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Fiddleheads Violin Studio Testimonials & Feedback: Our Customer Service

I do not write reviews often, simply because most transactions are average, in my opinion. Not one aspect of my purchase experience with Rhiannon was average – not by a long shot.

When it was clear that the time was right for me to consider replacing a violin lost years ago during a severe weather event, I took several weeks to search the various shops and companies with instruments for sale, and it was dizzying. I found many with overpriced instruments of questionable lineage and little to no provenance. I was nearly ready to give up when I stumbled across the Fiddleheads website.

What caught my full attention was the direct, transparent nature of instrument origins, manufacture, quality, pricing… It was direct and candid.

Rhiannon’s attention to the details of my purchase preferences and needs was great. Although I knew I was not the only client she was working with, she made it feel as if I were. She was personable, approachable, and willing to answer all the questions I would think of. She was always patient with my curiosity, and encouraged me to explore my options.

Settling on the instrument itself was a breeze. We discussed the visual of the instrument: stain, flaming of maple, boxwood or ebony – that sort of thing – but the focus always remained on what I needed from the violin performance wise… brighter, forward tone, or mellow, gentle depth? Faster action or responsiveness in lower register? It centered around the holistic relationship I wanted to develop with the instrument.

Rhiannon went through her stock to identify just the right fit, and I had full confidence in her suggestion. What made this aspect of the purchase even easier was her presentation of several instrument choices, accompanied by her advice to choose what I felt was the best fit for her. She helped me feel confident that I was getting the right violin visually, aurally, and financially. I have never had that sense of confidence in any instrument purchase before.

Rhiannon’s pricing is competitive, approachable, and more than realistic, giving good quality for the individual need of each client, whether brand new student or seasoned player.

When the time comes for my own children to look at music, I hope at least one of them will want to play. I can’t wait for the day we go back to Fiddleheads for their new friend.

- Lauren, Austin, Texas [2018]

I would like to extend Rhiannon the biggest 'thank you' ever for all of her help with my daughter's violin purchase. We were brand new to the world of buying violins and it was starting to feel like a living nightmare.

There is plenty of information out there but trying to sort through it all and separate the jewels from the junk is no easy task. I even tried to talk with local shop owners and no one wanted to answer my questions just in case I wasn't going to buy from them.

I was definitely at the end of my rope when Rhiannon's Fiddleheads web site grabbed my attention.

I pulled my frayed nerves together and shot off an e-mail full of questions to Rhiannon. I was expecting to wait a week for a response but she got back to me within a few hours even though she was on vacation.

Rhiannon was beyond helpful. She had no promise that I would buy anything from her, yet, she responded quickly to every e-mail and answered every question like we were old friends and not just a perspective customer.

When it came down to finally choosing a violin she even got her sales rep into the mix so my daughter could choose the exact violin she would be getting.

Rhiannon really worked for us to insure that we could get the best outfit at the best price and she gave us tons of practical advice from the perspective of teacher, mom and musician. We were so excited when the outfit came.

Everything is beautiful and my daughter loves it. Part of the outfit included a Bon Musica shoulder rest. My daughter's instructor had never seen that type before and she thought it was the perfect rest for a beginner.

So, thanks again Rhiannon for sharing your time, energy, and love of music and making all of the difference in the world.

- Jennifer, PA

Rhiannon, I think you should put this on the first page of your website:

I just wanted to tell you the business we had together was outstanding. Sorry if this may offend you, but at first glance i had honestly thought Fiddleheads (at first seemed a ridiculous name to me), was a scamming website that looked legit, and so i was very hesitant to even contact the person in charge, Rhiannon Nachbaur.

I decided to take the chance, seeing as nothing on google was warning me as this being a bad site. When I first called Rhiannon, to my awe, someone had actually picked up the phone. She was very kind, understanding, and had exactly what I was looking for, and couldn't find at a better deal anywhere else.

I know have a lovely violin made by Wochiech Topa [read review here], a fine maker of instruments, one of the best in Poland, and Rhiannon had the violin at the price I could afford. Apart from this, during the business process she usually replied to my emails within minutes, if not a day, and always put our business first, even on vacation, where on her website she posted she would not take orders, she was kind enough to deal business while away on her vacation leave, and we were able to get the violin 2 weeks earlier in advance than what would have been a 2 week wait for her vacation to be done.

Dealing with Rhiannon is such a pleasure and now along with a wondrous violin I have a lovely case to go along with it. I am definitely going to seek out Rhiannon the next time I have an instrumental need. My overall rating, 15/10. A must buy from :) THANK YOU RHIANNON SO MUCH !

- Peter, Ellicott City, Maryland

Hello, my name is Shunpei and I received this beautiful violin, your VN-907, from my wife, Amanda, for Christmas.

I have heard of tales of your customer service and communication from her. And I have to say I am blown away and 110% satisfied with everything. From the affordable upgrade from the 905 to 907, the quick and thorough communication through e-mail and even going as far as replacing the broken bow. There is no doubt in my mind you truly care about your customers, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Rhiannon. For your excellent customer support, patience and wonderful contribution of a store for the world. I can tell that you not only have an amazing violin business, but have a big heart and phenomenal outlook towards life in general. I speculate that this must be one of the great foundations to your success in life and business!

- Shunpei, Burlington, Ontario

Rhiannon, case arrived today-- perfecto! Thank you very much. I have been spreading the word about you and your shop. Hope it brings you more business.

And thanks for the cards, I'll give them out to interested parties. And also for the cute brooch. All appreciated!

- Peggy, Courtenay, BC

Thank you so much for your wonderful service, Rhiannon. I ordered on Wednesday and received violin the very next day!

- Audrey, Kamloops, BC

Thank you for everything. I do believe that you will have fixed me up with the perfect violin for me. Now if you have any men in that store that would be perfect for me... just kidding.

I greatly enjoy talking to you too and it has been a pleasure. It has been the easiest and most fun purchase I have made.

- Nicole, PA

Thank you!  Your customer service has been amazing so anytime I need something I can't find here in Winnipeg, your website will be the first place I look. And I won't hesitate to recommend your site. Thanks!

- Amanda, Winnipeg MB

Rhiannon was a delight and yes, she goes above and beyond. My daughter and I had a great time with her, purchased two violins and will make the trek back for lessons. She is so helpful, full of good advice and extemely patient. What a treasure here in BC and her customers from all around the world love her, we can see why. We love our instruments and highly recommend her.

- Gayle, Lake Country, BC

My order (shoulder rest) arrived today, so quickly, without unnecessary and expensive bulky packaging, in great shape, and ready to use, which I have very happily done. Great Canadian service. Hassle Free. Love it all!

Thanks Rhiannon. So appreciated.

- Deborah, North Vancouver

Believe me I appreciated every minute [of your time and getting together]. [Having] additional time to pick your brain was a recognition of your vast knowledge! I am glad we met in person and that you made the time... Thanks again!

- Wendy, Nanaimo, BC

Rhiannon is a pleasure to shop with! I feel as though she is a friend working hard to ensure my needs are met, although we have only ever communicated across the miles by email.

