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Fiddleheads Violin Studio Testimonials & Feedback: Bon Musica Shoulder Rest

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The Shoulder Rest

I have used the Bon Musica rest for several years now, and have found it to be very helpful in both performance and rehearsal settings.

I have found it especially helpful for public performances, due to the fact that I have found a typical shoulder rest can more easily slide out of position due to the various slick performance shirts and playing postures that I employ.

After much research, Fiddleheads is the only place I have found that supplies replacement parts for the Bon Musica shoulder rest, which is hugely helpful!

Thanks Fiddleheads!"

- Jeremy Penner, of "The Wailin' Jennys" and "Moody Penner and Swain" [and a new father, congrats!]

I bought a Bon Musica shoulder rest [for my young daughter]. Since my daughter is a beginner the shoulder rest really helps her hold the violin correctly.

With the conventional shoulder rest she tended to point the violin to the front instead of to the side. Thank you!

- James, father of 4-year-old Cassandra, Toronto Ontario

Received [the Bon Musica shoulder rest] in super smart time, and is exactly what I needed to keep the instrument under my chin.

I am over 60 and just starting out to learn the violin, if I decide I am enjoying the experience and the instrument I shall be returning to your web site and probably buying an instrument from you.

- Chris, Peru, Indiana

The [Bon Musica] shoulder rest arrived yesterday and I'm really really pleased with it. I particularly enjoyed the free violin cookie cutter, thank you very much, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with you again.

Thank you all the way around, as I said I'm really really happy with the purchase.

- Ian, Kanata Ontario

No one has ever seen the Bon Musica shoulder rest that [my daughter] uses.  She said theirs are either foam or the other crap that keeps falling off.  The Bon Musica is the best.  

- Wesley, Utah

I have been going "restless" as I couldn't adjust other rests to feel comfortable.  A woman who was attending the Gaelic College in Cape Breton at the same time I was let me try hers and I liked it a lot.

Maybe my playing will improve and I'll be able to play celtic jigs and reels up to speed now!

- Barb, Cobourg, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you for your helpful (fitting) advice and let you know that I LOVE my Bon Musica shoulder rest. I think I still have some minor adjustments to do but I'm really happy with it.

My viola teacher was trained by the 'you-should-never-need-a-shoulder-rest' method and she only uses a small sponge (although she admits her professor was a big jowly man who didn't need any kind of padding, his was 'built in'!)

Thankfully, my teacher believes that anything that makes playing more comfortable should be used by her students.

Thanks again!

- Nancy, Atlantic Canada

I rec shoulder rest today, just what i wanted, thank you very much.

- Wes, Goulds Newfoundland  

As you advertise on your site, the Bon musica shoulder rest works very well for a lefty.

- Louise, Drummondville, Quebec

We received the [Bon Musica 15.5" viola] shoulder rest and [my daughter] really likes it. It fits well and she is vibrato-ing everything :)

- Yvette, Fairbanks, Alaska

I'm from Japan and a total beginner in violin. I visited Rhiannon in person. It was a Saturday but Rhiannon spent half the day with me!

Rhiannon looked at my shoulder shape and length of my neck, then adjusted the Bon Musica for me. It took her only 10 seconds to do that. It fits perfectly onto my shoulder. Even I can hold the violin comfortably without hand. It is also very easy to put on and take off.  

- Hiroomi, Barriere BC

As far as the shoulder rest. I am grateful for the link you provided. My instructor is having me use a large sponge attached by a string and rubber band. It feels like the violin is unstable and teetering on my shoulder especially when I move my left hand up and down the neck. Since your not supposed to clamp down with the chin to hold it in place -it feels awkward. She is real big on not building up tension anywhere in the body.

- Lyle, Myrtle Beach, SC 

Love the Bonmusica! Nuf said! :) Okay, I will say that you were right [in recommending it]!

- Larry, Harvest, AL

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your review of the “Bon Musica” shoulder rest and your so useful comments. This product seems to be exactly was I was looking for.

I’m an “amateur” violinist. But I really enjoy learning this wonderful instrument. One of the problems I have to deal with is my difficulty to hold the violin. It always slides down and I have to use my left hand to replace it, especially when switching to upper positions. I know that the shoulder and chin should work [together to hold the violin], but all my efforts result in neck pain. Now, I’m almost 49 years old and it just gets worst.

