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Primo Violino Reviews: Fiddlestix Outfit - Etude - Encore - Elite


Fiddlestix Outfits

We received the violin yesterday, just in time for Nicole's lesson last night. Her teacher, Monique Perkins, was soooo happy that we have a much better violin now.

She said she is going to send you a note to thank you for providing quality instruments to students she referred your business to. Nicole was also thrilled to receive the violin pin, thank you for your thoughtfulness that made her day!

- Fangju, Myrtle beach, SC

I just received my violin today! I must say, I am impressed with the clarity of sound for it being such an inexpensive instrument. It is having some trouble staying in tune, but I imagine this is from the new strings getting properly 'stretched'

Thanks, I would definitely recommend your fiddles.

- Zoe, Victoria, BC

The beautiful "Belinda" [nicknamed Fiddlestix] was delivered shortly after school today!

The violin hardly [made] it through the front door -- actually, we just about tackled the mailman coming up the driveway with the package in his hands!!

Once again, thank you for EVERYTHING. I am soooo glad I found you and didn't buy from! We will be sure to keep in touch! Gratefully,

- Sandi, Winter Park, Florida

The [Fiddlestix] Violin came and I love it! I did an etude test today on it it sound really nice and plays really good. And everything came with it. P.S: (Thank you for the pin!) Thank you,

- Perin (daughter of Curtis), Windsor, CO

The kids [in my fiddle class] are loving the instruments.  They are taking them home every night to play!
One [of my students] has already expressed interest in getting her own instrument [from Fiddleheads]. A lefty!

- Sandy, Kitaskinaw School, Enoch, AB

The [Etude] violin arrived in perfect shape, Monday afternoon. It's a nice outfit. Thank You very much!

- Violin Teacher and Collector, Tom, Hermiston, Oregon

I bought one of your Primo Etude violin outfitse for my granddaughter. Now I have another violin student ready to go to 3/4 size and I would like to order another Primo Etude outfit again. Thanks!

- Lorna, Violin Teacher, Crawford Bay, BC

Thanks so much, we are so excited to have found a decent place to purchase a starter violin. They have one at Sears for $169, but with very few details, it's too hard to know if it's a good bargain or not.

This one, the price seemed right... and I would expect we would do repeat business in the years to come when it's time to get a new one.

I will definitely remember to leave a glowing customer testimonial.

- Erin, AB

The violin I purchased for my daughter was wonderful! We are upgrading her to a full size [Fiddlestix].

-Laura, Henrietta, NY

Thank you so much for your beautiful letter [explaining the violin was on the way]! It was perfect and Ally loved opening it this morning. She is excited to meet "Bella" [the Fiddlestix violin] and to start her lessons! We will be sure to send you a picture of Ally and Bella together. Have a great weekend.

- Traci, Chicago, IL

I just recently purchased a [Fiddlestix] violin in Sepia Brown with the learner's Package with PayPal. Those instruments are amazing looking!

- Scotty, Richmond Hill, GA

I just wanted to let you know I got the [Fiddlestix] violin safe and sound today.  I couldn't wait for my son to go to sleep so I could try it out.  I'm very happy with it!  I was pleasantly surprised it got here so quickly.  Can't wait for Christmas morning now.

Thank you also for the adorable violin pin.  That's just the sort of thing Thomas will love along with his real violin.

Thanks.  I'll be sure to recommend Fiddleheads if I have the opportunity.

Looking forward to hearing my son play it.  I played long ago and look forward to picking it up one day again.  He made me print off a picture of a violin yesterday so he could draw a cardboard one he could "practice" until he gets a real one.  Thank you for throwing in a stocking stuffer. 

- Ava, Liberty Township, Ohio

Merry Christmas! As promised - here's a couple of photos of the newly opened violin from Santa.  You were right - she recognized the shape immediately and was a little sneaky about it, I wasn't quick enough to get the initial moment of excitement on camera - but it was definitely a big hit!   .

Thanks again for all of your help getting this violin on time - Santa and I both appreciate it very much!   Looking forward to doing business with you again :)

- Mike, Moncton, New Brunswick

I have just received the [Fiddlestix] violin I ordered via Canada Post. This is the 3rd violin I have ordered from you. The first 2 were for my youngest son Austin who grew from his 1/4 size right into a 3/4 size.

This last 4/4 violin was ordered for my oldest son Avery (now 14 yrs old). Avery stopped playing violin at school 3 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked if he could start playing violin again. He said it was his favourite instrument to play. He loves the antique brown colour. If he continues to play regularily, then I will certainly call on you when it's time to upgrade his violin.