Rhiannon models how we should all do business: with caring, enthusiasm, and with a goal of making long-term customers by treating them like dear friends.

- Kari, Victoria, BC

Rhiannon, as I have told you: I'm really grateful for all the time you've invested in my inquiries and you can be sure any work in regards of instruments for myself will be done through you or not at all because NO-ONE would [treat me so honestly] and so nicely as you. Really, your service is one-of-a-kind!

I swear it seems like you've been running a music shop for 40 years or so! You just anticipate what one's going to think! You might not intend to push business, but I'm afraid your enthusiasm just accomplishes otherwise! You just don't know how to be still, right? I bet you fight crime at nights too!

I just wanted to add that you might not have superpowers (*wink*) but you're a real hero for what you do with your shop. Have you considered canonization as a profession?

- Amnael Orozco, Violist, Violinist, Arranger and Concertmaster at the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Mexico City

Thanks soooo much for this very valuable information [regarding 7/8 violins]! Its so nice of you to compile the pricing and details from the different workshops into one e-mail.

At this point I need to save a bit so that I can purchase a nice instrument from you. I will keep your information handy. Again, many thanks, and I hope to make your time worth it by purchasing from you in the not to distant future.

- Liz, Colorado

We received the [Barcus Berry Red Vibrato] violin yesterday and it is SPECTACULAR! Leanne and I were stunned at how exquisite it is. It exceeded all of our expectations and was certainly worth the short wait.

We will most certainly recommend and refer both you and your shop/services to the many people we encounter here in Toronto. I thank you profusely for all that you've done and I assure you it will not be forgotten. Warmest Regards,

- Laura, Toronto, ON

I did quite a lot of research on the internet beforehand about buying a violin - go to a reputable dealer, make sure it is properly set up, try out a few before buying, etc. So imagine my consternation when my teacher, who is a professional, said I could just buy one from a general music store (but I told him I'll get one from a violin specialist), but at the violin stores I've visited, they had no student models around for me to try out and at the last three I went to, despite being a violin-specialist store, the people who attended to me didn't even play the violin!

I am actually quite surprised by the [low] quality of violin stores in Melbourne. What's going on in Australia?

Don't be surprised at my loyalty to you - I've bought many a thing in my lifetime, and I don't recall ever having been attended to to such an extent that I was longing to buy from someone!

And you are on the other side of the world, no less, yet helped me out far more than the actual people in the actual stores I visited over here.

Plus you are a professional and a teacher and from the comments on your site, you work hard to ensure that people find their beloved instrument, and you generously offer low prices at a cost to yourself just so your customers can be happy.

You can be sure that one day when I've fulfilled my destiny of migrating to Canada, that my go-to store will be yours! I will walk all the way from Toronto if I have to.

Thank you for all your help once again, and best wishes you to and your family, Rhiannon,

- Premeeta, Australia

Dear Rhiannon,

I just received my violin and it's beautiful! I like the prism bow too and how it has the pearly finish on the frog.

When I tuned the strings (the notes were just down by one) they tuned so much easily than my rented violin. I love the rich tone and sound!

Thank you so much Rhiannon for the beautiful violin brooch. I will wear it whenever I perform (for good luck). Sincerely,

- Katelyn, Fort Frances, Ontario

Hi Rhiannon. The [special order] double case arrrived today. Two days from payment to!!!

Thank you. My daughter is very happy with the case. She is ready for her flight now... no more waiting, no more worrying.

Before finding your website I tried to purchase the same case on-line from four different music stores. None of them had the case in stock and all were clueless about when more would be available. Each of them said, "Sorry we can't help you, check back with us at a later date." We were beginning to think that she would have to travel with two violin cases.

Thank you for your sincerity and professionalism. I will happily pass your name on to our musical friends. (If you have a few business cards to send along that would be great).

- Very satisfied customer, Gillian, Bath, Ontario

Wow! That was the fastest [email] reply I've ever got. I was very impressed. So I decided to return your site and explore more. (I was there only couple of minutes for the CDs.) I've found there are tons of helpful things for me. I might need more stuff from your site... Thank you very much again,

- Pamela, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you so much! I received the violin. I'm so happy! I can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! The first stanza I mean... ;-) The violin looks great and sounds great!

Thank you so much! This is one of the best things I [have ever bought]! I will look into the link you sent once I get a faster connection... I'm really excited to learn more! Thank you sooooo much!!! Advance Happy Christmas to you and your family!!!

- Glycelle, Phillipines

The [VN-100] violin came in as expected. I must thank you again very warmly for making one of my dearest dream come true.!!!

Thank you so much, that is all the magic I needed in my life now, learn to talk with another instrument, I will surely be in touch with you dear, Rhiannon, hope you dont mind me calling you dear.

Thanks again, it was so fun, I am looking foward to buying the next one from you, I hope to go to BC, Canada and play with you one day.

OK, with immense joy and passion in my heart, I wish you well, and remember, you are amazing, not sure where all your energies come from but you are full of light, thanks a million for being the genuine human you are. Peace, love, light and harmony, to you and all you love. Sincerely, very sincerely, thank you and Masalama (Arabic good-bye).

- Frederic Moretti, Egypt

Rhiannon, just wanted to let you know that the [prism] bow I ordered on Sunday on your website arrived here today, Wednesday. That is awesome service!

The [competitor's] store where I bought [my] violin is not very reliable at being in during posted hours, returning emails or phone calls so I was looking around for another source. I think I have found it.

Thanks again for the fast service!!

Many thanks for a GREAT customer experience. You're the best!

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

Well I know that my son is very, very, very happy [with a violin purchase]. I could write it a million times and il wouldn't be enough to express how he feels right now.

Thank you for your trust [in a transaction with complications]- your new baby to come has a very special Mom (don't forget to tell it to that little person). Wish I can meet you one day or go to one of your concerts. Thank you again!

- Nicole, Montreal, Quebec

I would like to thank you again very much for the time you gave to Reah and me. Reah found the knowledge you passed on very valuable and is thankful for the opportunity to try so many instruments.

Your service has been exemplary, and you can be assured that we will be recommending you to others.

Again, thank you so much for your help!

- Clinton, Kamloops, BC

Hi Rhiannon, It was nice to speak with you over the phone. You are very knowledgeable and helpful.

- Laura, Toronto, Ontario

First of all, let me just say, thank you for all your advice and feedback. You truly are a wonderful saleswoman by the way and your website is true to its every word.

It's nice, for once, to find a person and his/her company who are "real" thank you again.

- Jill, New Jersey

I finally named my dear [VN-102] violin, the name I gave it is "Alaras." I really appreciate all you've done for me and your outstanding service and advice too! And so does Alaras!!

- Rodrigo, Florida

I do feel comfortable with dealing with you. In fact, we opted to give you the repeat business in spite of a [competing] full fledged dealer starting up in Ottawa.

- Cynthia, Kanata, Ontario

Thank you so much for getting back so quickly. When you said it would take you a while I was expecting a least a week or two not a couple of days. You really should get some sleep!!!

