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Fiddleheads Violin Studio Sales Policies

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Payment Methods

Financing/Payment Plans


Sales & Discounts



Violin Setup upon Arrival


Consignment Sales


Trades & Upgrades

Returns, Credits & Deposits


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Online Orders vs. Personalized Invoicing

Eco "Green" Policy





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Violin Lessons Policies, click here

Instrument & Bow Trials, click here


Pricing & Currencies

Fiddleheads serves and ships to customers around the world. You will see all prices and policies are posted online in USD, most in CAD. Unlike many other shops, we openly post all prices and policies.

Fluctuations in the currency market makes it impossible for us to post multi-currency prices. To make it accurate, now that the Canadian dollar is weak against the USD, most prices are set in USD and some also in CAD.

Fiddleheads currently happily serves Canadians at par with some items (despite the significant discrepancy in the currency exchange rates) and uses shipping methods which do not charge additional brokerage fees at the border. We do this to keep our Canadian customers here happy and to take the sting off the taxes.

Canadian customers who wish to pay in CAD for an order only available on the site in USD are welcome to email us to be invoiced in CAD and we will charge you at the current exchange.

Our CAD prices are only applicable to orders shipped to a Canadian address, without exception. All orders shipping to the USA and internationally must use the USD payment options.



Canadian residents pay tax as applicable (GST & PST in BC, GST/HST for rest of Canada depending on your local taxes). Note our Paypal buttons have this tax added in already upon checkout. Any items drop-shipped from USA warehouses direct to Canadian customers and which are invoiced directly by us (not the site) will have no tax on shipping.

No tax for orders outside Canada. Simple!

*Our local taxes apply to goods picked up in-person. Items shipped to outside our province may pay less or, in the case of American customers, no tax if we ship the goods to you.


Payment Methods

Note Fiddleheads's Online Shopping Cart System/ Buy Now only accepts Paypal and credit card payments via Paypal. Our most preferred payment options are Interac E-Transfer (Canada) and Direct deposit (USA).


Paypal is a safe way to pay for goods online. It's free to use. [Benefits to using Paypal here]

A Paypal membership is not required to use the Paypal merchant system to process your credit card, but you must be a member to pay from a Paypal Account.

Most items on Fiddleheads' site have "Buy it Now" or "Add to Cart" links but some items or combinations require we invoice you via paypal or you can also send payment to our direct link:

[Instructions how to open a Paypal Account here]

Credit Card or Bank Transfer (via Paypal)

Paypal membership is not required to use the Paypal merchant system to process your credit card.

Most items on Fiddleheads' site have "Buy it Now" or "Add to Cart" links but some items or combinations require we invoice you via paypal or you can also send payment to our direct link:

*Interac E-Transfer

Only available for Canadian payments in CAD. This is a Fiddleheads preferred method for CAD payments.

*Direct deposit to any Chase branch

You don't need a Chase account to make a deposit of cash, check or other paper-based payment method. Direct deposit is available in-branch or by mailing your deposit to your nearest branch (see locator here).

Most Chase branches are in the USA, but there are a few branches in southern Ontario and Quebec.

*This is a Fiddleheads preferred method for USD payments.


Cash is King, but it's only available for purchases in-person. Please don't mail us cash. CAD and USD cash is accepted. We may refuse larger bills in attempt to avoid fraud.

*This is a Fiddleheads preferred method for local payments.

Chase QuickPay

[From their Website]: "Chase QuickPay is an online service that allows you to send money to and receive funds from virtually anyone with an e-mail address who's enrolled in the service. It's fast, convenient and secure, and it's easy to get started–all you need is a valid e-mail address and U.S. bank account." [Sign up info here]

*Wire Transfer (to USA or Canadian account)

Most banks, credit unions and financial institutions can wire, for a fee, small to large amounts of funds directly from your account to Fiddleheads. Some systems require you do this in-branch, but many banks allow this through online banking and banking apps.

*This method is recommended for payment of master grade violins or large orders with higher dollar amounts to be transferred.