Thanks again for the great service, great advice, and great prices.

- Randy, Toronto, ON

I just placed an order for a Fiddlestix outfit. This will be my daughter's first violin, and hopefully with any luck perhaps I'll be ordering another one from you when she outgrows this one!

Thank you very much Rhiannon! You never know when ordering online these days, I was a little worried. Your personal service is greatly appreciated! The violin is #1 on her list to Santa, so probably not much of a surprise... but I will do my best to capture the moment! :)

Thank you for your reply. Can't wait to see her face on Christmas! :) Happy holidays!

- Mike, Moncton, NB

This violin is for our beautiful and lovely daughter as she has shown inclination toward this musical instrument. She turns 3 next month and this would be her Birthday Gift. If she shows the interest to learn (we plan her to take lessons), then we may end up buying more violin's from you of increasing sizes as she grows. 

- Asim, Jersey City, NJ

I just wanted to let you know that Mimi's [Fiddlestix] violin arrived in Alaska yesterday and she loves it! She is over the moon over it. Thanks for you help and it has been very nice doing business with you. Take care,

- Cheryl, Anchorage, AK

Thanks for the reply! Couldn't resist opening, everything looks great and thanks for the pin!
I was looking at the Fiddlestix and didn't really want to go over $200. I'm just kind of looking for a starter and then if I do like it can progress from there (I'm imagining at the beginning, I'll be so bad, it won't really matter).  I do plan on taking some lessons as well.
I [bought] the [Fiddlestix] and tell whoever teaches me that you also have lots of really nice ones if they think you only sell lower end ones. I know that if I like it this one won't last long for me, but I just don't want to invest a lot and have everything gathering dust in the closet if I lose my eagerness…which I'm hoping won't happen!

Thanks for all your help on everything; if it comes time to upgrade to a better fiddle I'll know where to go!

- Trish, Edmonton, AB

I opened the [Fiddlestix] violin-- So pretty. I just want to take it out and hold it but I didn't. Thanks for the pin. If [my nephew] doesn't fall in love with then I'll play it. Am I crazy...I just love violins. Listening to Milstein Bach recordings now. Thanks again for your help.

- Elaine, NY, NY

I just put in an order for my first Violin, a Fiddlestix. Your price was slightly higher than that of the "budget" violin I had found. After reading your information, and what the quality of the fiddlestix seemed to be in comparison, I had no issue with the 30 more dollars, and not getting a "free" learn violin book.  I hope that I will be please (as I am sure I will).
I am in Colorado, and curious as to the turn-around for your shipping, and if you supply a tracking number on your items.
I am quite excited to learn how to play (as I have secretly wanted to do so since my early 20's my wife recently found out, and started to encourage me to look into it).
BTW, I was in BC CA, several years ago, and I found it to be a beautiful place.
FOLLOWUP: Received my fiddlestix today.  Thank you again for all of your help. Hopefully 33 isn't too late for my brain to learn how to play!

- Keith, Loveland, Colorado

Just wanted to let you know, Sarah was OVER THE MOON with the [Fiddlestix] violin and "played" it almost non-stop yesterday. I also woke up to it this morning. LOL!

- Kristi, Salmon Arm

Thanks for your quick and kind response ! Yes, Junien-Eaden, 4 years old, loves his violin ! He's not yet willing to let us help him playing it though...he wants to do it all by himself, which is OK for now.

May your lovely business prosper and your family as well !

PS our daughters playing the violin already know where to get their next violine from...

- Lovingly, Alexandra and family, Hayward, CA

The Primo Fiddlestix are really pretty!

- Dana, Cherry Hill, NJ

Got the violins today too!  They both arrived safely.  Victoria is thrilled, will take pics once I can get her to hold it more or less the right way!  She wore her violin pin all evening.  Have already demonstrated "Twinkle, Twinkle."
Thanks so much,

- Judi, Williams Lake, BC

I just received my [Fiddlestix] violin yesterday. It's beautiful, I am madly in love with it!

Our 6 year old daughter has been wanting lessons for two years, so this year we decided that her and I will get violins for our birthdays. We'll order hers soon!

- Jen, Trail, BC

Thanks Rhiannon. We received the [Fiddlestix] violin a couple days ago and my son loves it.

- Michael, Richmond Hill, Ontario

I received my [Fiddlestix] violin today, and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am. I pulled it from the box, and it was still in pretty good tune!

A little about me--I am nearly 50 years old. I played the violin at the ages of 8 and 9, and then I gave it up for other pursuits. When I took out the violin I was able to play "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" right away.