As for the books, put in what you would think is best for me, I trust you.

Thank you again for your help. It is nice to know that you are talking to a musician. Yes, I know some musicians do think they are better than they really are, but I think your reputation speaks for itself.

- Niamh, France

Thank you so very much for your time on locating these instruments. I want to [assure you] that you've gone further than any other dealer that I've contacted. Heck! I've even been snubbed!! Believe it or not.

That I would ever dare to even be as bold as to ask [competing shops] to try and find a cheaper instrument than the one they offer is, as I've come to understand, a tasteless act of peasantry. I didn't mean to, but I guess that in doing so, I hurt their snooty little nerves.

So, I think that it will come as no surprise to you that after dealing with some of those Higharchial Self-Inflated Gods, YOU are and will re

You've been nothing but generous to us concerning informing me on your violins, what to be carefull for and actually caring on what we are currently living through by offering me this unbeleivable and selfless opportunity for a first instrument before the big plunge.

You are not only professional but caring. And THAT alone is someting that is extremely rare in this day and age. It will be a pleasure for me to write a comment on the awsome treatment that you've been showing my familly and me.

I guarantee that no matter the outcome of this one, my goal IS to purchase my Stankov.

Thank you again for all that you've done and take good care.

- Marty, Alberta, Canada

Thank you, Rhiannon. You know how to go that extra mile for customers and I appreciate it! The bow sounds great. Thanks again,

- Julie, Salmon Arm

It was good to have business with you and it was fun. Thank you.

- Hyoryoon, Clinton, NY

Just a quick note to say I recieved the violin, and it looks great. Liam will be so excited on Christmas. I will be sure to take some pictures and email them to you.

I would also like to thank you for all the help. It is refreshing to know that there are good people like you out there. The web site links are great as well. So thanks again and I will be in touch. Sláinte.

- Jeremy & Liam

I received the [Ingles] Cello Stand yesterday and it was more than expected; but the best was your fast and efficient customer service, on top of that your web site is very handy and interesting. I'm glad to have found you and I will be buying again from you next time I need something for my Cello.

- Al, Nanaimo BCAndy, fiddler in Grand National Contest

Finding [an out of print fiddle book was] just absolutely perplexing me.  Apparently, the book was discontinued.

Thanks for your superb detective skills in finding [the book]! Wow, that's incredible.  Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!

I really appreciate your time and trouble. Take care and hope to hear you play sometime.

- Sherry, Newburgh, Indiana, mother of Andy, as shown competing at a Grand National contest in Oklahoma

Hi Rhiannon, Thanks very much for the wonderful violin cookie cutter! How very kind and generous of you. I will make a batch of violin shaped cookies for our next two hour Sunday afternoon fiddle class and think of you when I'm both eating and then playing.

You have been exceptional, Rhi. Truly. I thank you for everything and I sing nothing but your praises to Nanaimo violin players.

I've bookmarked your website and have your business cards -- one in my violin case and the others in my wallet to pass out. Your service is extraordinary and you can know that I'll be back! Thanks again for your kindness.

- Deb, Nanaimo BC

Thanks so much for your fast and informative response [ regarding a violin question]! I really appreciate it.

- Steve, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Just writing to let you know that we received the [VN-100] violin in good condition. Got the case etc. in excellent condition as well. Caitlin said violin teacher loved her violin. Your assistance has been invaluable and much appreciated.

Hey, ever thought of moving to the Caribbean, specifically Cayman Islands, and teaching violin? We could do with an excellent violin teacher here. There would be a great demand here for your services! Great place to raise kids and schools are fabulous as well. Obviously I am trying my hardest here to convince you!

- Sheena, George Town, Grand Cayman

paulette playing violin

Dear Rhiannon,

I really appreciate the day you spent with me.  As a relatively new student I feel very naive about the whole business of buying another string instrument.  And of course I want to get the best instrument for me at this stage.

I know that as a seller you have invested a great deal of time and expertise with me today and I truly thank you for it. Once again thank you for the time you spent with me.  It was such a treat to have you visit and take an interest.

- Paulette, Kamloops BC

The metronome/tuner arrived quickly and before my deadline. I am extremely happy and wish to recognize your professionalism and ability to react and ship quickly. This surely indicates great kindness and obligingness. I appreciated doing business with you!

- Yassir, Montreal Quebec

The service has been so amazing from you that I was hoping that you wouldn't mind me spreading the good word about your website. We live in god's country; in the middle of nowhere, so almost everybody here shops online and it's very rare to get this much personal attention from online shopping. Thanks so much for your time; I really apreciate it. Yours Sincerely,

- Michele, Burns Lake, Bristish Columbia, Canada

Rochelle and Piper playing together outside on the deckI am writing a recommendation for Rhiannon Nachbaur, a young, energetic woman who runs

Rhiannon has gone out of her way to aid in the choice and purchase of a violin for my granddaughter. She also provided a luthier for my borrowed violin and made sure we were familiar and comfortable with our instruments.

Rhiannon’s customers become her close friends. She would like everyone to play the violin/fiddle for fun and pleasure just as she does.

- Rochelle, Salmon Arm BC

Congratulation's to you on your pregnancy, Rhiannon, I hope all goes well and you enjoy it. I'm really impressed with your persistence in helping me. Been several year's since a woman has stayed up late and held her bladder for me in order to serve me. On second thought, I have never had that happen.

What a gal! I'm not worthy.

And by the way, you are soooooo smart and helpful. I will pass your [business] cards out also except for the one I keep . Thanks so much for the attention you show to me and your other customers and to our Earth. ;>)

- James, Kentucky, USA

I assure to all of people, especially to the music world, Fiddleheads is the Best!

I was so very very astonished by your customer service, Mrs. Rhiannon. I was so thankful to you for being there for me. [You are] also a great performer and a lover of our environment.

I love your tone for being honest with me. Always. You're the Greatest! Your shop is the best and I will recommend even more then 100% to this world! I'm telling all you people!! I love you Fiddleheads, so so much!!

- Nikko, Philippines

Thank you so much for all the information provided to date. Thank you for taking the time to respond so professionally and rapidly. I will definite remember your sincerity.

- Mr. Li, from the Internet

Thanks so much for your speedy response to my inquiry. I was blown away by your lengthy and personal email, and no, I didn't conclude you were trying to "weasel" me into a fiddle sale. :-)

I've spent time on your site and feel like I've become a neighbor to your charming family. Just want to wish you every success and happiness, and will stay in touch by visiting your site periodically. If I simply can't resist acquiring another fiddle, I'll promise that your response will guarantee your inclusion on a very short list of sources.

Best always, Ted [Colorado]

Thanks again for hanging in there with me and answering my questions. I'm sure I will be very happy with my new strings. I wanted to support your business because of the great service you provide. If only other places would learn that customer service is probably the single most important thing in attracting and keeping customers.

Thanks again for all your information and great emails. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

Just wanted to let you know that I've received the Bobelock case!!!! It arrived very quickly and absolutely perfectly!!

