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If Things Go Wrong, We Correct the Problem


Soothing Customers' Worries

I owe you an apology! I hope you will accept it. I accused you of being dishonest, and you proved me wrong, and I am truly sorry! I received the shoulder rest, and I will give you a positive review. I will contact paypal and inform them the matter is resolved and the whole misunderstanding was my fault.

I've been ripped off in past times, and since, I can be mistrusting of businesses online. I will definitely call upon your services again! Thank you, and have a good day.

- James, Mt. Juliet, TN [2018]

I returned home from a week away from my very expensive violin.  It was 18°F outside... I screamed when I saw my violin – the sound post had a small incision in it, and it seemed like it had moved.  This expensive violin had recently been repaired and serviced by a master technician and I was really scared. 

I found Rhiannon’s website and called her.  She reassured me and explained that everything was normal.  She even explained the technical details in layperson’s terms.  Someone who can diagnose a problem, or lack thereof, remotely and explain the situation to the user knows what she is doing. 

If I ever have a problem with my violin or need to buy a new one, I will contact her.  I will also tell my private teacher and Youth Symphony friends about her.  Thank you Rhiannon!

- Sue, Pennsylvania

Thanks Rhiannon! I do know that it is horse hairs and that they only need rosin. All the information is appreciated, the hair were broken in the middle, but from what you have said, it sounds like it's not a huge deal. I also appreciate you getting back to me promptly, and to know there is care going into Eva's violin. Thanks for you beautiful words.Cheers,

- Deirdre, Blairmore Alberta

I see that you have [my violin] repaired already! …you have been so wonderful in being so patient with me through this whole process! Thank you again,

- Dawn, Armstrong, BC

I took the violin back to [our teacher] and she said she'd rather not mess around with it, and just in case peg dope or peg drops don't work, I'd rather just send it back. Thanks again for your tactful business approach. I will look into other violins that you mentioned. :)

- Deirdre, Blairmore, AB

You do make some very good points, and I appreciate the fact that you've spent so much time working with me - may I also add that based on my experience/background working in the mental health field (NP focus is Psychiatric and Mental Health) I believe you could also find a rewarding job as a therapist/counselor to add to your repertoire (insert smiley here).

With all that being said, I will keep the Zhu. To use one of your previous car analogies, I think I will be satisfied once I have it "tuned up" [for fiddling.]  I believe with further playing over this past weekend that it is primarily an issue with the nut adjustment (strings really just feel too high for my liking) and the bridge maybe needing to be lowered only a very slight amount.    

So, consider this email your "official" notification that I am keeping the Zhu and it is no longer on trial (Yes! I can now go to work on the set up).  I truly appreciate all the time you've spent working with me, and I promise I won't change my mind or harass you for further lessons (i.e. therapy sessions). Thanks again for all your help,

- Darren, Newark, OH

Mail and Courier Shipping Problems; Fiddleheads Resolves All

What a pain (FedEx shipping error). I know its not of your doing and is one of those pleasures in life we must all endure. Pleasure doing business with you.

- John, Cleveland, OH

Thanks so much for all the help with my recent order of a graphite bow. Your website was easy to use, and I waited eagerly for my bow to arrive.

Through no fault of yours, Purolater managed to deliver my bow to a city 400kms away from me, then proceeded to return the bow to the States without even contacting me.

You were so helpful, chasing up what had happened, and keeping me informed of where the bow was, and once it had gone back to the States, you sent me a replacement bow immediately to minimise the waiting that I had to do.

I received the bow, and lots of other goodies from you (my girls really liked the cookie cutter in particular) in perfect condition, and I have enjoyed using it ever since.

I think quality of service is highlighted when there is a problem. This problem showed that your service is really excellent.

The nicest thing for me was that you were personally concerned about my bow - I think that's quite rare these days, so another huge Thank-you!

- Cath, Smithers, BC

No worries; thanks for sorting this [shipping problem] out; again, we are clueless in this area so wouldn’t know the first thing about navigating the delivery system.

Customer Satisfaction is not always at the top of the priority list for very large companies, so no surprise there. Thanks again for all of your efforts to make this happen!

You, obviously, can teach [UPS] a thing or two about customer service. ;-)

Much appreciated.

- Kara, Scarborough, Ontario

Amazing! Thank you so much for the discount [for late shipment]!  You really have already exceeded my expectations for customer service.  The $99 would have been more than fair for what I have read to be of exceptional quality.
Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you

- Keith, Loveland, CO

Got the [refund cheque for replacement shipping]! A while ago, actually. Thanks very much; the bows are working out nicely for our children.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I won't hesitate to shop with you again.