Well, I must admit that I smiled reading the customer advice from Nancy, saying “her professor was a big jowly man who didn't need any kind of padding, his was 'built in'!"

- Caroline, Blainville Quebec

Thank you Rhiannon for your excellent service, I appreciate you sending the [Bon Musica] shoulder rest.

Many thanks, the shoulder rest arrived a week ago, I love it. It makes such a difference holding the fiddle also posture is better with this shoulder rest.

I am 67 yrs old, never held a fiddle before but started lessons Oct 1st/09, have an awesome teacher, we connect and I like the music. Going to Tavistock - Southwestern Ontario Fiddle and Stepdance Competitions in July 1-2-3. I may not win but it will be all about experience and watch out next year - I will be a winner!!!

Thanks so much again for your excellent service, I am looking for good rosin and may order again soon!!!!!

- Joan, Hanover Ontario

You will be happy to know that I gave out several of your cards and sang your praises [at slow jam]. Several people were saying they wanted Bon Musica shoulder rests but were having problems finding them. I hope your hear from them. Cheers,

- Felicity, Lindsay, ON

I have a bonmusica viola rest that I got from your shop last spring and LOVE it!

- Patrick, Thunder Bay, Ontario 

Wow, great sale price on [the Bon Musica]! Thanks again!

- Cara, Peace River, AB


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I’ve been playing a stringed instrument for about 18 months—first, a violin, and now a viola. 

When I switched to viola about 6 months ago, I noticed headaches, shoulder, neck, and back pain, and even sometimes a dizzy feeling, particularly if I practised for longer than 15 or 20 minutes.  The headaches were the worst—they kept me up at night, and pain-killers didn’t really help much.  It got so that I was afraid to practise.

I changed my shoulder rest from a Kun to a Bon Musica, and that helped a bit, but I still had the pain if I practiced too frequently.  (And believe me, 20 minutes every couple of days is not enough practice time when you’re as bad a player as I am!)  I tried to adjust the Bon Musica, but honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing.  Nothing seemed to help.
Then I asked Rhiannon if she could suggest what I might do, and she took a look at my shoulder rest.  In about 15 or 20 minutes, she had it adjusted to fit me properly, and had reviewed with me the proper holds for both the instrument and the bow arm. 

Turns out I wasn’t doing anything terribly wrong—the shoulder rest was just not set up right for me.  The Bon Musica has many adjustment points, so it’s very flexible.  When Rhiannon was done with it, it was very different from its original configuration.  She also gave me some tips on rest positions and other ergonomic factors about my particular instrument.

Now I can play my viola for longer periods more often, and I don’t have to worry about headaches, dizziness, or horribly sore muscles.  What a relief!  Thanks, Rhiannon!  Except now I have fewer excuses for not practising....

Written three weeks later:

I played 5 concerts in three days with the String Orchestra last weekend, pain free.

Thank you again for helping me with my Bon Musica shoulder rest. It's amazing how much it's helped--I didn't expect to feel this good.

- Rosalynn Mac Gregor, Salmon Arm, BC

The shoulder rest is working very well. That, in combination with a new understanding [from Rhiannon's meeting with me] of how to hold my left hand to support the neck, have lead to a significant increase in confidence in my playing.

My neck strain is going away.

- Dan, Kelowna, BC

Thank you for the email.  I hope the Bon Musica will be a successful tool for my daughter.  She is having such a time finding a shoulder rest that is comfortable, with correct position for her violin. 

- Rebecca, Steamboat Springs, CO

I received my rest last week and it is all that I hoped it would be.

I am a new student and was having trouble with gripping with the left hand. This rest has helped. Thanks.

- Dave, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for the email. It seems that this shoulder rest is going to work out. I am so glad of that. My daughter and her instructor were able to adjust it to work for her. Thank you again for your interest and help.

- Rebecca, Steamboat Springs, CO

Hi Rhiannon, On Wednesday I received the Bon Musica shoulder rest that I ordered on Monday. Thank you for your prompt service! I found the [Bon Musica adjustment] information on your website very helpful.

- Marie, Surrey, BC

Thanks, I received my package today. I think I am going to do well with the Bon Musica shoulder rest. I borrowed one from my instructor during my course and it's amazing that it really helps with my vibrato - I guess because my violin feels more secure and it allows me to have a freer left arm.