I'm very happy with the case!! Every time I open it, I'm admiring it! And definitely, I'll refer you to others, and let you know about any orders in the future.

Thank you so much for your excellent service!

- Jocelyn, Squamish, BC

You may recall that about a year ago my husband sent you my violin for repair, and it turned out that it was a cheap violin that was not worth the time and money to repair. We were very grateful at the time for your honest appraisal and advice. Thank you for your help.

- Katherine, Victoria BC

Thank you for allowing me to pick your brain and come up with the best [violin] solution for [my grandson] at this time. If you don't mind I would like to continue to correspond with you. You are certainly a wealth of information
Thank you so much.

- Suzanne, USA

My violin is settling in, holding its tune and the bridge is holding up well too. The electronic tuner is so so helpful! I have officially conquered hot cross buns! And my husband has as well on his banjo. Our poor tenant upstairs has to listen each night!! I played hot cross buns for my students and they got a kick out of it.

Thanks again for all your feedback and personal service, it has been great being able to write to you. Best wishes,

- Nora, Rochester, NY

Hi Rhiannon! Thanks for checking in! Thanks so much for your thoroughness and follow through.

- Michelle, Virginia

I received the bow today. Thanks for sending it so fast [3-day service international]. I needed it by today because I am leaving to go to Brazil tomorrow morning.

- Barry, Fox Lake, IL

[The bow] came yesterday. Thank you! And thank you for adding the rosin. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

- Wendy, Utah

Living in the lower mainland [Vancouver region of BC] I was faced with overcharged repair costs and very unfriendly luthiers. Even from the first email I received, I could tell Rhiannon cares about every customer and answered all my questions.

The repair price was a quarter of the cost I could have gotten locally and was charged very little for new parts. Its like a brand new violin. Thank you so much!

(I could have gone on for pages about how you saved my fiddle but I think this is better.)

- Sam, Vancouver, BC

My God, a response at 1 am - thats good service.. and thanks for the elaborate response. You're certainly a dedicated saleswoman, working nighshifts!

- Rune, Denmark

You are freaking awesome!!! Thank you so much for helping to make this [purchase] work. I can't write a glowy-enough review of your support and service. Again, thank you.

- Lee, Northampton, MA

You have a lovely attitude as a "shop owner" and I thank you for your generosity and availability. I have no doubt that your clients feel very well taken care of.

Thank you so much as well for offering us to try one or both of your violins for an extended period of time. This is very kind of you.

- Jean-Claude, Vancouver, BC

Thanks again. It is so comforting to know there are business people out there that try to give excellent service and are very successful at it. We had a nightmare last week with a store so this type of transaction is a breath of fresh air.

You're the best! I will always give you an excellent recommendation to all the musicians I know :)


- Carrie, Fort Frances, Ontario

I got the [Bobelock custom colour] case this morning! Thanks so much for all your help and information. I wasn't charged any customs or taxes so all my worries were for nothing!

Bobelock did a great job with switching the cover Tthey even switched the handle from black to brown to match.

I love the case and I'm so glad there's a place in Canada where I can refer my students and colleagues to buy a Bobelock case. In terms of construction and suspension I don't know that I would trust my viola in anything else other than this case. Thanks again.

- Sean, Newfoundland, Canada

Thank you for your quick response. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to you by [our teacher] Devin Arrington.

Roy is beside himself with joy over this beautiful and lush-sounding instrument [the Zhu VN-900]. Thanks for helping such wonderful sound find its way into our home!

Thanks again for your help,

- June, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you so much for those very practical and insightful pieces of advice. I could now truly understand why a lot of your patrons have only good words for you and your shop.

I would be happy to help spread the word around by handing [out] your business cards to friends and associates who might also need your services and your instruments. It's my pleasure Rhiannon! It's not a big effort, on my part. Anyhow, it's also a way of helping others who may have similar concerns but hardly knew where to seek help.

- Sol, Bohol, Philippines

The [Barcus Berry Blue Vibrato] arrived in perfect condition. Thanks a lot for your great help, I really appreciate your time in going through all that trouble for me to get this. Thanks a million!! Had a great time doing business with you, and you know there is always next time!

- Diane, Markham, Ontario

>Austin received his violin on Friday and was very excited. The violin was is very good condition. Thanks for the extra goodies. I will certainly contact you when he out grows this 1/4 violin. Thanks again.

- Randy, Toronto

Thanks soooo much for this very valuable information!

It's so nice of you to compile the pricing and details from the different workshops into one e-mail.

At this point I need to save a bit so that I can purchase a nice instrument from you. I will keep your information handy. Again, many thanks, and I hope to make your time worth it by purchasing from you in the not to distant future. Thanks,

- Liz, USA

Rhiannon, Thanks a lot for the quick reply and lots of information & advice. I already visited your website before I emailed you. [The violins that] interested me were the same as your top two recommendations!

- Omi, Barriere, BC

I must thank you very much for your time and trouble. I will, of course, not hesitate to recommend you to my musical friends. Once again many thanks.

- Tim, Kamloops, BC

Thank you so much - I will let you know how she does with [the Royal Sequence play-along CD] and will definitely tell others about it who are interested. I will refer them to your website. Thanks for the speedy delivery too.

- Jennifer, Bratford ON

Thank you for your message and setting up my order for shipping so quickly.

I just wanted to let you know that I have received all of the items in my order. Thank you for processing everything [from multiple suppliers] so quickly and also for your thoughtful gifts of the violin pin and the pocket violin reference book! We have a lot of playing to do! Thanks again,

- Karen, Whitby, ON

Thank you for your prompt and complete service which I must say is unique among the violin shops with whom I have been dealing both on the web and locally.

- Greg, Pittsburg, PA

You are your usual prompt self--thanks for the quick response, once again!

- Rosalynn, Salmon Arm

Rhiannon, that was a totally bitchin' note you sent! I have found this journey to be somewhat taxing, but then, lefties [left-handed violinists] are used to that.

I have since met with some rather snooty Violinites from the Bay Area shops and THEYYYY pretty much scoffed at my leftist loyalties. One woman who was about as polite as a brick to the toe, actually got persnicketty!! That pretty much ended any opportunities for further questioning by myself. So its been darn good to find you up there in the most beautiful part of the world.

Seriously, you are the cat's pajama's best damn Customer Service I've seen in WAY to long! I'll write a testimonial whether we do biz or not!!! GO Canada, Home of the finest people I've yet met!

- Mark, San Francisco, CA

I am so excited and ecstatically happy [about receiving my third violin from Fiddleheads]! I am one happy customer and as far as I am concerned, Fiddleheads is the number one violin shop/school in Western Canada (at least Western Canada. I've never been east of Edmonton or south of Seattle).

You bring to the business of violins an excellent and personalized service (above and beyond) that the rest of the industry lacks big time. For some years, I wanted to learn the violin but was too scared to inquire to places about it, honestly, I feared social situation of being laughed out of a shop or a school for being too old.

So I feel really lucky that I found your website and met you because even though I am slowly learning and squeezing practice into tiny little spaces of downtime in my life, it brings me joy.