- Gaeleen, Alberta

I have just received a refund [for shipping fees] from PayPal. Thanks again for such great service!

- Joan, AB

I couldn't hope for a more reassuring answer! I fully know that there is no tragic delay. I find it worrying to have a tracking number but no track ... as if the package were in another dimension!
I know I have chosen the longer term solution but it doesn't mean that I have a patient nature ;-) I am very excited to receive the bow. Thank you for your answer and have a beautiful day.

- Julie, France

As for the replacement offer, I really appreciated that.  I am so amazed with such a good customer service that is provided by you.  Thank you very much for that.

The replacement violin came today, my daughter was so happy.  You definitely made our day.  Once again, thank you very, very, very much for such a great customer service.

I am really sorry for the loss that you have to take. I'd like to express my deep appreciation on such excellent customer service that you provided [for the first package that was lost in the mail]. Thanks a million,

- Thinh, Ontario

Thank you so much! You have been so kind to us, I'm stunned really :) 

We're very excited for the replacement violin to come :) Thanks!

- Amanda, Harrogate, TN

I got everything as ordered today! Very excited : ). Opened up and inspected everything. Coming all the way from BC, I expected a few things to be slightly a miss, and I was right. The rosin was completely shattered into multiple pieces, and I don't think it is salvageable. The bow was snagged on the inside of one of the pieces meant to hold it from jumping around, and while it did separate some of the strands, I was able to get it loose.

HOWEVER... I am not complaining at all. I foreseen some of the smaller issues, and already had purchased a Rosin cake from a local shop and a cheap bow off Amazon, so I am not stranded at all. I work in a warehouse, and have seen some of our returned product come back in horrendous quality. You can spend all day ensuring your package goes out safe, but when it is in the hands of other people and travelling a significant distance, there will be bumps along the way. Or sometimes worse, but that is the way things go. I am more pleased the sound [post] piece is in place and no strings are broke, so no trips to the music shop will be necessary.

Again, this email was just to inform you of how pleased I was overall with everything. I could care less about the cheap rosin or the bow.

Thank you again for all your help/advice. I'll be in touch!

- Justin, Dayton, Ohio

Thanks for expediting the order so quickly.  Thank you again for your patience in answering all of my questions.  I have told many people about your website!

- Stephanie, Fort Salonga, NY


Email Spam Folder Blocks Customer Email

Thanks Rhiannon. I only sent the email yesterday, so you were on the ball to spot it in your spam filter so soon.

- Steve, Ontario


Replacing/Correcting a Flawed Product

When you make a big purchase like buying a master bench-made violin online, it’s unreasonable to think everything will go smoothly, Murphy’s Law. So to me is when buyer can feel a total easy and satisfaction in working things out with the seller when things are not going as smoothly, that’s a sign that you’ve got a great service.  

In my case, there was a little glitch with respect to this particular violin’s E string being not powerful enough in comparison with other strings. Rhiannon was extremely helpful in resolving the issue for me.  I’m very impressed by her professionalism, honesty and reasonableness.

- Yixi, Vancouver, BC

On a tip from our violin teacher, we purchased a Tabary Prism violin bow from for our son. Service was smooth and cheerful, and he really likes the bow. We think it’s better than the significantly more expensive one that I have!

Soon after we got the bow, we noticed that the paint was chipping off. We contacted Rhiannon [owner of Fiddleheads], who gave us all the information we needed to return the bow to the wholesaler and receive a replacement. 

Even the turnaround time from the wholesaler was excellent! Rhiannon kept in touch the whole time and was very helpful in the return process. In the end, we have a great bow at a great price and a new place,, to turn for our violin needs. Thanks Rhiannon!

- Baird, Lillooet BC

I ordered a prism cello bow and it is just great! Unfortunately the colour was not what I ordered. It looks like [the supplier] sent the wrong bow.

But I appreciate your very helpful efforts to make this work and get me the colour I wanted. Thanks a million for everything you've done. Great service.

- Gregory, Atlanta, GA

The bow is doing fine and my granddaughter is very happy with it and not afraid to tighten it! Thanks so much.

- Lorna, Violin teacher in Creston, BC

Thanks for all your effort replacing the tuner. Greatly appreciated.

- Gwen, Nelson, BC

Thank you for your email. Yes, we did receive the [replacement] chin rest. What a nice surprise. Mary put it on without any problems. Thank you again for your service.

- Karen, Enumclaw, WA

Thanks for the resolution with the case [damaged in shipping].

- David, California

Please accept my deepest apologies.  I carefully rechecked the exterior brown paper packaging and you were correct that the IMT Metronome Tuner was attached to the exterior of the violin package. Because it was wrapped in the same exterior brown paper, it was well camouflaged against the main package, particularly because it is so thin.  

