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Angela Moneff "Cannone" 2015 #2

SOLD, Steinbach, Manitoba

Wojciech Topa, Late 2012

SOLD, Lethbridge, AB

Ivan Stankov "Guarneri Cannone" 2014 #1

SOLD, Calgary, AB

Thomas Kowalski "Guarneri del Gesu" 2012 #2

SOLD, Brampton, Ontario

This exact violin for sale

Ivan Stankov "Guarneri Cannone" 2014/2015 #1

SOLD, Waterloo, ON. Another Stankov coming soon, please inquire.

Wojciech Topa, Late 2012

SOLD, Lethbridge, AB

Angela Moneff "Guarneri Cannone" 2014 #2

SOLD, England


Ivan Stankov 2006

SOLD Ontario, Canada


Angela Moneff "Guarneri Cannone" 2015 #3

SOLD, Calgary, AB

Mitio Dimitrov "Guarneri del Gesu 1743" 2009 #2

SOLD, New Jersey

Mitio Dimitrov "Guarneri del Gesu 1743" 2011 #2

SOLD, Calgary, AB

Mitio Dimitrov "Guarneri del Gesu 1743" 2012 #1

SOLD, Jackson, Mississippi


Thomas Kowalski "Guarneri del Gesu" 2012 #1

SOLD, Hermiston, Oregon

Paul Francois Blanchard 1912 (Rhiannon's Former Violin)

SOLD, Hefley Creek, BC


Bellissima "Capriccio" 2011

SOLD, Enderby, BC

Bellissima "Brillante" 2011

SOLD, Shuswap, BC

Unlabeled French

Sold Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Célèbre Vosgien

SOLD, Victoria, BC

Ivan Stankov 2012 "Guarneri Cannone" #1

SOLD, Winfield, BC

See another Stankov in stock

Ivan Stankov 2010 "Guarneri Cannone" #2

SOLD, Lansing, MI

Mitio Dimitrov 2009-1

SOLD, Langley, BC

See another Dimitrov in stock

1/2 Size Kocheff Violin [2007]

SOLD, Ontario

"E. L. Stone" 3/4 Violin

Sold, Penticton, BC

"Helga" Amati Copy

Sold, Merrit, BC

Friedrich Müller: Marktneukirchen 1892

Sold, Tappen, BC

Ivan Kocheff "Guarneri" 2006

Sold, Bronx, NY

Bellisima "Fuoco" (Fire)

SOLD Shuswap, BC

Others available

Mitio Dimitrov 2009-2

SOLD, Manitoba

"Romeo" - Strad Copy


Ivan Stankov 2007-2

Sold Seattle, Washington

Angela Moneff #2

SOLD Kelowna, BC

Angela Moneff 2010-1


Angela Moneff #3

SOLD Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ivan Stankov 2007/2011 "Guarneri Cannone" #1

SOLD, Oregon

Ivan Stankov 2010-1

SOLD, Fernie, BC

German Guarneri copy

SOLD Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Turn of Century German Strad Copy

SOLD, Rossland, BC

Jacopo Brandini

SOLD Enderby, BC, Canada

Ch. Neveu Paris 1901

Sold Kelowna, BC, Canada

Joseph Pineau Paris 1919

SOLD Sorrento, BC, Canada


SOLD Salmon Arm, BC, Canada


Sold Kelowna, BC, Canada


Sold Manitoba, Canada

Giuseppe Vignali

Sold Los Angeles, CA, USA

Wunderlich 1930

Sold Canada


Sold Kamloops, BC, Canada

Guiseppe Saretta

Sold Kamloops, BC, Canada

Lamy a Paris

Sold Nashville, TN, USA

Primo Elite

SOLD, Cranbrook BC

Joh. Strauss Jr, Wein

Sold Invermere, BC, Canada

Image Unavailable

Ivan Stankov 2006

SOLD Wisconsin, USA

Karl Knilling, 1989

Sold, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Angela Moneff 2007

SOLD White Lake, BC, Canada

light coloured violin

JMJ WBF 1921

SOLD, Enderby, BC, Canada

Ivan Kocheff 2006-4

SOLD, Etobicoke, Ontario

Robert Ervine 1913, #103

Sold, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Xuechang Sun VN-103, "Soloist" - 2008

SOLD, Canoe, BC

Ceruti (Copy)

SOLD Fort Frances, ON

"EM" E. Martin

SOLD Sorrento, BC

Primo Violino Encore Violin

SOLD, Penticton, BC

Bulgarian: "Rose Valley" Strad 2010-1

Sold, Ontario

"Joseph Kriner" Violin

SOLD, Halifax Nova Scotia

Ivan Kocheff 2006-1

SOLD, Alabama, USA

Ivan Kocheff 2006-3

SOLD, Wisconsin, USA

Ivan Kocheff 2006-2

SOLD, Edmonton, AB, Canada


Ivan Stankov 2008-2

SOLD, Waxahachie, Texas

J. P. Chr. Emde Liepzig 1841


Andreas Jovani 2006

SOLD Philippines

Calin Wultur Koscielny #7 - Birdseye

SOLD, Pittsburgh, PA

Imperial Violin

SOLD, Oregon

Ivan Stankov 2006 - "Canon Guarneri"

SOLD, United States

15.5" Jovani VIOLA

SOLD, Devonshire, Bermuda

Johann Christopff Liebolff

SOLD Sorrento, BC, Canada

15" Tertis VIOLA: Zhu 907

SOLD, Gardom Lake, BC

Stoino Gallini 2007-2

SOLD Washington State

Eduard Reichert, Dresden 1912

Sold, Ontario

"Gretchen," German Strad Copy

SOLD, South Carolina

Maggini Copy

SOLD, Alberta

Bellisima "Espressiva"

Sold Fort Frances, Ontario

Others available

Carlo Bergonzi


Mitio Dimitrov "Guarneri del Gesu 1743" 2011 #1

SOLD, Calgary, AB

Xuechang Sun 2006 Soloist VN-103

Review on this very instrument

SOLD, Ashburton, England

Stoino Gallini 2007-1 (Almond wood)

SOLD Kanata, Ontario

"Caspar da Salo in Brescia 1595"

SOLD Victoria, BC

"Juliet" - Strad Copy

SOLD, Texas

Aurora Borealis Violin: Emerald Green

SOLD, Saskatechewan

Special Edition Sun Violin VN-102 Violin

SOLD, Middletown, OH

Angela Moneff 2007-4

SOLD, Seattle, WA

"Bruno" Amati Copy

SOLD, Nanaimo, BC



Ming-Jiang Zhu VN-909

SOLD Ashburton, England

SOLD Vancouver, BC

SOLD Boise, Idaho

SOLD New Jersey

SOLD Lafayette, LA

SOLD, Lindsay, ON

SOLD, Clinton, NY

Many others available

Stoino Gallini "Guarneri" 2006-1

Sold, Harrogate, TN

Bellissima "Dolce"

Sold, Revelstoke, BC


Stoinov 2006

SOLD Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Pfretzschner 1968

SOLD, Banff AB


Petko Petkov "Lionhead 2009"

SOLD, Idaho

"Nicolas Bertholini" Copy, Made in France

Sold, Harrogate, TN

Roderich Paesold 1976

SOLD, Philippines




Other instruments available in our shop. Check back often for more new arrivals (click on your browser's "refresh" button to see the changes).

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