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Fiddleheads Violin Studio Testimonials & Feedback:

Violin & Player "Match-Making" - We Connect Players to the Right Instrument

Fiddleheads' owner, Rhiannon Nachbaur, is a music teacher and award-winning professional musician who understands violins beyond mere construction.

Listen to Rhiannon's Playing - View Rhiannon's Music Awards

Rhiannon receives frequent praise for her ability in matching a player to the perfect violin with budget, tone and other requirements in mind, even from a great distance.

She is also applauded for taking the worry out of an online transaction. Below are some comments from customers on her "match-making" abilities:


I was a complete novice looking for a violin when I came across Rhiannon's website. I had a previous bad experience with a purchase from a private owner so I was unsure of who I could trust.

After a few emails to Rhiannon I knew I would be buying my violin from her. She was not only a wealth of knowledge, but took the time to understand my needs, my budget and experience level.

Thank you Rhiannon for your time, expertise and patience. I will remain a loyal customer and would recommend you to anyone looking for a new instrument! If anyone wishes to contact me regarding my experience, please feel free to get my email address from Rhiannon.

- Sandi, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Rhiannon, I asked for a recommendation, and you gave excellent advice. I generally hate making buying decisions, but your consulting through this process has been wonderful.

And all through e-mail, which suits me fine (and with your excellent site as the backgrounder).

I like buying things online too. And even better if I can build up some trust with the person selling them. I know that you'll send the violin when you get it, and that it will be a good violin for the money.

I will certainly let people know about my stellar experience.

- Jeremy, Summerland, BC

First allow me to graciously thank you for all of the time you have taken out of your busy schedule to help me in this endeavor. Of all the places I have consulted you have by far been the most patient and willing to share your knowledge. That is very refreshing and extremely appreciated. I know I have found the right place to receive my business. 

You have alleviated ALL of the fears and apprehensions I have had in buying "site-unseen"  over the internet. My interaction with "professionals" in the field up to this point has been at best disappointing and at worst frightful. Your experience is obvious, and from the small interaction we have had via email I am convinced that you must have the most successful shop in the world, and/or you are an angel-probably both. Your passion for your art and talent shines through. It is very comforting.  Thank you.

I have followed the links to your web site and am impressed with your stock. As far as sound and tone, I am placing my trust in your hands to guide me to the correct instrument. I know that with the input I have given, and with any further input you may require from me, your experience and ear won't disappoint. 

- Lyle, Myrtle Beach, SC 

I’m an advanced player and have successfully purchased two advanced violins within the past 10 years. I need a solo violin for some time, and I visited a number of violin shops in Canada, China and Italy (I even went to Cremona!).  After much research, consultation and contemplation, I ended going online and bought the Topa 2016 (Guadagnini) from Rhiannon.  There are a lot of reasons, but the most important one is Rhiannon.
I’ve never met Rhiannon in person, but I know of her since 2008 through her blogs on  She strikes me as someone who really cares about violin and people. She is someone I can trust.  Rhiannon is very responsive to my inquiry.

She usually got back to me within hours, especially when I texted or emailed her. After initial consultation on the phone, she gave me her recommendation.  She was bang on. I had set my heart on a slightly cheaper Chinese violin but she gave me good reasons why Topa would be a better fit. I followed her advice and I’m glad I did.
I highly recommend Rhiannon.

- Yixi, Victoria, BC, Canada [READ FULL REVIEW HERE]

Not only is [the Dimitrov violin] stunningly gorgeous, the tone is magnificent! It is everything I desired--lush, warm and sweet! The sound is so incredibly pleasing to my ear and senses (and it's still just a baby!). What is a surprise (oh, duh) is how incredibly easy it is to play and to tune!

Cue Matchmaker music from Fiddler on the Roof… Matchmaker, you've done it again!

Rhiannon, it is very easy and a pleasure to be a continued customer with you. Not only are you an experienced player and teacher, you are an upfront and honest businesswoman with integrity who loves what she does!

Am so excited about this!! It's been a banner couple of weeks for Fiddleheads it appears! The Blanchard, a Stankov, the Celebre Vosgien and now a Dimitrov--all off to new homes. Would just like to add that I prefer to believe it is karma showing you some love. 

- Alicia, Jackson, MS

I cannot say enough about the time and effort that Rhiannon put into making sure I got the instrument I needed and wanted. We e-mailed and talked on the phone for months before I made my decision; the entire time she was offering suggestions and her personal opinion in regards to my questions.