Everything ordered has been received, so there is no need for any further action on your part.  By the way - my compliments on your website and your excellent customer service.  We'll have everything "tuned" in time for Christmas.

Here's wishing a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

- Ed, Arnprior, Ontario

You'll be happy to know that the tail wire arrived Monday, and I had no problem installing it. I've given it a couple days just to make sure it's holding before writing you. It's all good.

It's been a pleasure working with you on the purchase of my violin and accoutrements. I'm very excited about getting started. Thanks again for all your guidance,

- Steve, Conshohocken, PA

Thank you, I don't feel like I've needed any patience, that is amazing service [replacing a flawed case despite the shop being closed]. Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of your trip.

- Sam, Kamloops, BC


Partial Refund on Combined Shipping

Thank you!  Yes, I had not expected a partial refund! I will certainly let our fiddle/violin friends know of your business.  You have been super.  Thanks!

- Teresa, Chapel Hill, NC



Ordering Errors

I didn't realize hitting the wrong [paypal payment] button would lead to so much difficulty, but I thank you for your continued patience in resolving the payment issue. I can definately pass that positive on.

If we ever meet, I look forward to that.

- Bruce, Kamloops, BC

 Thank you for the quick response and the great assistance. I had made a mistake and didn't realize [I ordered a] Viola case not a violin case.  Again thank you for the cooperation [and] the service. Cheers,

- Andrew, NS

Regarding the red cello bow ordered and exchanged for the burgundy bow, this simply confirms that we received the correct bow and returned the initial bow today. 

Again, my strongest possible thanks for your help fixing this modest issue.  Your service is fantastic. All the best,

- Greg, Atlanta,

Many thanks for shipping my order so promptly. My shipping address changed(my fault-I neglected to inform Pay Pal) and you corrected it in time to ship. Thank you again for your kindness.

- Tom, London ON

Thank you so much for the fast response!  I am so sorry I jumped the gun there on my contact info.  I was so excited to complete the transaction that I failed to catch the mistake.  Thanks again for taking the time to update me.

- David, Calgary, AB

It worked like a charm, and thanks for teaching me about the "shift" key on refreshing cached webpages! We're really excited about the violin!! Thanks, and Greetings from S.F.

- Nina, San Francisco, CA

I accidentally ordered a violin from your website. I have one already, and was telling someone about them, so went in to "pretend" ordering so I could get the exact cost with taxes & shipping. Then I accidentally hit pay now instead of cancel. I know it sounds stupid!!

Thanks for your help!!! You really do have an amazing company. We are both still very happy with our fiddles. Thanks for reversing the order.

- Jen, Trail, BC


Meeting the a Deadline and Replacing a Damaged Item

The violin was a HUGE hit! Thanks so much for all the care you took in getting it here [in the Yukon] in time [for Christmas] and giving us a free [replacement] bow! Jay's little buddy got a bango for Christmas so I see some bluegrass in our future. We'll put you on the list for their first CD relaease:) YeeHa! Thanks for all your help!

- Dianna, Yukon Territory

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.  I was at a lost as to what to do about the damaged gift items (super glue and keep my fingers crossed or to try and return the items and hope to get them back in time), but your email promising replacements has put me at ease.

Just wanted to say thank you again for such attention.  May your business continue to grow and thrive and when I have need of such special gifts, I know I can count on Fiddleheads!
UPDATE: The pins did make it in time for the wedding... "beaucoup thank you."

- Dorinda P, Mississippi


Delayed Stock Shipment from Supplier; Customer Kept in the Loop

Hi Rhi, Glad to hear that everything is well[...]. Again no rush and thanks for your continuous excellent customer relations! Hear from you when the bows arrive and in the meantime take care. Kind regards,

- Douglas, Australia

We received 3 of the 4 books today; they look very nice. It was worth the wait. We'll keep our eye out for [the last] one and let you know when it arrives.

Thanks for your help. We look forward to future business with you. Take care,

- Glenn, New Milford, CT

The refunded shipping charge was not expected nor asked for, but is much appreciated.  Rest assured that I understand that this was a problem with your distributor, and your dealing with the situation as been nothing less than professional.  Thank you again. Best regards,

- Yves, Quebec

 Thanks so much for the heads up on what's going on with the Bobelock case. I appreciate your help. I'll look forward to hearing from you after you here more from the company.

- Heidi, AB

Hi Rhiannon, I'm so grateful to you for doing all of this [on our behalf – and relieved that the [backordered] violin is on its way. Hopefully [the vendor] will improve its backorder process as a result of all this. I appreciate everything you've done, and look forward to receiving the violin soon.