- Felicity, Lindsay, ON

Buy Now

My package arrived today!  I couldn't believe at how quickly it got here.  I was expecting it at the end of this week or early next. I've already got my rest formed to how I like it.

After spending over 20 minutes tinkering with my rest, it's where I feel it's most comfortable.  I've been using the Kun Super and while it's a good rest, it's nothing like the Bon Musica! 

My new rest feels so much more secure and stable and it doesn't slide down on me causing me to always re-adjust the violin.  I also don't have to put so much pressure on the chin rest to hold up the violin.  I'll be practicing later on today so I'll see how it feels during that time.

I didn't know that you sold the replacement parts for that rest.  Another good thing to know.  I'm looking forward to trying it out because it's one of the very few(if not, the only) rests out there that you can actually customize to fit you.  I like the fact that you can shape it to hook over your shoulder to give you more stability while playing.  That was one of the selling points for me.

I have come across [the rest] in other online stores with that rest but I don't like to buy from stores that I don't know about whereas I have no problems buying from you. 

Have a great day!

- Mandy, Ontario

Just wanted to let you know that we received the violin shoulder rest, and my son's teacher was impressed by the way it improved his posture immediately!

I gave her the business cards that you sent with the package so that she can recommend it to other parents -- hopefully you will get some more business from Ottawa :) Thanks again

- Judy, Ottawa, ON

I did successfully adjust the shoulder brace and my violin position feels comfortable and relaxed.  Glad I purchased this based on your suggestion.

- Mary, Laurel, Montana

I received the shoulder rest a couple of days ago, and tried it out today.  It is a very interesting sensation.  I will play around with the fitting, but right away I noticed the solidity of the fit with my shoulder.  No moving about as with my Kun rest.  

I'm happy with having now two quite different options for a shoulder rest to play around with. Thank you for your prompt service.

- Eric, Vancouver, BC

So after a few lessons, we've decided (with the blessing of her violin teacher) that she's keeping the [shoulder] rest.  He said she seems much more comfortable with it than without it, so we're holding onto it.  

[Her teacher] said the violin and bow were of high quality; he seemed very impressed.

- Christina, Franklin, PA

Recently I purchased a a Bon Musica shoulder rest from you.  I want to drop you a note to let you know that I really like it.  I like how adjustable, comfortable and consistent it is.

I do prefer fiddle style. I have been having a very difficult time playing on the A string while using the E string as a drone.  My fingers are kind of fat and I have trouble touching one string, especially in first position.  I found that if I tilted my left arm just right, it would change the angle my fingers touched the strings and they would fit in between enough, but that was very awkward.  

I found that by adjusting the feet on the shoulder rest to change the angle of the violin on my shoulder I achieved the same finger angle very comfortably.  The Bon Musica has certainly improved my playing.

Just thought you would like to know.  Thanks for a great website and service.

- Mark, Beaver Falls, PA, web

We received the Bon Musica today.  Thanks for the fast service.  My son has a Bridge electric violin and his Kun shoulder rest slips off of it often while he is playing.  Bridge recommends the Bon Musica and it seems to be working very well for him. Thanks.

- Tony, St. Catharines Ontario

This afternoon, I received my Bon Musica Shoulder rest. Due to its height, I feel much more confortable. Thank you very much.

- Judex, Mauritius (near Madagascar)

I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful service in delivering the Bon Musica shoulder rest.

My daughter's teacher had strongly discouraged her from getting it, but after I spoke with you on the phone, we went ahead with the purchase and my daughter is simply delighted. She no longer has to lift one shoulder and squeeze her neck to hold the violin.


- Evangeline, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hi Rhiannon! Thanks for the fast sevice on the bon musica. I have two violins, a 1984 barcusberry electric and a very old Italian violin. The rest feels excellent. Thank you very much. PS.thanks for the pin. Impressive.

- Bill, Killarney Manitoba  

At 6'3" I'm glad I went for the shoulder rest!

- Philippe, Laval, QC

Thanks very much, my husband was able to help me adjust the shoulder rest. I have already tried it out and it's very comfortable.

- Debbie, Newfoundland

I've only used the Bonmusica for a few minutes, but I think it will work really well, it certainly felt good. I'm waiting until I get my new custom chin rest to make all the adjustments, but the initial comfort level was definitely higher! :)

- Gabryel, Vancouver Island, BC

I appreciate that you sell parts for this shoulder rest... I enjoyed your website and photos of your teaching.