I finally made the decision to purchase a 7/8 model 909 and have never looked back. Rhiannon shipped my instrument to me immediately and it arrived in perfect shape, ready to play.

It is truly a work of art, so different from my first violin. Rhiannon is second to none in customer service and knowledge of her products. She patiently answered all my questions and offered feedback, and it was done quickly, usually the same day.

When I am ready for a new bow I will be buying from her again and probably driving her crazy with all my questions once more, but there is no on that I would rather do business with; she is truly a first-rate individual who goes the extra mile for her clients.

- Pam, Ollana, Washington

Rhiannon is a very nice person. From the communications I have had with her, she appears very honest, professional and has a very sharp sense of humor. I have nothing but praises for her and the experience I've had with the purchase of my son's violin.

The feedbacks she provided were in-depth and valuable. I had looked at getting a used violin for my [adult] son but after getting in touch with her, I opted for a new instrument and what she recommended made sense and I, and my son, are very pleased with the instrument we received. The purchase process was very smooth (ordering, shipping) and any concerns I had were answered in a timely matter.

I would not hesitate to recommend her should you require a violin. She is knowledgeable, professional and personable.

- Michel, Drummondville, QC

There never seemed to be any doubt, from the moment I picked [the used Stainer copy] up at the post office. It has been singing to me and my heart has been thrumming to its vibrations. Now, the fun of figuring out how to make the music I hear inside. I've had this week off of work, so have had the opportunity to spend some extra time with it. Thanks for all your help. Some friends were a bit skeptical about my buying an instrument online, but I knew this was right.

[UPDATE 2 weeks later]: By the way, still loving my violin! Am going to a Fiddle Festival in a couple of weeks. I feel like a child at Christmas.

- Meg, Bradford, MA

You may remember that I purchased a new violin from you a couple of years ago.  I was very happy with the time you took to make sure I picked the right one and I have been happy with it since. Thanks,

- Gord, Toronto, ON

I just wanted to thank Rhiannon for her EXCELLENT customer service! She was knowledgeable, fair and quick to respond. It is nerve-wracking choosing a violin from the internet (our first time), but she made this experience pleasant and worry-free.

Thanks to Rhiannon's keen sense of matching the instrument to a player (even when we're SOOOO far away), we ended up buying a Moneff violin.

- Fe & Nina, Spring Hill, Florida

I want to thank you for your out of the world customer service again. This has been a very pleasant online shopping experience for me and has been a memorable one too. Thanks for all the effort and the notes that you have made for [trying out] each bow [for me]. Sorry I couldn't take them all but I would if I could :)

I would go with your selection as I have great confidence in your experience and discernment. I look forward to playing the bow handpicked by Rhiannon of Fiddleheads. Thank you very much.

Fiddleheads deserves all the compliments as you have done an excellent job. Proud of you. Best always,

- Douglas, Australia

Rhiannon, I wrote up a small recommendation of you for your site - it was easy though - you represent the easiest and most knowledgeable dealer I've encountered, and I think prospective buyers need to understand this as well!!

Perhaps one of the most difficult and daunting tasks facing a musician is purchasing a violin. Rhiannon has, however, turned this into a very positive experience by virtue of her personalized service, knowledge and honesty.

You are not simply purchasing a violin from a dealer: Clearly an astute business person, Rhiannon is also an award-winning violinist and music teacher. As a result, she sells instruments that actually meet the buyer's needs and expectations.

I purchased a Stankov violin from her, and after several wonderful communications, I made the wise decision to purchase this incredible instrument - I cannot thank you enough, Rhiannon!

- Glenn Boreham, Mississauga, Ontario

The thought of purchasing a violin not only over the Internet but in another country was a bit unsettling to me. Rhiannon was friendly, accommodating, and answered all my questions. She provides a great service where one can take an instrument [on trial] and I quickly took advantage of the offer.

I received the [handmade Bulgarian Kocheff] instrument within a week to Alabama USA. The violin was well packed. Once received the instrument was better than anticipated and sounded fantastic. The more I played [the Kocheff violin] the more I appreciated the quality and sound of the instrument.

I’m a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend Fiddleheads to anyone looking for quality instruments from an establishment with great customer service.

