Fiddleheads Violin Studio Top Image featuring a photo of Rhiannon, Owner Fiddleheads Violin Studio is Operated by an Award-Winning Symphony Violinist and Teacher Fiddleheads is the World's First Eco-Friendly Violin Shop Fiddleheads' Owner has won numerous awards for Business and Musicianship Fiddleheads Serves Elated Customers Worldwide Welcome to Fiddleheads Violin Studio Located in Canada, Fiddleheads serves customers worldwide View Shopping Cart Like and Follow Us on Facebook! Spring Break/March Shipping Delays: Click Here Fiddleheads Violin Studio is Operated by an Award-Winning Symphony Violinist and Teacher Fiddleheads is the World's First Eco-Friendly Violin Shop Fiddleheads' Owner has won numerous awards for Business and Musicianship Fiddleheads Serves Elated Customers Worldwide Welcome to Fiddleheads Violin Studio Located in Canada, Fiddleheads serves customers worldwide foo Like and Follow Us on Facebook!

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Fiddleheads Violin Studio's Sales Mission Statement

We don't just sell violins.
We take the time and care to educate our buyers in making the best decisions for their music and family.

In Operating Fiddleheads Violin Studio We Strive...

· To assist our fellow string players in making informed and appropriate decisions in their music purchases so they may buy with trust and confidence

· To provide quality instruments and materials for beginners to professional players; instruments which best suit their budgets and needs

· To offer the best possible service and support to all my customers by means of sharing information freely, being flexible and understanding to customers' needs and continually educating myself in violin and the industry

· To operate this business with honesty, environmental sustainability and personal integrity

Ordering Help

Basic Ordering Info


Outfit vs. Instrument Only


Upgrades & Downgrades

Add-On Items


Online Orders vs. Personalized Invoicing


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Shop Policies

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Financing/Payment Plan



Basic Ordering Info

We are glad Fiddleheads has earned your interest and hope we earn your business. We want your shopping experience, be it via the site or through contacting us to process your order manually, to be an easy and enjoyable experience.

We are also happy to upgrade or downgrade components of your order, add fine-tuners to your violin, take alternate forms of payment and make other personal touches that suit your needs.



Beautiful violinORSame violin as to the left but with a case, bow and rosin


We provide the option to purchase our violins/violas alone or as an "outfit." We can also change the various components of your order to suit your unique needs and budget: Click here

Outfit vs. Instrument Only

We provide the option to purchase our instruments alone or as an "outfit."

An outfit includes the violin or viola and is paired with a suitable bow, case and cake of rosin for a discounted "outfit" price. You will save more money purchasing the outfit rather than the individual violin, case, bow and rosin.

Should you wish to upgrade or downgrade various components in your instrument or outfit, such as strings and fine tuners or the case and bow, we are happy to make arrangements.

When you purchase the instrument only, you will only receive the violin or viola without a case or bow. These orders are shipped in a special instrument shipping box.

You don't need to purchase a case just for shipping, though it does provide more peace of mind to our customers to ship in a case. Keep in mind it also saves shipping costs and is more efficient to purchase your violin with a case rather than ship an empty case at a later date.


Upgrades and Downgrades: Fine Tuners - Strings - Bows - Cases - Package Options

We provide outfit combinations that most customers find suitable, but also understand our customers may want to upgrade or downgrade various components with their instrument and outfit orders. Below are examples of considerations and alterations you can make to your order by contacting us.

Fine Tuners

Also called string adjusters, fine tuners are small metal screw mechanisms just past the bridge and on or beside the tailpiece that make tuning easier for beginners.

They are typically only included on the highest string (trickiest to tune) in the realm of classical violins, and the other strings are tuned using the wooden pegs at the top of the instrument.

However, we recommend that fiddlers using steel strings and beginners request to have fine tuners for all four strings, which we can included free of charge when asked. They can be removed at any point if you wish to tune only with the pegs.

Some of our violins come with tailpieces containing built-in fine tuners. However, should your violin not have this sort of tailpiece and you wish to have all four tuners included, we are happy to add them for you as a complimentary service. Just ask.


We make it clear in each listing what strings come with the violin you are purchasing. Our popular student VN-100 violins are available with two different string options: Corelli Crystal and Thomastik Dominant strings.

Crystals, from France, and Dominants, from Austria, are quite similar, interchangeable with student violins. We offer two options as to give a choice for players who want to save money or when their teachers insist they have Dominants, the industry quality standard.  

Both strings have a variation on a nylon core (Crystals made with "Stabillon," Dominants with "Perlon").  Dominants are certainly better on a higher-end violin or one played by a more advanced player who will hear the tonal improvements, but with a student player on a student violin you may not discern a significant difference. 

Should you wish to upgrade your strings to better quality strings at a higher price, or conversely, downgrade them to factory-grade steel strings for a discount to meet a tight budget, we are happy to make arrangements just for you; send us a note.


Some customers wish to upgrade their bow to a more durable carbon fibre or higher-quality wood bow than what is already provided in our standard outfits. Other customers on a budget may wish to downgrade the bow to lower the overall outfit price. Whatever your preference, we are happy to work with you to get the combination you seek. Pop us an email.


Just as with our bows, we build outfits with cases appropriate for the instrument. Some customers will want an upgraded case for added space and protection for their instrument. Others will require a case purely for shipping and want something more economical.

Contact us to swap out a different case. Note that we can upgrade to Bobelock cases, but there is an added shipping fee for these as they ship to customers directly from the North American distributor.

Package Options

All outfits can be purchased with package options, but this only currently shows up on the site with student outfits. (Contact us to add a package option, and to build your own package with your choice of books and other items).