Western Union

Western Union is a safe means of sending money worldwide. You can visiting a Western Union branch [locator here] in person (including third party branches such as banks, UPS store, various retailers and money lending services). You can also send Western Union transfers online on their website: You must be a member to use the online component. There are various speeds and corresponding fees to send different amounts.

Check / Money Order / Bank Draft

We still accept mailed-in, paper forms of payment. These will take extra time to arrive and process/clear. We recommend tracked/guaranteed means of sending paper payments in the mail.


Should you wish to purchase an item without a cart button, we are happy to personally invoice you so you can pay with paypal/credit card or other means as above. Just email and we will arrange all the details for you.

Accepted forms of payment is entirely at our discretion. Items are not shipped or released until funds have cleared.

Click here for help paying your invoice with credit card


Financing/Payment Plans

More information coming soon. In the meantime, contact us with any questions regarding financing and making payments.


Sales & Discounts

Fiddleheads places various items on sale depending on availability, overstock and manufacturer's promotions. Select the refresh/reload button on your web browser to see any changes on our pages since your last visit.

Can't find the violin you saw during your last visit? Hmmm, sorry, but it has probably been sold. Don't despair. Please email and we will match you with a similar instrument.



Services/Methods Used

We ship all pre-paid orders using Canada Post (arriving as USPS/Mail in the USA).

Instrument and bow trials are also shipped so you can conveniently "test-drive" your violin in comfort of your own home.

Canadian FlagCanadian shipments go out Xpresspost (or Standard Lettermail (expedited, meaning the items arrive within a business week. Other items are sent quicker methods (small items within Canada) and some as lettermail (not trackable). If you have a concern whether an item will arrive by a deadline, feel free to contact Fiddleheads.

American FlagAmerican shipments go out as Canada Post Expedited USA (3-10 days, tracking number) for larger packages and Canada Post Small Parcel Air (3-7 days, no tracking number) for smaller packages. These are all delivered as US Mail for American customers.

Delivery Standards

Most items are shipped same day or within two days of the order being placed, depending on setup delays, number of orders being processed, etc.

Delivery times vary depending on the destination, time of year (holidays, weather, etc) and any other unexpected factors. Faster delivery options are available upon request. Email to inquire on shipping.

Backorders are shipped as soon as they are available - Customers have the option to hold the entire shipment for the backorder or to ship as the items become available (at an extra charge).


Most of the services we use come with $100 included insurance. Due to our very thoughtful and well-designed packaging there have been only a couple damaged violins in shipping out of literally thousands sent over the years. However, should you wish to add extra insurance protection we will be more than happy to manually add it to your bill or add it to your order after it is placed. Just ask before we ship your order!

Shipping Rates

We do our best to offer the fairest pricing on all Fiddleheads' items. Seeing as service is provided to customers near and far, shipping rates are averaged for the USA and Canada and estimated on the low end. (We pay the balance of the cost when it exceeds the amount you were charged.)

If you order multiple items, when possible they will be packed together efficiently as combined shipping.

Shipping on trials frequently costs more than the flat rate we charge. In the event a trial is returned and no purchase is made, it is at the discretion of Fiddleheads to deduct the actual outbound rate from the deposit.


Violin Setup upon Arrival

Our violins and violas are shipped tuned and ready to play with the bridge and soundpost up and finely adjuststed. We take extra precaution and effort to carefully add custom-sized padding around the bridge to keep it from leaning or falling. This in addition to packaging the violin in a case (sometimes with added padding) or special violin shipping box.

Almost ecery single violin we have shipped arrived without damage and with the bridge and post still standing, often still in tune. However, due to various factors with shipping, it's impossible to guarantee the instrument will be in tune or that the bridge or soundpost will still be standing upon arrival.

Should the post, in particular, fall (rattling around inside the violin), the customer will have to take the instrument to a local shop to have it put back into place. This is a simple procedure done by experienced hands which will only take 5 minutes to complete. Customers are advised to pay only between $8 and $20 tops to have this quick service done, though some shops may try to charge more to a desperate customer.