- John N, Trussville, Alabama, USA

Hi Rhi, I wanted to thank you for making the purchase of my Zhu violin via the internet and Fiddleheads such a positive experience. Remember the exhaustive email mania...with extensive talk about violin tone, value, shipping[...]

Needless to say, your opinions regarding instrument selection, shipment and transfer of funds were essential and admirably professional, but it was the endearing snippets we shared about our families that generated confidence that is typically lacking in traditional violin transactions.

Thank you again for your advice, service and the honest elements of concern...they were truly appreciated. With confidence and satisfaction, I have recommended others to view the Fiddleheads web site and seriously consider the purchase of an instrument from you.

In my opinion, your personable manner and service are untouchable. With thanks and fond memories,

- Jonathon, Delta BC [Read full review]

I'm from Japan and a total beginner in violin. I visited Rhiannon in person. It was a Saturday but Rhiannon spent half the day with me!

She played 6 violins in my price range, not going above what I wished to pay, and explained very well about violins, bows, information on the maker Ming Jiang Zhu, how to hold and use the bow, etc. To me, it was like she gave me a free lesson. 

Sometimes I have hard time communicating in English because of my strong accent but Rhiannon was patient with my English and her explanations were so clear and easy to understand. I can tell she is an excellent instructor as well.  

I bought a 903 violin and a prism bow. Since I'm a beginner she offered to put fine tuners on every string for free, even though strings were already set onto the violin, but she did this gladly. She also showed me how to tune the violin and how to use an electronic tuner.

Definitely, Rhiannon has an outstanding customer service. I think Fiddleheads is more than her business, Rhiannon just purely loves violins and wants to spread her joy of violins. Rhiannon, thank you very much again for everything. 

- Hiroomi, Barriere BC

Thank you for everything. I do believe that you will have fixed me up with the perfect violin for me. Now if you have any men in that store that would be perfect for me... just kidding.

I greatly enjoy talking to you too and it has been a pleasure. It has been the easiest and most fun purchase I have made.

- Nicole, PA

I will definitely not be turning this viola in [at end of the trial].  Honestly, even though I have only been playing a couple of months, I know enough to say that I absolutely love this viola.  

I am sure to drive my family crazy with all the playing I'll be putting in, but thanks to you, at least they will be listening to an excellent quality viola with a fantastic sound . . . even though the player could use a year or ten of experience! :) Thanks again!

- Shelli, Blind Bay, BC

Thanks for the helpful reply.  It's difficult for someone like me who knows nothing about violins to decide what and where to buy. Your website and your email give me a sense that you will provide trustworthy advice and products. 

I have been looking at kijiji but that can be risky for someone like me.  I was going to look at the [violin] shops in Calgary but I am a little skeptical if they will offer me the best value for my money. [Sydney] has her lesson after school today so she'll be thrilled to have it and play with it. It will be a great surprise for her.

I'll definitely let my daughter know about your career/history and she can check out your website for inspiration too. Thanks for your insights again.  

- Troy, Calgary, AB

It was wonderful to have someone who was so keen on helping us get the exact violin that would suit our son. With just a few bits of information about the style of music my son likes to play and his level in violin, Rhiannon provided three suggestions for trial. Believe it or not, all three were suitable!

Before my trial with Fiddleheads I had ordered violins from another shop and none were acceptable (by teacher's standards), but with the options from Fiddleheads,the teacher said any of the three would be a good choice for our son.

We kept the violins for over a week while he played them and once he decided on the one he liked the purchasing process couldn't have been easier (including the return of the rejected violins).

Rhiannon was great throughout the whole process, keeping in touch and offering help if we needed any.

I thought the purchase of a violin was going to be a long, drawn out process. I should have call Rhiannon 1st, it would have been even quicker. Bows are next, and we will be calling Rhiannon.

- Carrie, Fort Frances, Ontario

Michael Sears, a middle aged man, shown playing violin

I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for your taking time to help me try out violins today. The assistance of someone who is (a) experienced, knowledgeable, and fair and (b) not out to make a killing all at once, is rarer than it ought to be and a great find for a beginner like myself.

I will state, for the record, how pleased I am with you and how patiently you have "taken stock of me" and matched me so well to my instrument... You have gained another fan.

- Michael Sears, White Lake, BC

Michael's Other Reviews: VN-103 violin - 2007 Angela Moneff violin

My violin is a joy to play and inspires me to keep practicing! Thank you so much for helping me to find just the right violin.