You will definitely be hearing from me if I ever become proficient enough to move up to a better fiddle. I think I did well in finding your site. Thank you again!

- Kristin, Hammond, IN

I just picked up the [Fiddlestix] violin and I wanted to say it is a lovely looking instrument. I can't wait to see the expression on [my wife's] face and to hear it in action...even at a beginners level.

Thank-you so very much for your exceptionally wonderful service and for helping me make my wife's birthday a great one. I think I am more excited for her birthday than she is. :-)

I will be sure to recommend your business to all of my friends as many are musically inclined. Thanks again!

I wish you all the best in career and in health. Sincerely,

- Ben, Edmonton, AB

 Got the [Fiddlestix] violin today. Thanks again for your great customer service. Wren is in the other room scratching out "Mississippi, hot dog" rest, rest… good stuff.

- Sharon, SC

Thanks so much for your help! I have already received the [Fiddlestix] violin….the hard part now is waiting to give it to [my husband at Christmas]! Thanks again for all the info and the refund on [local rate] shipping!!

- Nikki, Kamloops, BC

We received the violin. I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt reply and getting it shipped out quickly.

We had reasons to order from your website, mainly the fact that it was stated the violin would ship out tuned and ready to play (we are violin newbies).

At first I was disappointed when I opened the case to find that [the violin was out of tune], but that only gave me the motivation to do some research and educate not only me, but my daughter as well on setting up and tuning our first violin. It is now playable and we love it! Thanks again for providing a beautiful instrument.

PS: Thanks for the gift! My daughter pinned it on the violin case =)

- Dan, Tigard, OR

Thank you for your response! Although I must say I couldn't wait and my dad bought one from your site for me to try out. I have really been having fun with my violin, it is a very nice instrument. Thanks for having that wonderful site!

- Luke, Butte, MT 

My boyfriend was so happy with his [Fiddlestix] fiddle! Thank you!

- Audrey, Kamloops, BC

Thank you so much for the beautiful Fiddlestix violin! We believe we made a good choice for our 4 year old Junien-Eaden. The [small] violins at a different store here didn't look nearly as pretty as yours.

Maybe, we can make it to get to see your shop while doing our yearly visit in Kelowna.

- The Muerset family, Hayward, CA

I would like to know if you ship to Australia. I am very sorry to ask but your ranking on google there is quite high and my daughter pulled up your page, which inevitably led to "I want one in that colour!" I have tried to obtain heritage sepia brown colour here in Brisbane with no success.

- Christopher, Australia

Confirming my [Heritage Sepia Brown Fiddlestix] violin arrived ~ many many thanks everything, including the violin pin.
I'm a little intimidated by it ~ so fragile! so esoteric!

- Anne, Cambridge, MA

I love the violin from you, it sounds really good and hardly ever goes out of tune!

- Perin, Windsor, CO

We finally have the violin in our possession!!  Kaitlyn was SO excited and especially appreciative of the bracelet that you inserted.  She asked me if you put that in all of your orders.  I replied that I was sure you picked it out special with her in mind ;). Thank you for your very thoughtful gesture. Thanks again for all the advice!

- Stephanie, Fort Salonga, NY

The violin arrived in good shape.  My daughter loves it – says it's "beautiful"   She also loves the pin.  Thanks so much.

I look forward to hearing my daughter make screechy cat noises in my near future.  I love it.

- Ken, Cleveland, OH

[I am] looking forward to learning to play [on my new Fiddlestix violin]. Hope everything goes well with Fiddleheads and I'll be sure to relish in the sour notes as it will be what I specialize in!

- Jason, Kelowna, BC

The order of Fiddlesticks fractional violins arrived on Tuesday of last week which is super speedy. [My daughter, a violin teacher,] was delighted because she was able to take them to Wednesday's after school lessons. [Her students] who got them were thrilled. One of the students is the principal's son and he carried it everywhere when he got it home. He had to be reminded that violins were not allowed at the dinner table!!!! So a big thank you to you for such terrific service, once again.

The  violins were better than you described, not bad for budget priced instruments and most suitable for the purposes of the class. We think the pegs need a bit of work and a couple need a bit of work on the bridges, but all were very playable and as I said, the kids who got them were very excited. Thanks so much!