Check Your Order Upon Arrival

Inspect your shipment immediately and notify us of damages and shortages/surpluses in shipments. Visible or concealed damage to merchandise due to shipping should be reported to the carrier and request an inspection (only if shipment was insured, typically for $100). Please specify in advance if you wish to purchase extra insurance.

Be sure to keep any damaged or incomplete items until a claim is settled with the shipping company (if applicable).

It is important to understand there has only been a couple damaged violins (and since repaired) and no lost or stolen shipments in over a decade of shipping due to careful, well-thought packaging. Fiddleheads is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged shipments.


Instrument and Bow Trials

Instrument and bow trials are welcome and encouraged. Please visit our Trials page for more information.


Consignment Sales

Fiddleheads takes very limited consignment sales of instruments, bows and accessories.

Our owner, Rhiannon, is very picky about the instruments she takes on consignment and will turn away ones which do not meet her standards or if she cannot take quickly. Consignments of instruments valued under $1000 are rarely accepted. Instruments priced higher than our average prices will not sell quickly. In this case lowering the price helps to sell the instrument faster. Besides, we cannot in good conscience charge what many other shops charge.

A percentage of the selling price is taken as a selling fee of all consignment items. (25% for instruments under $8000, 20% for instruments above $8000). The consignment fee is only charged once the instrument sells and under no circumstances before sale unless we choose to purchase the violin outright, which would not be a consignment. The seller is responsible for shipping (as well as return shipping to the seller, if needed) and the cost of any repairs or strings the instrument may require before being listed for consignment. 

Sending the instrument to us is not always necessary. This will at least help determine if there is a market for the instrument. Minimum consignment period is 90 days. Buyer offers below asking price may be presented to the seller for their approval. In order to meet changing market demands, we reserve the right to change this and all other policies.


Trades & Upgrades

Trades are upgrades are accepted pending our approval. Much of this depends on the customer's asking price for the instrument and if there is need for the instruments. Preference is given toward instruments purchased from Fiddleheads as the prices are not inflated and these instruments sell quickly.

Very much like the Consignment Sales policy, we reserves the right to refuse instruments due to their condition or those that are unlikely to sell quickly. Instruments which have been damaged or altered may not be redeemable for trade or upgrade.

Sadly many players have paid too much for instruments elsewhere and we cannot grant inflated purchase price on a trade, especially once the instrument is used. In many cases it's recommended customers sell their previous instruments in private sale where they can get back more of what they paid than in a trade, especially considering how much lower Fiddleheads' prices are than retail and other shops. Some customers have made money selling privately. Note that some cheaper new instruments, particularly budget level student violins, will depreciate since purchase.

We take instruments on trade/upgrade as long as the next instrument is roughly double the price of the trade-in. Should the trade-in need repair, new strings, or any money put into it to make it salable, fees are deducted from the trade-in value. We is very reasonable and far more generous in this regard thatn most shops.


Returns, Credits and Deposits

Customers are reminded to shop with confidence by reading all the product information provided, considering testimonials and asking questions if the website doesn't provide adequate information. Customers are also urged to take instruments on trial, where possible, to make a more "sound" (mind the pun) decision.

When customers choose return an item (excluding final sale items), they are first encouraged to replace the item with one of equal value or at a credit toward purchase of one of a higher value. We reserve the right to refuse returns after 2 weeks and some items are subject to a restock fee. Shipping costs from Fiddleheads to the customer are not refundable, and the customer pays return shipping. (More on shipping for returned items here).

In the event of a return or upgrade where the instrument has been played considerably, the customer also pays any necessary costs to cover replacement strings, etc to restore the instrument to new or sellable condition. Items covered by a manufacturer's warantee are replaced but only in the event of a proven manufacturing defect. Items which are damaged as a result of misuse or transit are not covered. In no case of accidental damage or negligence (other than in shipping from Fiddleheads) can an item be returned for refund.

