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From the Media

Clad in a stunning long red dress complete with funky black boots, Rhiannon hosted the [Fiddleheads Violin Studio Christmas Recital] while entertaining the audience with her wonderful musicianship...

Teaching young children can be a challenge. To relate to them on their level requires a talent that Rhiannon exhibits. Encouraging youngest student Rachel Bates to tell her “story” by playing her tiny violin to express different sounds was one of the highlights of the evening. The tiny musician awed the audience with her presence and ability...

- Debbie Latimer, Lakeshore News, December 22, 2006. Read the entire article


Student Testimonials

I think Dominik is very lucky to have you!  I'm sure he wouldn't click with just any teacher because of the way he is and he really lucked out with you.  I suppose you have some experience with ADD and giftedness, but you are also a very intuitive and creative person - and a fun one, too! 

I feel like thanking you from the bottom of my heart every time I see you!

- Karin

Rhiannon somehow produces unique teaching techniques every single day, and as her student I am both extremely proud, and exceedingly impressed each time I witness the capacity of her exceptionally artistic mind.

- Robin (16)

When a new music teacher moves into an area the size of Salmon Arm an atmosphere of competition with resident teachers can result.

Rhiannon has had the opposite effect on the music community. In founding the annual Strings Alive music festival she has united local teachers in the promotion of their schools as well as amateur musicianship in Salmon Arm.

As one of her students I know that myself and many others in town are now enjoying the challenge of learning to play an instrument solely because of Rhiannon’s presence.

- Tim Robinson, father of Colin & Taylor

It can be quite a challenge to keep a 4-year-old focused on anything for more than 10 minutes at a time. I have watched as Rhiannon has structured her lessons around Flynn’s needs that particular day, to keep the lessons exciting, interesting and fun.

I think the use of Fiddlebucks to encourage the children to practice, is an awesome idea, the more they practice the more they earn.

The Fiddlesticks Orchestra (is) another great idea to encourage playing and practicing. This is a great forum for Rhiannon’s younger students to come together to play with each other, and learn from each other. I was amazed at how intent all the children were during the rehearsal, I think they would have played for hours given the chance.

In conclusion I would highly recommend Rhiannon to anyone as a business operator and more specifically as a music instructor.

- Cheryl, mother of Flynn

At the age of forty-two my husband bought me violin lessons with FIDDLEHEADS VIOLIN STUDIO, instructed by Rhiannon Nachbaur. My love of music has been with me all of my life, yet I have not had the opportunity to express myself in this avenue. I write this letter after just 2 months/4 hours of instruction time from Rhiannon.

From the very first lesson I have found Rhiannon to be a most enthusiastic, and encouraging teacher, while at the same time a very professional and dedicated businessperson. From the very first I was very impressed with her business sense, upon opening my Christmas gift I found a delightful letter detailing my gift of violin lessons, instrument rental and sheet music.

Upon meeting Rhiannon I was immediately made to feel comfortable and at ease, she has a very unique ability to make a person, regardless of age, feel they are special and important to her. I would go as far as to say that she leads the way of the future as to how up and coming businesses would benefit in following suit.

Her creative and hard working endeavors are a sure sign of a very dedicated and talented individual, providing service above and beyond, to her customers.

- Elaine, adult student

I am extremely impressed with the quality of dedication that Rhiannon puts into her school. She has provided us with a continuous positive attitude and a wonderful incentive program for her students. She puts in a real personal approach to private lessons as well as group instruction and offers new material on a regular basis.

I'm also quite impressed with all the extras she seems to find time for, such as newsletters, e-mails, and inspires her students to take part in community events and performances. Her enthusiasm to push her students to their greatest potential is a gift in itself. We as parents understand how our children will perform for others at a higher level than they will for us at home. 

I know that, thanks to Rhiannon, my daughter has excelled in her music abilities far beyond any of my expectations. Thanks for all you've done for us, Rhiannon.”

- Sandra, mother of Amy

Rhiannon seems to have endless energy when it comes to sharing her love and knowledge of the violin.

- Helen, Armstrong, BC

My sixteen-year-old daughter started taking violin lessons from Rhiannon this fall. She has had previous lessons but none of them have inspired her as much as Rhiannon. She has a real gift of encouragement and motivation. Rhiannon has a real passion for her work and it catches on.

She tries to find out what her students likes and dislikes are and really connects with them. She is very well organized and has wonderful resources at her fingertips, which she freely gives out. We often receive music by e-mail that Rhiannon thinks my daughter, Jennica, would like, so she can hear the piece and familiarize herself with it.

Rhiannon herself is very busy volunteering in the local community and gives the students many opportunities to play in public and also in her weekly group lessons. In all Rhiannon really goes above and beyond our expectations as a music instructor.

- Petra, mother of Jennica

Rhiannon also loves doing things with her students outside of lessons. We have Christmas parties, and go trick-or-treating together. She loves to take us to watch the Symphony.