- Gareth, Fort St. James, BC

I bought it for my 14 year old who has been taking lessons for two and a half years now.  Her teacher Monique Perkins recommended your website to us.  I just bought a 1/2 violin for my 8 yo who decides to follow her sister's footstep from Amazon, and it is so bad that I am returning it and order it from you instead.  I know it is going to take a while but it is worth the wait. 
 Got my 8-year old her first violin (a half size) at Fiddleheads- can't be happier for the quality and price. Highly recommended!
 I agree with you a hundred percent on quality.  We bought our first violin from Southwest string three years ago and even spent extra for amplifier but when we finally found our violin teacher, she said the amplifier was defective and looked like someone tried to fix it once already. 

I am very impressed with your achievement in music and running the business effeciently, and certainly appreciate your concern that I would be disappointed with entry level violin that I am buying.  Well, even if it is same quality as the one I am returning, I will rather you make the money than someone I don't know.  Hope your business is going well and I will definitely pass your business card to Amy's orchestra  friends if they need an upgrade. Thanks!

- Fangju, Myrtle Beach, SC

The violin arrived yesterday, super fast shipping! I've managed to butcher out "hot crossed buns" so far, which my daughter informed me sounded like a cow dying. I love it though! Thanks for the great service!

- Sarah, Prince Rupert, BC

I look forward to bringing this one camping!

- Zoe, Victoria, BC

My daughter's been asking for a violin and was super-excited to receive her beautiful violin today...especially because her name is Scarlett and her violin is Vivacious Scarlet Red :)

- April, Ottawa, ON

I just received this last night- thanks so much! The fine tuners are a great help- I was able to get it tuned (I have a free Android app on my phone called gStrings for that) and going in no time, and it sounds lovely.

- Emily, Calgary, AB

I would just really like to say how much I love my violin that I purchased from you a few months back, it's absolutely wonderful and I love it. Thank you for selling these wonderful instruments! Thank you,

[UPDATE 6 months later] Hi, I bought a violin from you last October, it's my first violin and I must say I absolutely love the violin it's amazing! my friend who has been playing for 12 years has said with how quickly I've been advancing.

- Kaylee, Cardston, AB

We received our fiddle today.  Very impressed! Thanks (:

- Marnie, Inverness Nova Scotia  

Well, we are enjoying our daughter learning the violin so much that both of us (Mom and Dad) are getting violins for Christmas.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products. Can't wait to order the deluxe outfits in the future when we are doing more than squeaking and squawking.  Our 6 year old daughter is already making beautiful music and we will hopefully soon.

Thanks again. Maybe one day we will make it to [your studio] and visit!

- Carin, Taber, Alberta

Thanks! Very excited to receive [the Fiddlestix violin] and get it in the hands of our little 4 year old for the holidays. He has been asking for a violin for the past year and when I came across your site it was a no-brainer. :)

- Joël, Dartmouth, NS

[Fiddleheads] you have been a big help, thank you. Hopefully my daughter falls in love with the violin. If she does by junior high we will definitely be upgrading with your help. Thanks.

- Lori, Lake Elmo, MN

Georgia Rae's little student Ava bought a fiddle from you, and brought it to lesson for the first time yesterday. What a sweet fiddle! sounds nice and is so beautiul. Now she has to name her fiddle! :)

Next week I will take a picture of [Ava] and Georgia Rae with her fiddle and mail it to you.

I am recommending your site to her next student. I just sent her the link.

- Roni M and The Georgia Rae Family Band


Primo Etude


Here is Tiena Lyn [age 4] with her new [1/8 size Primo] violin and the pin you gave her - see her hair. We posted a movie of her playing it on youtube and send you the link so you can hear the sound.

You can put the [youtube] link on your website. We just want more people to know how knowledgeable  and helpful you are to us. You were not the first violin store that we contacted, but we got the most out of you!

I played it a few songs before I handed it to Tiena Lyn, she didn't argue for not finding the [fingering] tapes, in fact she quite liked the bears [stickers you added].

And you are right about everything. The Primo now sounds excellent! It needed constant tuning the first few days [from the upgraded new Dominant strings], but now the sounding stays clear and right in tune! We noticed the sound got better and better...

Tiena Lyn had her first private lesson last week, the teacher was amazed with Primo as well. We brought the [other store's] rental and [Fiddleheads'] Primo so she can see, and she said, "stick with Primo, it sounds nice and it fits Tiena Lyn better, too!"

Thank you once again and we will always look for your advice and opinion when it comes to violin. I have a cousin in California who is into this "violin fever" too. I strongly encouraged her to contact you. I am so grateful to have found you. Trust me, you will be the first one that I contact if I need anything else.

Update (1 year later): I remember this time last year when we received the Primo Violino we got from you. The violin is still sounding great.

- Sylviane, Mike, and Tiena Lyn "the violin fairy," Oakville, Ontario

Thank you for the wonderful [Primo Violino] violins. Our teacher approved.

