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"Original" Carbon Fibre Bows: Professional European Quality


We are sorry to share the sad news of the passing of the maker of the Original bows.



Note from Rhiannon: I once destroyed a lovely wood bow by dropping it only four short inches to a carpeted floor. Game over. Replacing it with another expensive wood bow was fleeting since it would not survive long in a hostile environment (ie: among music students and a toddler).

My next investment had to be tough, but it couldn't hold me back musically. I invested in carbon fibre (fiber) and never turned back.


Design - Details - Weights - Endorsements - Feedback

Read about our "Green" eco policy

As the old growth instrument wood supply diminishes, price tags for good pernambuco bows are increasing. Quality is becoming questionable and a player really has to pick through to find a good stick. Then what happens when you accidentally drop or warp your bow?

[Cue swearing!]

Carbon fibre [fiber] bows come at a fraction of the price of a pernambuco stick because of the cost-effective materials used and the decreased man hours in their construction. By purchasing an "Original" bow you are also playing your part towards decreasing deforestation and pernambuco wood extinction.

The "Original" Carbon Fibre [fiber] Bow, in development for decades, delivers performance superior to Pernambuco, especially when durability and cost are an issue.


Improved Design

We only sell the most current and newly-improved design (developed in 2006) which is only available silver-mounted and with a more attractive eggplant coloured "pearl" finish. These third generation bows are far more luxurious aesthetically than the first generation "Tabary L'Originals," as discussed in the Strings Magazine Review in 2002.

*This may explain a price difference when comparison shopping. Note that some shops still have old stock of the lower models of this bow, which include nickel mounted versions of the "Original."


The bow is constructed from graphite fiber, the highest grade of carbon fibre available, and designed using the most precise standards of manufacturing.

The bow is finished with a German made, ebony frog with silver lining (ferrule, heel plate, tip, winding, etc) and the highest quality Mongolian horse hair. They can be rehaired the same as a regular bow, so there is no hidden cost to operating an Original.

A truly European product with the finest attention to detail made by hand in Wadowice, Poland by JF Kolasa. (Interestingly, Wadowice was home to the late Pope Jean Paul II.)


Excerpts from a Customer Review of the Original Violin Bow

Read full review

I found my high notes were much mellower where they had always been harsh with [my wood Werner bow].

Sautille is a breeze. It is astonishing how fast I can make it jump (if only my fingers would follow).

Finally, for years I've tried to solve the problem of my bow bouncing on long pianissimo notes, and with this new bow that is much reduced.

No question about it, the Original bow is outstanding and affordable.

- Robert Newton, Denman Island, British Columbia

Read full review


Buy NowMy customers have been very impressed with the tone, ease of use and other subtle details that make playing this bow a delight. The Original bow has garnered many rave reviews from top-level players, amongst them members of the Boston Symphony and a significant number of section leaders playing in Hollywood studios. In its early years the bow also eared a glowing review by Strings Magazine, October 2002.

This is not to say these bows are only for the pros. Original bows are priced so students on a budget can enjoy the benefits of these exceptional instruments.

See Customer Testimonials


Professional Endorsements for the "Original" Carbon Fibre Bow:

"I customarily use a Pecatte and have access to a Tourte, so I was not really shopping for a bow. When I picked up the Tabary, however, I knew it was something special!

Last month I was soloist in three concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, and played all on the Tabary. Next month I will use it for the Sibelius Concerto.

It is perhaps the most comfortable, reliable, well-balanced bow I have ever played."

Bruce Dukov - Soloist & Concertmaster, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

"I've been using the [Original] bow regularly in orchestra and it works great! I wouldn't use anything but a really comfortable bow for a Mozart symphony with our new music director, James Levine, conducting."

Bonnie Bewick Brown - 1st violinist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

See Other Customer Testimonials


Choose your Weight


Light = 56 grams - 58.5 grams
Medium = 58.6 grams - 60.5 grams
Heavy = 60.6 grams - 63 grams


Light = 66 grams - 68.5 grams
Medium = 68.6 grams - 70.5 grams
Heavy = 70.6 grams - 72 grams


Light = 77 grams - 79.5 grams
Medium = 79.6 grams - 81.5 grams
Heavy = 81.6 grams - 83 grams

Bass (Currently German only)

Light = 130 grams -132 grams

Specify weight desired when ordering. Medium is the most popular weight for violin, viola and cello bows. Bass currently only available in German style.

Sorry, no fractional sizes available for these fine bows. Might we suggest instead a Prism bow for smaller players?


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