- Danielle, Langley BC

Thank you, Rhiannon. You are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again, and we look forward to receiving the bows.

- Gaeleen, Alberta

Thanks for the good work on [having the distributors reverse] the handling and box fees! I can send a cheque [as per request]. You're treating me well, so I have no probs accommodating you. Thanks Rhi!

- Jeremy, Winnepeg

Hi Rhiannon, For starts—what a beautiful name, Rhiannon!

Thanks so much for your reply to my inquiries. I will look at the bows you recommended and have my son take a look too. Hopefully, we will be in the market to purchase one in the near future and I look forward to doing business with you.

Have a great day!

- Donna, USA

The violin arrived here on Wednesday and I picked it up last night - thank you so much! I tuned it up this morning and look forward to starting to learn to play again this weekend.

- Kyla, Banff, AB

Thank you for the little gift of the miniature violin. [My daughter] always likes those things.

- Joanne, Winnepeg, MB

Received [the violin] safe and sound. Thanks.I will definitely keep you in mind when it is time to upgrade both myself and my son Luke.

I appreciate your candor and the professional standards you are adhering too [with regards to selling low quality violins].  I understand your concerns about the [economy level] violin quality, but I am a 44 year old guy that will try to learn the violin and hopefully motivate my 8 year old son to play more. 

That being said, we will definitely keep you in mind as Luke upgrades from his 1/4 to a 1/2 and hopefully up to full size.  Hopefully I get better and can justify an upgrade as well in the future. Best regards,

- Kirk, London, Ontario

Wow! Excellent breakdown of the [shipment, duty and taxes] situation, thank you. I am impressed with your hard work. You are the kind of dealer that I like to do business with. I made the payment [for the Hiscox cello case] through PayPal, nice and easy. Thanks for all the help setting this up.

...Thanks for getting the order in so quickly - you are a hard worker, and very resourceful. You are bound to do very well in business. I will be recommending your shop to my colleagues [and] I look forward to doing business with you again. Sincerely,

- Steve, Almonte, Ontario

I just got the violin an hour ago... it arrived safe and sound and I am thrilled. It has a much nicer tone than I expected and I just want to play it and not go to work this afternoon!

Thanks so much for the violin, the lovely little pin you enlcose.... all of it! I will recommend you to anyone I can. I'm sure I will be coming back for more. I'll definitely keep looking back at the site to see when [other violins] are available... or do you have a mailing list to notify people....? If so, add me on!

I am so glad I found you on the web. Thanks for all your help. You are like a breath of fresh air in the online world! Thanks again!

- Megan, Stoney Creek/Hamilton, Ontario

Thank you or your wonderful service, twice!!

- Melody, Alberta

Thank you for the prompt refund [of a trial deposit]. Your customer service it tops, and I will pass along your information to interested friends and acquaintances.

If we are ever in the area, we'll be sure to look you up and pay a visit to your shop. Thank you for working with us on this. All the best to you and the ones you love best.

- Camilla, California

Thanks for remembering us [with your followup], Rhiannon. The production [of Fiddler on the Roof] was incredible, everyone was wonderful, and we wished we could have done some more shows. The [violin pin and cookie cutter] gifts were great, but as always the food everyone brought took the most attention!

- Deelia, Picton, Ontario

I recently connected with Rhiannon via her website. I hadn't realized my violin was not full size and hoped by purchasing a new one it would help me improve my playing. When we first met she kindly looked at my old one and brought out her micrometer to size it up. She made no comment about how good or bad it was...I just had the information.

I returned home and after thinking it over I asked her via email what she would recommend. I set up another appointment and she had me play 3 possibilities within my price range without commenting which was the Valentina, the one she said in her email would be most suitable. After I decided on the best one, she acknowledged that was also her choice and confirmed it was the Valentina.

She was very patient with me, never rushing, as I moved from one instrument to another trying to decide and answering many of my questions! I am very happy with my new violin and thank Rhiannon for her time and patience and the service she provides.

UPDATE [1 week later]: Just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me..I'm getting familiar with the amount of sound emanating from my new violin. It has a great tone and I am working on tonalization. Hadn't played for a while so my finger tips are sore!!! Hope your [symphony] gigs are going well. Happy New Year,

- Becky, Lake Country, BC [2018]

Rhiannon -- thank you SO much for restringing my violin [while we were up on holidays]. I am such a newbie at this that I didn't know new strings would make my playing sound 10 times better! I so appreciate you taking the time. Best,

- Dayna, Alberta

Thanks for your email. We did end up deciding on the Stoinov and Sarah is very happy with it. It has a very rich and sweet sound and so I think she made an excellent choice.

Thank-you again for staying in touch and all the best again.

- Paul, North Saanich, BC

Our dear Rhiannon,

Thank you from the deepest of our hearts. Wow, you are still recovering [from a spine surgery] and you wrote me such a long & detailed email! Your [as you call it] "short" reply is always the longest, full with information compared to any email we ever got about our violin question. Thank you for long email.

My husband and I can't thank you enough for all the information that we got... Thank you!

I [will] call you to express our thanks... dear Rhiannon. You have definitely earned our trust and hopefully business in the near future. I am happy that I "have met" you.

We will definitely spread the words about you, your service and your store. You will always be our number one source whenever we need opinion about violin.

- Sylviane, Ontario

What a quick reply!  Thanks so much! I stumbled across your website while looking for the Hiscox case and was delighted I did. 

I am a big fan of entrepreneurism (although I work for a large company) and am so delighted your business is going well.  You have a wonderful website and I was most delighted to see someone with a successful business in northwest rural Canada!  Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!


- Carol, Greenfield, IN

Thanks for your special treat [price reduction for repeat business]! I start saving money to buy a full size master piece violin from you. I hope I can do this before my daughter needs it! I really love to shop from you and wish you had a [physical] store in Toronto.

All the best to you, your family and business.

- James, Toronto

I received the bow today. Thanks a lot for the great service. It plays well and is very straight! [Despite a slight flaw with the student bow] I'm very happy with my purchase. Best regards,

- Tony, FL

Just wanted to let you know that we received the bow today. Yipppeee. Thanks so much for all your help and concern [with getting it to her in time for her birthday]!

Jill was thrilled with the bow and started playing as soon as she opened it. It's a delight to see how much she enjoys her music. [Your birthday card was] such a nice warm thought! Thanks again!

- Rhonda, Cobble Hill, BC

Great news about the shipping -I can't wait :) Mange takk! (as we say here -Many thanks!)

"Takk for hjelpa" and for being so kind :)

- Maria, Norway

Oh my goodness. The [new strings you installed] make a big difference. I can't believe the difference. I had no idea the sound could improve so much.
I'd be happy to refer people to you. No wonder you have such good reviews on your website.

Thank you so much for your help. I am loving the improvements, but I'm saving for a new violin. I'll certainly be seeing you again.

- Annette, Armstrong, BC

Now I know I bought the violin from the right person. On the same wave length.
Just woke up from a post thanksgiving nap to read your note...a pleasure, keep teaching music to enhance this world with music as I listen to Milstein's Bach sonatas.