Credits resulting from a return are held for up to one year from receipt of initial payment and other conditions may apply. Deposits placed toward held or pending items (trial or purchase) that are delayed to ship as per the customer's request for more than 60 days after receipt of the payment won't be refunded, but the funds will be held on the customer's account as a credit under similar terms as return credits. All special orders require a non-refundable deposit and cancellation of a special order results in the customer forfeiting the deposit.

Credits resulting from gifted Shopping Spree Vouchers are kept on file. Shopping Spree Vouchers cannot be transferred to another recipient and do not expire. Voucher accounts with a balance after 2 years from the date of voucher purchase are subject to an annual account maintenance fee of 10% of the remaining balance starting on the 3rd anniversary of purchase and applied yearly thereafter. Purchase a voucher here.




Classic Example of Hidden and Added Charges

Some suppliers charge extra for shipping as well as a handling fee and extra charges for any packaging.

They do not drop-ship (send direct to the customer on the seller's behalf) to Canada, so Rhiannon has them ship items to her shop then she ships on again to Canadian customers; hence paying shipping twice.

When other companies drop-ship to her American customers there is an additional $10 to $20 USD drop-ship fee!

When Rhiannon offers free drop-shipping on products Rhiannon is absorbing these costs into her profit margin.

Hence, the price her customers pay is far lower than they would pay elsewhere in most cases.

Fiddleheads' Price Match Policy

We may price-match under the following conditions: The price we are matching must include the advertised price for the item and all costs associated with delivery, handling and packaging. The competing seller must be an authorised reseller of the instruments and have the item physically in stock. Canadian buyers also must compare our price to a seller who serves and ships to Canada and count appropriate sales taxes and border fees into the equation.

Same Item

Both items must be the same model and in the same condition (new, used, refurbished). In a nutshell, the product must be fully equal to ours. For example, same model and year instruments must be setup to the same level and have the same strings, case, etc to be eligible. The item must be physically in stock at the competing shop, and not a special order or drop-ship item.

Written Proof of Shop and Price

We require written verification of the name of the shop and website link (if applicable) to verify it's an authorized reseller. Though we deal directly with our makers and can guarantee the authenticity of our products, we cannot say the same of competitors. Understandably, we cannot pricematch with a fake or flawed item or from unreliable sellers with questionable sources.

We require a copy of an estimate, sales slip or written invoice with all fees, taxes, etc (final price).

Shipping and Other Costs Considered

The customer needs to factor in any applicable shipping, taxes, exchange rate, duty and other, possibly hidden, fees with the price we are to match. Many online sellers add on superfluous handling, packing and drop-shipping fees. Such sellers use the extra fees to help make back their "unbeatable low" internet price. Though it may look like a better price before you've made it past the shopping cart, many times ours is actually the better deal.

Naturally, customers are not charged taxes to orders outside Canada, so that is another plus for our American friends.

Many times the customer's shipping costs more than what they are charged. These costs are absorbed as a cost of gaining your business.

Canadian Customers and Currency/Rate Issues

Canadians should consider that many sellers have exceptionally low prices for American orders but will not ship to Canada or deal with any foreign payment. The price may look low, but it does little good if it can't be shipped to Canada!

Also consider that credit cards and paypal charge an average foreign exchange bank fee of an additional 3% on purchases in other currencies on top of the exchange rate.


Online Orders vs. Personalized Invoicing

Click here to have us process your order manually.


Eco "Green" Policy

Our Eco Policy has its own page. Click here for more information.


Violin Lessons Policies

Our school lesson policy page can be found here.


Contact us

Please feel free to make contact with any questions, concerns or feedback on these policies.


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And, yes, Fiddleheads ships anywhere; Just email to get award-winning, personal help or click HERE for ordering help. PayPal.Me is a fast, easy and more secure way for customers to send us payments. Here is our direct link:

Violins, bows and cases are shipped Canada Post Expedited service (arrives via USPS in the USA) and takes about 2-6 days on average. Shoulder rests ship via Xpresspost within Canda (1-4 days) or Airmail to USA (2-6 days).

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