- Leanne Copithorne, Deerfield Farm [Alberta] -

Hi Rhiannon and Family, especially baby with big beautiful eyes!

Letting you know that [Caspar da Salo] violin has arrived and that I am over the moon. Still very rusty, sooooo glad of the electric tuner, but is really helping me tune my ear in again. I have occasional moments when everything comes back to me and a few notes just resonate beautifully!

What a difference to play on a good violin. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much for everything. Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. I hope 2009 brings you much health, wealth and happiness!

With kind regards,

- Katherine and Marcus, Victoria BC

I cannot think of a more conscientous and considerate person to help us select a violon of quality than Rhiannon Nachbaur. She is knowledgable, generous and honest.

Borrowing a violin on trial from her was much easier than I expected and gave us the time to make a sound and informed decision.

What more can we ask when we are about to make such an important purchase?

- Jean-Claude, Vancouver

After 2 lessons, my instructor was impressed with the look and sound of the viola. She liked the deep tone. She asked how much I paid for it, and said she paid more for hers and hers doesn't sound as good...

So, in summary, your customer service was amazing and the viola is everything you said it would be, a great looking and sounding instrument for the price. Thanks again.

- Jennifer, Devonshire, Bermuda

Thanks so much for all your assistance, buying a new violin seemed like a very daunting task to me, but you were so helpful and kind.

- Lauren, Etobicoke, Ontario

DRUMROOOOLLLL! The violin is here! You have truly been a help, and have kept your word every step of the way... Thanks, we got a violin…you’re not a crook! LOL!

Rhiannon I think you gave us a good deal and I appreciate all the knowledge you laid on me. When I hear of anyone looking I will send them to you.

I bet you’re a great teacher. I wish we were closer :-) :-) :-)

- Michelle, VA

I absolutely LOVE my Wulter violin. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, I had a great time [selcting a violin]!

I love my violin and already can't put it down, I am going through the books today. It was awesome meeting and visiting with you and I will definitely keep you posted on my progress. I can't thank you enough for your help.

- Danielle, Langley, BC

I really appreciate the day you spent with me.  As a relatively new student I feel very naive about the whole business of buying another string instrument.  And of course I want to get the best instrument for me at this stage.

I know that as a seller you have invested a great deal of time and expertise with me today and I truly thank you for it. Once again thank you for the time you spent with me.  It was such a treat to have you visit and take an interest.

- Paulette, Kamloops BC

I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to shop for a violin should consider contacting Rhiannon at Fiddleheads Violin Studio. Her personalized service and research skills are outstanding.

I have been on the web for over a month searching for a violin upgrade... I have communicated to other sites with only what they were showing on the web site with no other information. It was only with Fiddleheads that I received lots of recommendations and other selections of violins available throughout her resources.

Rhiannon did help me thoroughly along within my budget restrictions and I ended up with a bench work violin from Angela Moneff.

Rhiannon exceeded my expectations and has very good knowledge and skills for personal service. She is a very communicator and very precise with details. You can ask her anything regarding the business of violins, etc.

I will not hesitate to recommend your shop to anyone and I am thankful for the services you have provided me. Believe me that I will continue to shop at for whatever you can provide me for my new violin in the future. Thank you.

- Roger Charbonneau, Ottawa, ON

Hi Rhiannon, I found [] while I was looking for information on violins. I think you have the most informative site out there... My [VN-100] violin arrived on Tuesday afternoon. It's beautiful and it sounds great too. I can't wait to start taking lessons.

I want to thank you again for all your help, if I hadn't found the website I would probably still be trying to chose a violin. I would definitely recommend Fiddleheads to any musician in need of great advice and service. I will be sure to contact you in the future if ever I need anything else for my music.

- Brianne, Delta BC

I was looking for a 1/8 violin for the daughter and I found on the Internet. I checked through the site and found it is very informative. I sent Rhiannon a couple emails about my concerns and she replied and solved my questions right away.

I ordered a 1/8 size [VN-100] Violin Outfit and received it excellent condition. The violin sounds very good, much better than the one we have and also the bow and case are fabulous.

I really suggest anyone who is looking for a violin shall contact Rhiannon since, as a violinist and teacher, she knows everything about violin. You would be really satisfied by her customer service.

- James, father of 4-year-old Cassandra, Toronto Ontario

I... knew very little about violins at all. I was directed time and again to Rhiannon at Fiddleheads.