PS: [after our phone call I] am dusting off my violin and am going to look for a teacher

- Elaine, NY, NY

Thanks for the prompt reply!

So wonderful to find your email this morning! Sold! I just placed my order for a [viola] bow! I am so excited!!

I am so happy to be making music again. Thanks for being there, Rhiannon, for sharing your passion with me and helping to bring music into so many lives. I think you're wonderful!

Oh, and I can hardly wait for that beautiful bow!!!

- Nancy, Nova Scotia

Thanks so much for all the personal contact.  I like to deal with people if I can, and I tend to ask several questions.  Reyanna loves her shoulder rest and book.  Our next purchases will be a bow and then a case. What do you recommend, so I can start saving for them?

- Dionne, IN

I look forward to receiving my new [case]. Thanks for your prompt service. I play with a group of 9 other fiddlers - will pass along your information.

- Joan, Hinton, AB

The case arrived and my daughter is really pleased!

- Chantal, Vancouver, BC

I received my Bobelock fiddle case. It arrived in good condition.  Awesome!  thanks for the great service!

- Diane, Hinton, AB

Thanks a lot for your services, I will recommend you to people who are interested in purchasing violins :-)

- Mary, Ontario

Thanks for your kind words… Reading your correspondence portrays a very nice personal touch to your stellar customer service ethic; always an uplifting & enjoyable read. I am ever reassured of your wonderful customer-focused ethic.

Thanks so kindly for your help & patience. God's blessings be to you and yours. Gratefully,

- Paul, Virginia

Thank you for supplying the smart bag.  It has arrived and fits my violin case perfectly and appears to be very well insulated.  I should be safe for the winter and the heat of the summer (if that becomes a problem up here!).

Thanks also for the nice card and your business cards, which I will hand out to our fiddle group  (9 fiddles, 2 cellos, a guitar and bass) - Bow Geste, next time we meet.

- Joan, Hinton, AB

Thank you so much Rhiannon! I can't wait to start practicing. My Grandpa, a French Canadian retired lumberjack, is beaming with excitement!! Thanks for the great service, if I get the hang of playing the fiddle, I will certainly return to you for any future purchases. Have a great day,

- Silvie, Coquitlam, BC

[Recent] set backs have just sharpened my resolve to pursue the violin and guitar with renewed gusto and determination. I still want to purchase a violin, and I know that I won't go anywhere except to you to purchase one. I haven't forgotten all the help and direction you have given me.  

- Lyle, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Dear Rhiannon, Your (violin sizing) email was most helpful. I'm so glad I made contact with you. I'll check your website deeply and get some more knowledge about violins before making a move.

Again, thank you very much for your kind reply. Best regards and Merry Christmas too!

- Joel Garcia

Dear Rhiannon, Thank you so much for taking the time to e-mail me.  It appears that you too are somewhat of a workaholic –checking your e-mails on vacation! I look forward to speaking with you.  Have a very happy holiday.

- Michele, Sheridan, Wyoming

Dear Rhiannon, Thank you for your trust [with shipping fees owing]. There should be no problem, but please contact me immediately if there is.  

I plan to put you in touch with the music school here in Les Cayes. They often need beginners string instruments and perhaps they would like to purchase.

- Paul R, Haiti

Thanks a lot for your prompt correction of the shipping error. Again I'm looking forward to getting the shoulder rest.
I talked to Vicki Hill here in Calgary. She said that you were in BC. Next time I head in that direction, I'll try to look you up.  I'm seriously thinking of moving to [BC] sometime in the next year or two and it's good to get to know about people a bit closer to your home than Calgary will be.

- Tina : ) Edmonton

Dear maiden, thou art more fair and true than the brightest star that lighteth the firmament by night and guideth the fortunes of mortal man by day. Your voice is far sweeter than the purest note drawn from the bow of yon fiddler. Your spirit soars on the wings of the swiftest of birds and touches the sky closest to heaven.

Your parcel arrived today. I am amazed that the parcel mail can move that quickly!! I hope you didn't go out in that awful weather just for my fiddle. I certainly didn't expect you to do that, but thank you so much. That goes way beyond good customer service.

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

Hello! Thank you for your very encouraging and detailed reply as well as your follow-up email. We really appreciated your enthusiasm and care.

Thanks again for your help and generosity! Again, I wish we lived closer - your [lessons] program and enthusiasm look very dynamic for engaging the young ones!

- Christina, Niagra Falls, ON

You're amazingly sweet and professional, thank you! I'll definitely be buying more items this spring from you.

- Jenny, Kodiak, AK

I play in an orchestra of the Music School of Brasília, Distrito Federal in Brazil, and I play in the orchestra of the Church (Christian Congregation in Brazil).

I hope we do business, because your store proves to be very responsible and good with customers. I appreciate your attention and dedication to serve me well.

- Heles, Brazil

Rhiannon, Your personality comes through in your emails. You must be crazy funny in person.  :)

- John N, Trussville, Alabama

Thanks for all your help - you really are committed to excellent customer service!

- Bev, Lethbridge, AB

Thanks for offering the discount for the student violin [after my purchase of a violin for myself]. I don't have any friends right now that are playing violin, but if I meet anyone looking for a violin, I will definitely point them in your direction!

Thanks again,

- Mark, Los Angeles, CA

Shortly before I left for work yesterday morning, the postman knocked and placed your package in my arms. I left for work knowing I had a surprise to unwrap when I got home.

I was almost afraid to touch the violin and bow but I carefully took them out of the case looked them over, then looked at the books. Thank you also the violin pin. Such a nice surprise and I do wear pins.

Thanks so much for your advice, care, and patient atttention. :-)

- Lorraine, Fort St. John, BC

You  have been so kind in helping me with my various questions and e-mails and I would like to do something special for you.

- Pam, USA

Thanks a bunch Rhiannon. Still my favourite violin shop!!

- Gareth, Fort St. John, BC

Hi there, Just to let you know, the bon musica arrived today! Thank you so much for your help and time!

- Brian and Leonie-Marie, New Zealand

I received my Bon Musica already!  I am 64 and learning and playing is not a natural talent for me so any help I can get is good.  

Thank you for such speedy delivery.  Great idea enclosing your cards.  I will take them to my fiddle sessions.

I appreciate even more the prompt and efficient service you provided and will check your site for other items I require from time to time. Excellent businesswomen please me. Thank you again.

- Barbara, Cobourg, Ontario

Thank you so much for your quick response. I've heard great things about your products and my daughter is very excited to start her violin lessons. All the best,

- Lacy, Henrietta, NY

I just received my Violin and the books. Everything looks perfect!! I always wanted to learn violin and now I have one. If everything goes well, which means that i learn and move to the next level quick and easy, I will take your advise for an upgrade.

Thanks for the Pin! Cheers,

- Gautam, Montreal, Quebec 

Wow talk about your fast service. It doesn't get any better than that. The case arrived in the mail yesterday. Awesome!

