sizing, particularly for wee folk and I found your site containing everything I wanted to know, and more. And so near to me...

- Rod, Enderby, BC

I came across your "Fiddleheads" website. Your photos are very stunning.

- Glen, Dallas, Texas

I must start out by saying how easy it was to find and navigate your website. I was actually only looking for a sizing chart at first but it led me to you and I was hooked. I am fifteen and have dreamed of playing the violin my whole life.

I've been inspired every time I hear a violin playing. I'm not very experienced at all but I want a challenge and to see how far I can go teaching myself. Now that I see that you're selling starter violins for only $100!, I cant resist. I've been saving up and finally have enough, but wish to do a trail on one of your instruments.

Once again, great website and thanks so much for helping my dream come true.

- Chelsea, North Branch, MN

Great site! I checked out you Facebook and I think you took some lessons with me [in the mid '90's]. You're doing really well & I'm proud to have known you way back when.

- Chris Vitas, San Diego

We live in southern Mexico and there are no violin shops and probably only one teacher so we don't  have a lot of resources to go to.  In googling shoulder rests, I came across your very helpful website and decided that this was the place I wanted to order a Bon Musica shoulder rest from, as it is clear you give a lot of helpful advice with your products.

- Evangeline, Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico 

I just ordered a student violin ~ I decided the Year of the Dragon will also be the year of learning to play fiddle.  This may seem ambitious for a 53 year old, but your website is so inspiring ~ and if that 4 year old can play, then darn it, so can I.    
Many many thanks, I can't wait to start!

- Annie, Cambridge, MA

Your website is well done and informative.

- Lisa, Maine

We love your web site!!!

- Cindy, writing from a boat off the Pacific Northwest coast

I have already learned a lot just reading posts and articles on your website. Thanks! 

- Amy, Cincinnati, OH

I went online to try and work out the right size violin for my 4 year old daughter who has been begging me for over a year to learn to play.  Our problem is there is no such thing as a violin shop here and no-one I know has a smaller violin than a full size one, and so I cannot measure her against an actual violin.  

I found your info on your site really really helpful in this regard, and measured her arm as you said and her two measurements are 16.5 inches and 18 inches.  So those two are the measurements for an eighth and a quarter size, so I guess it'll be the quarter size. 

- Claire, Zimbabwe

Hello, I am pleased to discover your site and your location not far from my home in Jasper Alberta, rather convenient for the trial and aquisition of instruments. Compliments on your well chosen selection of violins and makers.  

- Dennis, Jasper, AB

Thanks for a fantastic website. Very informative.

- Ian, USA

Firstly, thanks for such an interestingly informative website. Thanks to you, I feel I  know 'something' about stringed instruments now!

- Kashmira, Australia

With the coming of the internet I tend to research things until I'm more confused than when I started. Luckily I found your website along with a knowledgable and caring person and in my own province.

- Bob, Rossland, BC

By the way, I like your web site a lot. It has a cheery appearance.

- Michael, Saint Louis Strings Violin Shop

You know a lot.  Never thought of mites from grass moving into [bows and eating the hairs], but yeah, that makes sense.  

- Stephanie

I have been researching the Ming Jiang Zhu violins and your name and positive reviews on your services keeps popping up.
We live in where it is not easy to buy good violins and advice is scarce.

- Karen, Jakarta, Indonesia

I did have more time to spend on your web sites...I am very very impressed with what I heard and read. You are one talented lady who obviously loves to share that talent with others. Thank you again, Mira is very excited!!

- Kelly, Fort Frances, Ontario

Thanks so much; my wife Becky (CDN) is the [violin] researcher and fiddle promoter. Looks like you have a terrific business--appreciate your attitude, as e.g. shown in your shipping policy.

- John, WA

Sold. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to write me back. I really love how involved you are with your shop and product. I figured things were busy, I didn't mean to pester, I just wanted to make sure I get a straight answer before spending the money. 

I really should save up and buy something more solid, but for right now, I really wanted to make sure she got something basic just to see if she is still interested or not. I tried eBay, and I REFUSE to buy anything with a stock/non personal image. But I've read so many horror stories about buying a violin online, and then I came across your store/site, and felt "welcome"..does that make sense? Sounds weird, but I'm being honest.

Your testimonials, reviews, etc. all pointed me in the right direction, so I'm happy to say I'll be buying her the starter violin for now at least. When we get ready to upgrade, you obviously would be the first choice that comes to mind. Thank you for your time : )

- Justin, Centerville, OH

It is so nice to be doing online business with a real person, not just a business.  I have ordered a violin bow on sale and you are offering the sale price even though I was a little late.  I just stumbled on your website while looking for info about shoulder rests on YouTube. Looking forward to my new  bow and shoulder rest,

- Dick, Baltimore, MD 

I agree that your prices and helpfulness are superior to any other shop I have dealt with thus far, so we will speak again.

- Brandon, USA


Cardboard Violin

Your website is amazing! Thank you for sharing all this info as it has really been helpful. It has been difficult for me to find a good teacher for my daughter to take lessons from. If only I lived in BC I'd be waiting in line for her to take from your school!

I'm in the process of selecting a violin for my daughter. In the meantime, we have downloaded and crafted the paper "my first violin" to play with. It turned out very nice. As soon as we had finished it she came into the room with a new wooden pencil that hadn't been sharpened yet to use as a pretend bow and she put on an imaginary concert. It was a delight to watch as she is only 5 years old.

Please wish us luck on finding a teacher and getting her started. In the meantime, I have bookmarked your website and will refer to it often.

- Paul, Memphis, TN

Thank you for the great idea. We will definitely look you up when the time is right for our daughter's first REAL violin.

[For the cardboard violin] I used fishing line and a piece of a door shim (sold in large packs at home improvement stores) just because that is what I had lying around.  I wanted her to have the strings off the paper just a bit so she would get used to the way the bow needs to touch, and of course having her fingers on the strings.  

The strings were secured before adding the last layer of cardboard, so you can't see the ends.  It came out very clean and safe for little hands.

Look forward to doing business with you soon.

- Tony, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am an adult student in small town Sask and very limited in selection close to here. I keep coming back to your site as it seems the most user-friendly and by all the comments, everyone seems very happy with you.

- Wendi, Osage Saskatchewan

Thank you for the detailed response and getting me the tracking number. I do understand that you can not build-out an infrastructure/experience like Amazon (but they do have defects/issues as well that I encountered on my recent purchase) but you do have all pertinent information to make an informed purchase for a one-person operation.

- M. Lingam, Oakville, Ontario

What a wonderful sizing chart. 

- Annemarie, Purdue University


Violin Sizing Chart

We needed to measure my daughter for a viola, your website was a great help.

- Will, Gold Coast, Australia


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