- Eileen, Ontario

Thank you for your detailed explanation and provision of possible alternatives. I wish to accept the free upgrade to the arrow case, with black exterior, including free shipping.

I know this was none of your fault, so please do not feel badly. I look forward to having the case!

- Brenna, Ottawa, Ontario


Negative Ebay Experience vs. Positive Fiddleheads Experience

I bought [a Prism Bow] through eBay [with another seller, not Fiddleheads]. There was no tracking number [and] the bow never arrived and so they sent a 'second' one! The 'second' bow was eventually sent after I promised not to leave negative feedback on eBay!! - hence, I unfortunately left no feedback at all - shame! The whole thing eventually took about 8 or 9 weeks to sort out and complete!

However as I then received a Charcoal grey bow and not the Blue I had originally ordered, I then went searching round the internet for another supplier, and found Fiddleheads.

I appreciate how helpful you have been. The bow [from Fiddleheads] is fine, - the right colour and the right size! So many thanks for all your help in sorting this out.

- Mary, Swansea, U.K.


Resolving a Tricky Situation

Thanks for your help regarding the bridge that fell. My husband did manage to get it back properly. He's my personal tuner, I'm still afraid to do it myself. It's my fault for not playing it enough. We'll be looking for an instructor soon. Thanks for the links you sent a few months back!

That's everything for now. (I'm hoping my 5 year old will show an interest. If that's the case, you will be hearing from me again sooner than later! :)
Thanks again for everything! You have such an awesome thing going (including top notch service), I've told many about you!
Thanks for getting it all together!

- Jen, Trail, BC

First of all, thank you for the lengthy explanation and your honesty and openness. You did the right thing in explaining the situation - and well. Beating around the bush and avoid poignant questions can be an undoing.

I would like to thank you again for your very excellent support and second to none professionalism. I will be very proud of my daughter if she were like you when she grows up - able to tackle problem head on and remain cool. Kudos!

You have built yourself a good business reputation and I know you endeavour to do so continuously which is praiseworthy and something I would want to see continuing. My warmest regards and Yours "disappointed with the outcome but very pleased with your service."

- Doug, Australia

I'm sorry for my feelings of frustration. I'm over it now. Sorry. You have been very helpful and I will still recommend you to others, though perhaps not to recommend for special order [from overseas] items. That just didn't work out for me. I appreciate your good communication, and best attempts to keep/ get me to the 'happy' state. I do feel like I've gotten to know you a bit over this process, and feel like I am dealing with someone who cares. Thanks.

- Mark, Lethbridge, AB

Rhianon, I was highly impressed with your expediency and support for the refund, it was not expected though greatly appreciated. I will definitely support your business in the future and recommend your services. Customer service is rather a lost art and when you have it, it certainly helps.

I ordered a bow from Fiddleheads. When it arrived there was a large surprise cost by UPS of “import charges." I wrote Rhiannon telling her the bow was lovely but I was disappointed with the additional cost added on by the shipper. I didn’t ask for a refund, nor did I expect one.

However, within hours she explained the mistake from the USA border and shipper and gave us a refund and filling out the government form with full refund explanation.

Rhiannon greatly exceeded my expectations of customer service and because of that I would highly recommend her services and products. Way to go Rhiannon and Fiddleheads!

- Gwen, Nelson, BC

Thanks, Rhiannon, we picked up the [relpacement] cello with no problems!  It plays beautifully and I played it on Easter Sunday, it is so much louder than my "cheap cello" it always throws me the first few times I play it because there is so much sound with so little effort!

Thanks, too, for all the goodies you included with it, it's handy to have the rest pin so it doesn't slip and I am using the humidifier in the case. 

I appreciate the huge effort on your part to work everything out, you could have just as easily walked away and said it wasn't your problem.  Thanks for your excellent customer service! 

I certainly am happy to recommend you to other people in this area who are looking for string instruments. 

Thanks again for all of your help in this "adventure", it is much appreciated! Take care, and I'll keep in touch.

- Bev, Lethbridge, AB


Chose an Instrument from Another Dealer, but hopes to deal with Fiddleheads soon

This letter is very difficult for me to write. I am very attached to the Stoinov viola [from Fiddleheads] and love and appreciate its beauty and sound. After trialing many instruments and consulting with her teachers, [my Julliard student daughter] has decided to go with another instrument.

The Stoinov was high on the list and all those who saw it loved its beauty and sound but my daughter feels that another is the "one." [It] is a beautiful instrument and it breaks my heart that it was not the one Julia chose but the decision had to be hers - not mine.