Thanks so much again.

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

I am very impressed with your follow-up procedure.  Being a small business owner myself, I am impressed with that skill.  You must have a great system in place to keep track of such details.

Great to hear from you Rhiannon. 

- Dan, Canada

Thanks for answering all of my questions in such great detail.  Your help is appreciated.

Thanks again for your assistance and the offer to help me save on the shipping costs.  It's greatly appreciated.

- Stephanie, Fort Salonga, NY

Wow. I really didn't expect you to reply so quickly at this time of night. Thanks for your quick and thorough response.

- Annette, White Rock, BC

I can't thank you enough for sending out the screw that enabled me to fix my Bob Musica shoulder rest, like new.

I'm handing out your cards to music teachers I know, like Mary Gerard. She conducts the San Diego Young Artists Symphony.

- Chris Vitas, San Diego, CA

My daughter will be moving up to a half likely in the fall. I'll certainly give you the business as you've been so kind and helpful. Cheers,

- Kerry, Yellowknife Northwest Territories

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond to our inquiry. Your additional comparison on Zhu 907 & 909 is very helpful.  It is important for us to select an appropriate violin that our daughter will enjoy playing in her middle school, through her high school years, and perhaps in her college years. 

Thank you for your quick response and effort in addressing our questions even after a long road trip.

- Quang

Thanks for answering my questions about the used "Strad Copy." I'm excited to try it now.
Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks again for all of your assistance!

- Cynthia, Rossland, BC

Thanks so kindly Rhi; Please count me grateful for your diligence on the shoulder rest; it was waiting for me at the door this evening (I arrived home from work about 9 PM my time).  Thank you also for the tracking information on the viola. Gratefully,

- Paul, USA

Apart from all the other conversations we had, I just wanted to let you know i have enjoyed doing business with you so far and that I highly appreciate your customer service and how you try to match our needs. We are so grateful that you are willing to do this for us during your vacation.

Fiddleheads was the last place i have looked before I would give up on the violin we were looking for, the Topa, and I am so happy that we will be able to get it so quickly. I cannot wait till we try it out for 2 weeks. We will probably ending up buying it for 1) your great customer service 2) this is the violin we want.

Again, I just wanted to say I sorry if i have been a bother with so many questions but this is the first time buying an instrument like this. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions and also taking the time to spend your vacation working this out with me.

Thank you so much for all your help and i cannot wait to leave a 5 star customer feedback report when our business has been successfully completed. Continue your business. It's a good one!

- Peter, Ellicott City, MD

My Bobelock violin case arrived a couple of days ago and I love it! Thank you for spending so much time helping me. I truly appreciate it.

- Heidi, Edmonton, AB

The pins arrived in time for Santa to get them into the girls' stockings.

- Gareth, Fort St. James, Canada

Hi Rhiannon, thanks very much for the fine tuners. I offered money for them but [you] wouldn't take any. Much appreciated.

- Ian, Salmon Arm, BC

Thanks for the fast replies and service. Excellent job once again. I suspect all your customers receive the same personalized treatment as I do. They are indeed as lucky as I am to have found your shop!!

I know you like to give 110% to each of your customers. Thanks once again for all the great service Rhiannon.

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

Thanks so kindly for the [complimentary] fine tuners accompanied by the delightful card! The tuners went on well.

Again, I am very grateful for the splendid customer service and well-made product. God's best to you and yours,

- Paul, MCPO, USCG (Retired)

I really appreciate your kind help over the phone.  I just placed my order for the Bon Musica shoulder rest after your assistance.

- Dan, Calgary, AB

Thank you for your quick reply (wow), I was not expecting to hear back from you so soon!

I finally checked email after leaving work on Thursday afternoon and found 3 new messages from Fiddleheads!
Wow, so many emails in such a short time (and they are still coming as I write this, ha, ha, you are making me laugh).  Thanks for all of the music (sent on your way out the door for an anniversary celebration -- you are a devoted business woman!).  I've looked through it but haven't played it yet.  It all looks great and I can hardly wait to start playing!

It has been a pleasure corresponding with you for the last several weeks. We are very excited for our new stuff to arrive! Thanks again for everything!

- Rhonda, Leduc, Alberta

Thank you, Rhiannon, for your kind email, your feedback and your thoughts. I wasn't expecting a so nice email! Not matter what I decide, I got an excellent impression of you and your business and will always recommend you.

I did the second test with the violin today, after my luthier made some sound adjustments, and decided to buy it. It's a wonderful instrument!

Anyway, I will recommend your site enthusiastically to friends and acquaintances. There is some market in Germany, I think, for good modern violins from east european makers. Even more so considering your personal help and attention!!!

- Ney, Germany

Thank you very much for the quick service.

- Randy, Edmonton, AB

We did not see the gift you placed in one of the boxes along with your cards until today.  It's really special because right now it is all about my son Mason and his new violin and my daughter Sydney, who is 2 years younger and playing his hand-me-down violins thus far is feeling left out.

Mason can give her the pin and make her feel special now as well...thanks!

As for the violins...really hard choice!  They are all fabulous and any one by itself would have been great. 

Thank you again for everything!

- Dan, Burlington,  ON

You're very kind to already have it in the mail [pending a payment]. Thanks.

- Andy, Enfield, NH

The [Fiddlestix] violin has arrived today, and in plenty of time to spare for her birthday.  Bella will be one happy 4 year old when she gets it.  

It looks great and shipped just fine.  Thank you for the outstanding service and personal touch.  I do wish we were closer, so she could have your instruction as well.

I could not imagine any better customer service. Thanks again,

- Tony, Rio Rancho, NM

Thank you so much for the info you shared it is very helpful. Yes, you will definitely get my business. We will try out first the Primo Violino and when my daughter is into it in the next 6 months we will upgrade to a much better quality equipment.  We will order thru your site and pay by paypal.  Thank you for the fast shipping. We don't need it til next next Monday anyway. Thanks again for the help and fast service.  Cheers!

- Abet & Cely Valentin, Victoria, BC

I highly recommend for a violin purchase. Last week I ordered a starter violin for my daughter. Rhiannon's prompt, courteous, and personalized customer service was exceptional. She mailed the instrument out right away, and provided a tracking number.

The violin was well padded inside of the beautiful case that was included. I didn't know that a container of rosin would be included, that was very nice! The violin pin given as a gift was very much a hit with my 10 year old daughter.

I had some questions after purchasing, (asking about tuning, etc.) and she quickly provided me with invaluable information. Obviously, Rhiannon is one who stands behind the product she sells. The shipping cost was very reasonable, too, making the instrument far cheaper than anything I could find in-store or on-line elsewhere.

I'm glad she included some business cards because I will be giving them out!

- Erin, AB

Thanks so much for your help and excellent notes explaining the options.

- Dave, Texas

Thanks Rhiannon! you have been most helpful! Thanks for efficiently organising [a combined shipment to Australia]. And thank-you for a fantastic delivery which arrived on Monday - only 7 days business days from when I ordered!