It is the many little things, the ones that are often overlooked, that often mean the most to someone like me. Rhiannon has too many to list. These are just a few to give you an idea of how much she does for us.

- Hope (17)

I am writing this letter to say how much I've been impressed with Rhiannon Nachbaur of Fiddleheads Violin Studio!  Rhiannon teaches my 6 year old daughter, Reynan, violin and it is amazing to me how patient and enthusiastic she is!! 

I especially love how positive she is, she always has much more encouraging words to give than negative.  This makes my daughter enjoy her lessons more and is a very effective teaching tool, I think.

- Dorothy, mother of Reynan

After ten years of weekly fiddle lessons, David has decided to end them. He plans to attend a few more fiddle camps each year and jam with the old Time Fiddlers every second week in Vernon.

Thank you for the years you spent teaching him. He enjoyed the lessons and we have seen his music abilities/confidence grow with your guidance.

David is dedicated to his music and wants to persue his career in sound engineering (once travelling with a band and making it big is over...ha ,ha). Either way, music is just beginning for him and thanks for adding to his base of knowledge and sharing your love of the violin with him.

- Brigette, Grindrod, BC

Thanks so much for all the years you have put into Krista's violin skills [up to her graduation]. She always loved her lessons with you. She got out her new violin the other day and played a few songs and it sounded so nice. Thank you for that.

- Susie, Salmon Arm, BC

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Support from Rhiannon's Colleagues and Other Teachers

I first became aware of Rhiannon Nachbaur through many of the media sources in Salmon Arm that continually listed and advertised her “Fiddleheads Violin Studio” in a variety of performing events throughout the community, such as recitals, concerts and performances.

Through Fiddleheads Violin Studio, Rhiannon provides musical training to a vast number and wide range of ages of students and adults. Many of these students are working in ensembles under my direction and I can sense the genuine respect and admiration that these students have for Rhiannon. She is totally dedicated to the art of music performance through the violin.

With Rhiannon’s help Salmon Arm now has a String Orchestra that is part School District #83 and part community in it’s nature and has provided a new and unique opportunity for students as young as 10 years old to adults 70 years old to make music together in rehearsals and performances.

As conductor of the S.D.#83/Community Orchestra, I rely on Rhiannon for her expertise and advice on string playing. Rhiannon has arranged music for the orchestra to play as well as organizing Clinics and Master classes for all members.

I hope she will continue to enrich our students, adults and community at large with her enthusiasm, creativeness and dedication.

- Gordon Waters, Supervisor of Music Instruction for BC School District 83 and SD83 Orchestra Director

I am pleased to have worked with Rhiannon Nachbaur as her instructor at the Selkirk College Professional Music Program from 1995-1997. I led her and other performance majors in a class that played live gigs.

Rhiannon always achieved high standards as a Performance Major on and off stage. For example, once I arranged for a talent agent from Vancouver to visit the school and give feedback to the students. He selected two top performers in the class based on their portfolios, presentation and skill as players. Rhiannon was one of the performers he offered a job to.

- Gilles Parenteau, Music Coordinator/Professor, Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program, Nelson, BC

I feel a difference in Salmon Arm since Rhiannon Nachbaur came here. Most string musicians were low profile and many people were not aware that we even had violin teachers in town. She has added so much more life to the public’s impression and exposure to violin music and the music community as a whole has awakened.

I have seen Rhiannon in concert, in lessons with my daughter, Blythe, and during her “Strings Alive Festival” last April. I am a musician myself, an adjudicator, curriculum creator, performer who studied and taught both in Canada and abroad.

Rhiannon is popular with her students because of how she relates with young people. She is nurturing and fun, not a stuffy old fuddy-duddy! My daughter admires her deeply and I know many young girls aspire to be violinists after seeing Rhiannon play and teach.

Rhiannon’s creativity has led to several new events in Salmon Arm including concerts and Strings Alive. I thought Strings Alive was very creative and inspirational. It brought violin playing and education in the area to a whole new level. My daughter, husband and I enjoyed being part of it.

I was impressed to learn that Rhiannon acted as a symphony mentor for one of her students this month. She genuinely cares about the experience her students have in playing music.

I am amazed at how she delicately balances classical violin playing with her fiddling. She juggles her teaching, rehearsals and performing manages to get everything done.

- Brenda Bolton Heywood ARCT LTCL FTCL (Piano)

Rhiannon was a student I taught as Orchestra Director 1991-1995. Even years later I am happy to write this letter as Rhiannon is among the best students I have ever had.

Rhiannon was the concertmistress of the Helix Orchestra for three years, and developed into a very fine player in the years she was here. I am sure with her talent she is a very fine player by now. Not only a stand-out player, she took over many leadership duties during her stay here. She organized and conducted a chamber orchestra on her own (which earned a superior rating at festival), wrote several arrangements that we still use today, and did all these things without prodding from me.

- Russ Sperling, M.Ed M.Mus, Instrumental Music Specialist, San Diego Unified School District

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