I contacted her directly and was invited to the school. The array of violins is staggering, as is her knowledge of each and every one of them. She informed us of size, quality and cost. By the end of the afternoon we were down to two violins and could not make up our minds as to which suited my girl best. Rhiannon then so generously suggested that we take them both home and try them for a week.

...We have been quite satisfied at the quality and price of our new and first violin purchase.

Rhiannon's knowledge and expertise were invaluable to us, the first time buyer, and have no doubt where we will go when the Amati has been handed down to my littlest girl. Thanks Rhiannon!

- Vicki, Salmon Arm, BC

Hi Rhiannon, I was not expecting you to be so helpful in your [email] responses. You really get into it and don’t hold back. That was nice to see.

Rhiannon, you work very hard with your business as most successful people do. You deserve a lot of credit and a big warm hug so get your husband to give you one from me.

I am so pleased that I found you and you took all the mistrust and caution out of doing business. In this day and age, who ever sends out a product purely on the promise to pay? This is the way it used to be and it is very gratifying to have experienced it again with you. You are quite a unique business woman. Thank you.

- "Grandpa" Joe, Mission BC

About one month ago I decided it was time to take up fiddle again after a lapse of about 50 years. While waiting for a cheap one to arrive, I found your website and with the help of email you graciously steered me in the right direction and away from the cheapie.

The fiddle you sold me was far above my expectations... Thank you so much for all the help and free advice. I'll never make the philharmonic but thanks to you, Rhiannon, I am having a ball! Thanks again.

- "Grandpa Bruce," Invermere BC

The [student] violin arrived yesterday, and Kevin's class starts tomorrow, so the timing worked out.  The instrument looks good and sounds good...  Kevin was very excited to get it, and his sister couldn't wait to get her hands on it... Thanks for your advice and for getting the violin to us on time.

- Lynn, Arlington VA

Just writing to let you know that we received the [VN-100] violin... Caitlin said violin teacher loved her violin. Your assistance has been invaluable and much appreciated.

Hey, ever thought of moving to the Caribbean, specifically Cayman Islands, and teaching violin? We could do with an excellent violin teacher here. There would be a great demand here for your services! Great place to raise kids and schools are fabulous as well. Obviously I am trying my hardest here to convince you!

- Sheena, George Town, Grand Cayman

Thank you so much. We are still trying to decide [on a violin to purchase]. But if it is something my son wants to pursue, I will definitely send my business your way! I have already recommended you to a couple of friends. Thank you so much for the your encouragement and information. It has really helped.

- Shannon, Los Gatos, California

You really went overboard on the info. If you like, I can compile it, publish it, and probably make some money selling a book on choosing cellos and violas! Thanks for the intermittent jokes as well.

I appreciate everything you have done and are doing for me. I put myself and this entire process in your care. Thank you, with every ounce of gratitude I can offer.

- Bobby, Montana

Hi Fiddleheads! I am "stoked" ( as we say in California) to have found your website!

I am a 51 year old beginner and I was hoping to find a lefty violin... Could you tell me what you might have for a guy that can't stop thinking about playing the fiddle??

- Mark, California

I bought a wonderful violin from you. It is a 3/4 size, slightly smaller, handmade in 1912. I'm sure you remember it.

My friend, whose violin I was using [before my purchase from Fiddleheads], is very impressed with my new violin, and would like to try that make of strings on his own violin. He says, in his opinion, my new violin is "a gem, and one of a kind," which I find to be true!

Yours truly,

- Anne (one very happy fiddler!), Penticton, BC

What makes Rhiannon Nachbaur awesome? She's got the most amazing passion for the violin and helping people get the right violin than anyone I've ever met!!!

- Frances, Philippines

Thank you so much for your guidance to choose an instrument.

- Victoria Strochkova, Violin Teacher, San Ramon, CA - Website

Hi Rhiannon! Look what happens at our house with an extra violin kicking around [see photo]!

By the way, Dominik has definitely decided on the [VN-100].