I think they sound great for the size and look impressive. We will definitely be keeping them [after the trial].

- Sietske, Nelson, BC

The violin was delivered today and my son is already enjoying it. It is definitely a step up for him as it is much louder and more precise based on his initial feedback. Thanks again,

- M. Lingam, Oakville, Ontario

Hello Rhiannon, I'm just writing to confirm that the 1/8 size [Primo Etude "Factory Option"] violin arrived safe and sound at the beginning of this week, and that we're very happy with the purchase.

My daughter loves finally having a violin to call her own and her teacher had very complimentary things to say about the instrument's quality.

It was a pleasure buying an instrument from you. Even though I wasn't making a huge purchase, you treated me as if I were. Clearly you're in this business because you love playing, teaching and inspiring others to enjoy music as much as you do.

We'll be back for more as my daughter grows and continues to play. Best,

- Christopher, Scottdale, GA

I have an eight year old girl who had outgrown her rental violin and knew very little about violins at all. I was directed time and again to Rhiannon at Fiddleheads.

I contacted her directly and was invited to the school. The array of violins is staggering, as is her knowledge of each and every one of them. She informed us of size, quality and cost. By the end of the afternoon we were down to two violins and could not make up our minds as to which suited my girl best. Rhiannon then so generously suggested that we take them both home and try them for a week.

By weeks end, my daughter announced the which likes her playing the best. We have been quite satisfied at the quality and price of our new and first violin purchase.

Rhiannon's knowledge and expertise were invaluable to us, the first time buyer, and have no doubt where we will go when the violin has been handed down to my littlest girl. Thanks Rhiannon!

- Vicki, Salmon Arm, BC

Thanks so much for my [Primo] violin!

I was in my first recital this weekend here in the Toronto area! I played Twinkle Twinkle and two duets with my teacher! I have learned so much.

Thought you would enjoy the pic!

- Angela, Toronto, Ontario


The [Primo] violin arrived yesterday, and Kevin's class starts tomorrow, so the timing worked out.  The instrument looks good and sounds good...  Kevin was very excited to get it, and his sister couldn't wait to get her hands on it... Thanks for your advice and for getting the violin to us on time.

- Lynn, Arlington VA

[The Primo Violino] Violin arrived on Saturday safe and sound. Annie is thrilled! The books are lovely and special thanks for the little treats.

We will make gingerbread violins [with the free violin-shaped cookie cutter] next week.

You went to a great deal of trouble. We will pass along your cards to other musically-inclined folk and to Annie's teacher. Thanks!

- Michaelle, Radium, BC

Thanks! I am so excited [to try my new violin] I can't stand it! Holding the violin brought back so many memories, I used to play viola.

The violin looks and feels super, I can't wait to learn a little tune!

- Nora, Rochester, NY

Thank you for the up grade and prompt response. My Daughter is thirteen and her teacher wants her to have an upgraded violin from the basic student violins we have been buying. God Bless,

- Chuck, Morgantown, WV


Primo Encore

Thanks very much for your kind and prompt reply. I love the violin...not that I'm an expert in judging. I may adjust the chin rest a little though I don't know for sure how to do this. I'm carefully making sure  that I hold fiddle and bow, fingers,etc correctly, that technique is optimum. and each day I try to do scales and simple tunes...little and often.

My wife and I may well visit the Shuswap in late August. I'd love the chance to visit your shop, bring along  my new "baby" (fiddle), and buy a couple of things eg music stand.

Thanks for the great service.

- Frederick V, Penticton, BC


Primo Elite

It arrived safe and sound yesterday! Having a only a few minutes before I had to leave for work, I didn't have much time to play with it. However, that is a nice little instrument!

I went with the Elite thinking the slim neck would help in stretching the muscles and tendons while deciding on a 7/8 vs 4/4. 

Thanks, as always, for all you do.

- Alicia, Jackson, MS

My granddaughter loves her new violin. The size (1/10th) is perfect for her, and she is now able to produce a much bigger sound since the violin is so wide.

It's incredible how much she has improved in the past week. She has taken a big interest in her tone all of a sudden. I'm glad I made this purchase. Thank you for finding it for us. I am so pleased!

- Joan, Violin Teacher, Richmond, BC

Just love the [Primo Elite] fiddle. Trying (very hard) not to put sneaky little marks on it. The [Bon Musica] shoulder rest is perfect. Thanks girl.  I am bowled over. :) gave the pin to my caregiver. She loves it!

- John, White Rock, British Columbia 


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