- Searle, USA

Just a note to let you know that my bonmusica arrived safe & sound yesterday and I tried it out last night.  It worked very well, and I was able to adjust it so it felt really secoure on my shoulder.  Up until now I've had a problem fitting a shoulder rest as I've had some surgery, but this is doing the trick for me.

So thanks for a prompt delivery, and a great product!

- Katherine, Cobourg, Ontario

Thank you for your prompt and personal reply. Years ago, my daughter was thrilled when she discovered the Bonmusica shoulder rest.  It was the one rest which provided the support & comfort she desired.

Hence, she was quite disappointed when she recently discovered that one of the hex nuts was missing and the double-threaded screw was fairly worn.  We  were unable to find replacements locally and were looking at the possibility that the whole shoulder rest would need to be replaced.  (A terrible waste since it was a perfectly good shoulder rest missing only a few simple parts.)

Hence, we were delighted to find the Fiddleheads website and the availability of the Bonmusica replacement parts! As an added bonus, you sent us a personal reply with the links to some very helpful fitting instructions. Thank you for such wonderful service.

We look forward to receiving the replacement parts.  We will certainly check out Fiddleheads Violin Studio for any future fiddle & violin needs!

Thanks again. Best regards, 

- Teresa, Chapel Hill, NC

Great news. A recent violin teacher that I hired uses this rest, and I really liked the fit. My current one is a Kun brand is is frankly crap in my opinion. I'll use it right away as I'm preparing for my RCM Grade 5 practical exam.

Your site was recommended by a mid-sized music store in North Bay called Music City. They don't carry the Bon Musicas, and neither do any of their suppliers, even the big suppliers.

- Ian, North Bay, Ontario 

I also like the shoulder rest very much.  I finally have my fiddle at a good angle for me. Best wishes,

- Dick, Baltimore, MD

I appreciate your prompt and personal message [upon my order of shoulder rests]. I love these shoulder rests too, but usually they are just too expensive for families. Thanks for putting them on sale. These are going to be my own personal stock to lend out to intractable students. 

One word of caution- I got one of these for my son when he was about 8. He loved the bendable nature of the shoulder rest so much that within a week he had bent it right off!  [Fiddleheads sells replacement parts]. I will definitely use your shop if I need any more of these shoulder rests. Cheers.

[UPDATE 1 weeks later]: I received all of the shoulder rests very quickly. Both little girls are now using the shoulder rests and they have made a big difference to them. The just turned six year old is a very odd and tricky child. She took one look at it, shook her head and said "no way!" It took a lot of convincing, and it helped that her group class teacher uses the same shoulder rest. I also told her that she couldn't learn any new songs until her posture was fixed and the shoulder rest fixes it automatically. Thanks again for the great service! 

- Nancy Lokan, Toronto *Suzuki teacher of children who are going to get the shock of their lives when the Bon Musica shoulder rest insists that the violin stays on the shoulder and not in the middle of the body!

Thanks for the Bon Musica parts, service and support were great.

- David, Darlington, SC

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that we received the bow and shoulder rest in great condition today.  Not bad, 1 week to go clear across the country!!

My daughter really liked the purple bow and was very excited to see it.  She also was really excited to get the little violin pin you included.  She said its going on her book bag.  She is quite interested in the shoulder rest so we will see how it works.  I'm sure that it will be much better than her old one.

When I showed her teacher her shoulder rest, she asked "Where did you get that!?!"  Apparently people have been asking for them, and she herself uses that same one, but she never knew where to get the smaller sizes.  I gave her one of your business cards which she said she would definitely be checking out your site. Hope it brings you some more business from this end of the country!

Thanks again for the quick service!

We will be keeping an eye on your site, especially as my daughter grows into bigger fiddles!!

- Ryan, Lower Coverdale, New Brunswick  

Hey hey... forgot to let you know got the shoulder rest for my violin and it works perfectly. Thanks for the resend...will do business with you in the future. All the best...

- Pete -

My daughter used it for years and couldn't live without it. Now that son has larger viola, he wants one too.

- Tamara, Vancouver, BC

That Bon Musica shoulder rest that I purchased from you is fantastic, and still fantastic!

- Ian, All the way from North Bay, ON


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