The violin case and shoulder rest are superb and I was so impressed with the entire process. I should also mention that I did try to place this order locally in Melbourne in order to support my local economy, however the level of service, price and overall value was unmatched by yourself.

I am also happy for you to post this as a testimonial should you wish to. Thanks again Rhiannon!

- Katrina, Patterson Lakes, Victoria, Australia

Great!! Many thanks for your sooooooooooooo nice answer. I confess I would never expect to have such an interaction starting from an internet site.

I will complete the order. I am so happy! Anna (this is the name of the little lady) will also be so happy!
UPDATE [ 1 week later]: I arrived at the Hyatt and the Violin was already here, in perfect conditions. It is beautiful! So, by the end of the week, Ana will receive it. My kindest regards,

- Mariano, Brazil

You've been very speedy, Rhiannon! Thank you; I didn't expect that you would be able to get to [helping me select an outfit] until after the long weekend. Your customer service is remarkable. :)

- Cara, Peace River, AB

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the time you took considering you are on vacation.

Thrilled to find your site! I live in Kamloops, and have just started the search for my first ever real violin. I would love to book an appointment [and] would like to hold a few, listen to them, take your expert advice and leave with something in hand that day.

- Robert, Kamloops, BC

Thanks so much Rhiannon. The violin is for my daugther's 8th  birthday. I was thrilled to find a Canadian distributor with great prices and speedy shipping!

- Joanna, Edmonton, AB

Thank you for putting all the hard work into your customers.

- Luis, Toronto, ON

Thanks for your help and advice. I am so glad we made the drive out.

- Annie, Kelowna, BC

Thanks for all of your help! We're super excited about the violin! Happy to do business with you!:)

- Amanda, Harrogate, TN



As you know, I have been mentioning you and your company to folks looking for quality instruments and one of them was my daughters' teacher, Lynae Muller. Well I got an email from her today saying that based on my recommendation she recommended you to one of her students who was looking for a new violin and she is working with YOU on this purchase!!  How awesome is that!!

They are both very impressed with you and your service! It just goes to show that good knowledgeable service pays off big time. It may take awhile, but eventually the dividends roll in.

Just thought I would mention the praise and give myself a little pat on the back that somebody actually listened to me!  A rare occurrence, let me tell you!!  LOL Cheers,

- Gareth, Fort St. James

It was actually your pink [Bobelock] case that led me to your website!  You sold the case to Peggy, a woman I know from a fiddle group I go to here in the Comox Valley – she loves her case and was very impressed with all your help.  It was Peggy who passed your website address along to me! Thanks,

- Kris, Comox, BC

Thanks so much again for all your help! You have a wonderful shop, and I'll definitely be spreading the word. I found your website googling sustainable fiddle supplies, and I so much appreciate your commitment to ethical environmental practices and your work to help underprivileged kids have access to music.

Happy holidays to you and your family!

- Jennifer, Kodiak, AK

Wow, again thank you!!  Thank you for going the extra mile to guide and assist us.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate everything.  There is one little, thirteen year old who is over the moon!  (She is paying for a portion of the violin and she is still excited!)

Again, many thanks for all the help. We sincerely appreciate the extra effort that both you and the maker have put into this violin purchase.  As I said before, we do fall in love with our instruments so the extra touches mean a great deal to us.  You have been most accommodating and helpful!

- Candice, BC

Very good. Thanks for being SOO efficient.

- Perry, Van Anda British Columbia

Thanks so much for all you have done. You have been awesome to do business with, so helpful and so appreciated. Looking forward to my new fiddle. 

- Shelley, Castlegar

Thanks again for your speedy responses to all of my questions and for spending so much real time with me.  ....and for your honesty, trusting of us etc.  What a nice and refreshing way to make a purchase!

- Wendy, Nanaimo, BC

Thanks for a very comprehensive reply.  There are a lot of things to consider and you covered all the bases for me. For sure I will come to you when the time is right.

- Gord, Toronto, ON

Thank you for the tip [about tuning]. I also want to say that I'm looking forward to being able to advance and up grade to my next violin i already love mine :) 

- Kaylee, Cardston Alberta 

The 1/16th violin arrived yesterday - that was super fast!

- J, Calgary, AB

Thank you so very much, Rhiannon. I appreciate your generosity very much and will be sure to contact you whenever I need anything. I will also make sure to reference your company to all the people in college and high school that I know.  Your kindness has helped a lot and I will be sure to return the favor sometime.  I hope you have a wonderful night, and wish you all the best with future business.

- Alex, Patchogue, NY

It has been lovely.  And I loved hearing about you and Fiddleheads and all your wonderful talents and 'sharings' and accomplishments. Congratulations on your fabulous accomplishments and all of your awards and the wonderful website and the integrity you express there. I hope I can follow through with your company.   I am so impressed by your candidness and integrity.  Thank you for your advice.  Sincerely,

Thank you, Rhiannon, I'm glad you are including insurance, thanks. I trust your judgment on that. It's so exciting to see that you have a violin school and also that you do charity work. I was impressed by the testimonials and I take your word about the tone: That is always a bit relative, but clear and sweet. You know it in a second. I am excited.

I was very happy to see the nice write up about Fiddleheads on You certainly do handle all the ENTHUSIASM well. Do we owe you money for 'therapy'? Thank you and looking forward to taking action today. Good luck with all your work; please don't work too hard. You're right. I am very happy. Wunderbar! LOL

- Connie, New York

Happy to say the violin arrived safely in Rossland today.

As the young people would say '' It ROCKS .''

Just want to once again say thank-you for everything you have done. Your customer service has not gone unnoticed. When people ask about violins I will be pointing them your way. So until our paths cross again, I will say thanks, take care, talk to you soon.

- Bob, Rossland, BC

We received the violin yesterday and it is SPECTACULAR! Leanne and I were stunned at how exquisite it is. It exceeded all of our expectations and was certainly worth the short wait.

We will most certainly recommend and refer both you and your shop/services to the many people we encounter here in Toronto. I thank you profusely for all that you've done and I assure you it will not be forgotten. Warmest Regards,

- Laura, Toronto, ON

Thank you Rhiannon! I thoroughly enjoyed myself today... It's a rarity that I meet people and take an instant liking to them, but that's the way it turned out for me today. I apologize for keeping you so long on the phone today. It was not my intention, however, it was a very enjoyable conversation and hard to end. Please stay in touch and take care. I look forward to our next conversation, hopefully in the near future.

- Larry, Harvest, AL

Five Stars! Thank you Rhiannon for setting me up with my beginner violin and then with an upgrade. Without your support and expertise, I would not have had the courage to pick up that bow. The rosin you sent is far superior to the crumbly stuff I had before. I especially appreciate the books that you sent to me. I thank you and think of you every time I pick up that bow!

- Marlene, Maple Ridge, BC

Five Stars! Rhiannon provided exceptional service overall. I purchased a violin upgrade and am very pleased with the quality of the instrument. Rhiannon really went the extra mile from start to finish. I'll definitely be back - thanks!

- Wendy, Creston, BC  

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