If it were up to me this letter would be about closing the deal. If I had the money, I would purchase it and hold on to it.

Please know that all your work has been greatly appreciated. I hope you don't feel mislead by me - I try to be up front in all my dealings and I know you pride yourself on the same principle. That is all the more reason I wish it was with your shop that I closed the deal.

I am so so sorry that this was not the instrument we purchased-please know I appreciate all the work and heart that went into it. I would like to thank you for all your wonderful service and patience and Julia plans on sending her young students your way when they are looking for anything musical.

- Susan, New York

Thank you for your attention and patience with me. You invested a lot of individual time with me, and I wish I could purchase an instrument with you... From the research I have done about you and Fiddleheads, you seem to be a gem of a dealer. I will recommend you regardless.

We will certainly check with you the next time [we are] looking for a viola!

Sincere and warmest regards,

- Jacquelyn, WA

We finally made a decision on a violin. We really appreciate you for all of your time and help. We decided to go with another violin. She loved [Fiddleheads' violin] and it was a really tough decision.

It was really cute, because I packed it in the box and was on my way out the door to the post office, Kaylee stopped me to give the violin one last hug good-bye.  We really loved that violin. It just didn't have sound that her teacher was looking for. But in the future, if you ever find an amazing violin, please keep us in mind & we will pass your name along to others.

Thank you again for everything. It has been a pleasure working with you. We will definitely keep you in mind for anyone else we know of who is looking and for our future needs.

- Heather and Kaylee, Utah

I didn't buy a violin from here, but I wish I saw this place before I got my 4/4 Gliga. Next time I upgrade, I'm going here. I had a question about a violin and she answered in less than 24 hours. Exceptional service and very informative. When I save up enough money, I am going to visit the shop in person.

- Polaris, From the Web 02018]

Thank you for letting me know you received the viola and for the refund.  Everything seems to be in order.  Regarding the Glodek, I regret to say that I'm no longer interested.  I'm taking a break from looking at other instruments right now and will let you know if I'm interested in the future.  I really appreciate your very good service and responsiveness to my requests.

- Mike, Virginia

I received your e-mail recently and it was nice to hear from you. I found a violin in New Glasgow several weeks ago which I am satisfied with. I want to thank you for your help and kindness since talking to you.

- Daniel, Canada

Hi Rhiannon, and Happy New Year to you too!

You've been most helpful. Truth is that if we were living anywhere near your place, we, my wife and I, would have paid a visit already. We are living in Barcelona, Spain. I did learn from your advise, and went to visit a local violinmaker, a Luthier. And he could offer what I just needed.

Truth is I would'nt have been that sure and clear about it without your help. If by any means me and my wife's life gets us anywhere near where you teach and sell violins, be sure we will stop and say hello at least.

Thank you very much for your advise, your enthusiasm and your service.

Best regards and good luck!

- Joel Garcia, Barcelona, Spain

I am sad to say my mother just got me a violin from a music shop today it was the same price as the one you are selling and about the same color but she didn't want to pay for one online.

Next year when I am ready to upgrade my violin I will be dropping a fair amount of cash on one of your better violins. Thank you once again for your awesome custumer support and you will be hearing from me again.

- Elijah, Kannapolis, NC


Delays Outside Our Control

You apologize too much (so do I - sorry). You are a talented, effective, extraordinarily busy young business woman/musician - no time for apologies - no need to explain, etc. You've earned the right to be assertive and brash - but you're not. That's nice.

Yes, I did get your business cards a few weeks ago and will be handing them out. I've already had curious stares from other musicians interested in my case - guess there are not yet many Hiscox cello cases around.

- Steve, ON

Just sent payment through PayPal.  Seems to have gone through okay.  Thank you for your generous discount.  You've been absolutely wonderful to work with and have *absolutely* earned my future business.  I'm so excited to see my daughter's face on Christmas morning!  : )
Holiday Blessings to you and yours all year long... : )

- Melissa, Albany, OR

Hi Rhiannon. I'm glad this is working out in the end. Thanks again for your calm, thoughtful, professional approach with this transaction. Thanks,

- Paul, Wisconsin

Thank you very much for the [delivery] information! You didn't have to include something extra because of [a delayed shipment] Friday, I know things happen. But thank you regardless! :)

My violin arrived today and is in perfect condition! Thank you very much :)

- Matt, Franklin, WI 

(The delayed package) is no fault of yours!  It is also the first time I have had anything not arrive as well, but with the amount of online ordering I do it was bound to happen ;)

I appreciate your help and quick responses!  If my daughter continues with her violin lessons I will not hesitate to order from you in the future!

- Heather, England


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