The Beginner Package Special comes with four basic instructional books we use in violin lessons at the Fiddleheads school. The Deluxe Package Special has the same four books, plus two other books with play-along music tracks as well as an electronic tuner/metronome. The Deluxe Package is further discounted than the Beginner Package.

*Not to be confused with fine tuners, an electronic tuner is a tool you use that hears the violin's notes, then tells you if it is in tune or not.  This is best used from the start so you know if the violin is in tune at home, without the teacher there to help you tune. You will have to tune your violin each time you play it and it will likely arrive out of tune after shipping.

A metronome is the "tick-tock machine" that helps teach rhythmic accuracy and timing. Our combined tuner/metronome is actually two devices in one and takes up very little space in your case. The metronome component also has preset rhythms and meters such as 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time.


Add-On Items

Just like the Add-On Items at Amazon, we provide some products that will only ship with larger items. This allows us to run a more efficient shipping department and cut down on costs for us and our customers.

Be sure you purchase an Add-On item with a larger item with a shipping fee (or, in the case of higher-priced violins, provides free shipping with purchase). Examples of eligible items are violins, cases, bows, and (for Add-On replacement parts) Bon Musica shoulder rests.

We cannot ship Add-On items alone at this time and thank you for your understanding.


Online Orders vs. Personalized Invoicing

Most items on this site can be purchased via the shopping cart system. We also have some other items that are not yet added to the site but which are in stock and we can add them to your order by request.

Some people prefer the human element and we are happy to put together your order manually and send you an email invoice. This also allows for more tweaking of the details, upgrades, and added understanding of what you need to get started with your new violin hobby. Drop us an email and indicate what you are considering and we can put together your order.

Another benefit to Personalized Invoicing is the ability to use payment methods other than through the Paypal system, such as check, wire, direct deposit Interac E-Transfer. We will also allow in-house financing/payment plans for our instruments.

Please aquaint yourself on our accepted methods of payment and financing plans and email us if you would prefer to pay with one of these means. We are happy to make arrangements!



Combined Shipping and Free Shipping

Some items show up in the shopping cart system as eligable to ship alone (with a shipping fee) or to ship with other items (for a combined shipping fee). Master violins ship for free.

All shipments must have had some means of shipping paid, with the exception of the Master violins with free shipping.

To maximize your savings, be sure to select "Combined shipping" on any extra items shipped together beyond the item with paid shipping.

Faster Shipping Method

We are happy to arrange a faster postal shipping method to meet your deadline. Read up on our shipping methods [click here] or email us to request a faster service for an additional fee.

Other Shipping Details

Click here for our shipping policy, methods used, and more.

Email us if you have any questions regarding our shipping policies or details.


Shopping Cart Errors

We are aware that Paypal has limitations and errors with their shopping cart code.

Cart Currency

The shopping cart can allow for USD or CAD transactions, but not both at the same time. If you have added an item in USD, you cannot add another item in CAD, or vice versa. Should you wish to purchase items in CAD and USD, you can put them through as two separate orders or simply email us and we can invoice you in one currency.

Cart Errors

There is an error in Paypal's code for Continue Shopping from an empty shopping cart. Here you can hit your back button on your broswer a few times until you are back at our site, or type in our site name again to return to us.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by these errors and hope you understand we have tried to get Paypal to correct the issues, with no success so far.


Payment Options

Click here for various methods of payment including Paypal, Credit Card, Interac E-Transfer, Chase QuickPay, and many more.


Shop Policies

Our overall Shop Policies regarding can be read here.


Purchase vs. Trial

Most of our customers purchase using our helpful customer reviews, product information and other details on this website or they ask Rhiannon to play and personally select a violin to suit their needs and budget. Others prefer still prefer to "test drive" their instruments first. This is where our Trials Process can be helpful.

Click here for more information on our Trial Process. Email us if you would like Rhiannon to play and hand-pick your instrument for you.


Financing/Payment Plan

We have more info at this link, or you can email us to inquire on financing your instrument purchase over a term.


Visit our Testimonials from many elated customers

Visit our Awards page


Thank you for Shopping at Fiddleheads.Buy Now

Think of shopping at Fiddleheads as walking into a local violin shop. Owner and Symphony Violinist Rhiannon Nachbaur is happy to take the time to personally invoice you to combine shipping for multiple items on the site and not listed.

And, yes, Fiddleheads ships anywhere; Just email to get award-winning, personal help or click HERE for ordering help. PayPal.Me is a fast, easy and more secure way for customers to send us payments. Here is our direct link:

Violins, bows and cases are shipped Canada Post Expedited service (arrives via USPS in the USA) and takes about 2-6 days on average. Shoulder rests ship via Xpresspost within Canda (1-4 days) or Airmail to USA (2-6 days).

Copyright © 2004-2017 RHIANNON NACHBAUR; All rights reserved. is the Planet's First and Only "Green" Violin Shop Operated by a Symphony Violinist: "Fiddle with a Conscience" Main Page Like and Follow Fiddleheads Violin Studio on Facebook View Shopping Cart: Pay with Credit Card or Paypal Account Fiddleheads is a Canadian Business that serves customers around the world Fiddleheads is an eco-friendly business Fiddleheads is an Award-Winning Business run by an Award-Winning Musician and Young Entrepreneur Serving Elated Customers Worldwide: Click here for Testimonials Fiddleheads Violin Studio is Operated by an Award-Winning Symphony Violinist and Teacher Fiddleheads is the World's First Eco-Friendly Violin Shop Fiddleheads' Owner has won numerous awards for Business and Musicianship Fiddleheads Serves Elated Customers Worldwide Welcome to Fiddleheads Violin Studio Located in Canada, Fiddleheads serves customers worldwide foo Like and Follow Us on Facebook!