- Karin, Salmon Arm, BC

I want to thank you for your out of the world customer service again. This has been a very pleasant online shopping experience for me and has been a memorable one too. Thanks for all the effort and the notes that you have made for [trying out] each bow [for me]. Sorry I couldn't take them all but I would if I could :)

I would go with your selection as I have great confidence in your experience and discernment. I look forward to playing the bow handpicked by Rhiannon of Fiddleheads. Thank you very much. Fiddleheads deserves all the compliments as you have done an excellent job. Proud of you. Best always,

- Douglas, Australia

Rhiannon: Good morning.  Thank you for the email.  I do appreciate your willingness to assist us in our quest. I hope we can stay in touch and bounce ideas off for future needs in the violin area. All the best,

- Rebecca, USA

Greetings from the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands! Hoping you remember me - I bought a violin (3/4 VN-100), funky purple bow and case from you for my daughter, Caitlin, a few years ago. Her violin teacher says she is now ready for a full size violin.

The service and help from you last time was fantastic hence my return to fiddleheads and email to you. What would you
recommend this time?

- Sheena, Cayman Islands

It is always fun to read your emails.  Musicians are always intelligent people and you do not disappoint my over-reaching generalization.  I kept checking my computer for your email because of my excitement. 

My heart just went pitter-patter when I saw the pictures of the violin, thank you for sending them.  How kind of you to throw in the music.  

I am quite satisfied and confident in you choosing the right instrument and thank you for your generosity of time to do so.  I am a very loyal customer when someone earns my respect, and will continue to purchase materials through you. 

And who knows, maybe someone I know will want a violin also, and I will direct them your way.  I am ready to send the check so write up the sales order and the mailing address for the check so we can finalize this transaction.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you and will send the check to your mother's address.  I have no problem with making it out to you personally.

Keep up the good work and never compromise your values.  It is because of this that I was attracted to you.  If ever your travels bring you through Montana, know that you are always welcome here. Thank you again for all your help.

In the spirit of the arts,

- Mary, Laurel, MT

About one month ago I decided it was time to take up fiddle again after a lapse of about 50 years. While waiting for a cheap one to arrive, I found your website and with the help of email you graciously steered me in the right direction and away from the cheapie.

The fiddle you sold me was far above my expectations and I felt the case, bow and rosin were an added over the top bonus. I am very pleased with the package that you put together for me and am impressed with the sound of the violin. There is no comparison between the one from Sears [catalog] and your Joh. Strauss.

Thank you so much for all the help and free advice. I'll never make the philharmonic but thanks to you, Rhiannon, I am having a ball! Thanks again.

- "Grandpa Bruce," Invermere BC

Thanks again for all your help with the selection of my [Zhu 909] violin, I'm really enjoying it!

- Mark, Los Angeles, CA

The violin and accessories got here safe and sound. I'm also very happy the timing worked out so well! :)

I'm glad you speak so highly of the [used] Kriner violin. The violin is beautiful and I'm sure will bring many hours of joy.

I realise this isn't a beginner instrument, but playing several high quality instruments, I understand good tone and wanted an instrument that I know I would love as my playing grows to match my ability on my other instruments.

- Gabryel, Vancouver Island, BC

Thanks for trying different bows for me.  Your recommended bow is a very good match with the [high end violin].  I'm certain that after babying the violin for a few more months, its sound will make me proud of my decision.  In fact, I already know that I've made a very wise choice by relying on you.

Thanks for the gift, we like the violin pins very much.  Dominic will play violin tomorrow at his Kindergarten graduation.  He request for wearing the pin in the show tomorrow.

- Daniel, Hong Kong

I took a chance buying a violon online and had a great experience by doing so with Fiddleheads. Thank you for your expertise, awesome service, great communication and professionalism. And Wow! Violon arrived so well packaged.

- Louise, Drummondville, Quebec

Custom Violins

WOW, these pictures [of the commissioned violin in progress] are AMAZING! Reminds me of when I was looking at my babies' ultrasound for the first time!

I really had no idea that everything was built from scratch! I thought the front/back would be pre-carved (but with violin thickness), and I thought the ribbing comes in a roll (like a roll of duct-tape)... ha,ha,ha!

I am also impressed with how much progress they have made in just 1 week. I don't know much about violin making, but at the rate they're going, looks like they'll be finished in a month.

Anyways, thank you so much for recommending a custom-made instrument, my [worry] is quickly disappearing!

- Winnie, Calgary


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Violins, bows and cases are shipped Canada Post Expedited service (arrives via USPS in the USA) and takes about 2-6 days on average. Shoulder rests ship via Xpresspost within Canda (1-4 days) or Airmail to USA (2-6 days).

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