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Rhiannon's Eco Policy

Rhiannon has made a mission to operate her small business in a responsible, sustainable and respectful manner for our environment.

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Rhiannon Nachbaur earned a "Green Business Award" in 2007.

She was the first businessowner in the local awards to receive this distinction.

[Rhiannon pictured during her second pregnancy; Photo by Bob Clark]


Fiddleheads' sole-proprietor, Rhiannon Nachbaur, believes that regardless of a person's views on climate change, environmentalism and science, there is logical reasoning behind efficiency in general.

It's just plain good sense to be less wasteful in a world of ever increasing demands on our natural resources and living space. And it makes sense financially: less waste means more money and resources saved!

Though offering violin lessons and violn sales from her home is usually is not considered a "harmful" threat to our environment, Rhiannon strongly feels everyone has a part to play.

Our Promise

Since Fall 2006 Rhiannon has managed her business with a Green/Eco Policy.

The time is ripe to raise our standards to a more environmentally conscious level and work diligently to reduce waste and pollution in ways such as:

Green Packaging - Efficient Home-Based Office - Car & Travel - Recycling Violins - Saving Paper Going Digital - Education

And proving, in the process, that

Going Green Pays for Itself

Green Packaging: Our First step

Rhiannon started with something that bothers her personally: wasteful packaging and shipping. Many of her products have come to her surrounded by non-biodegradable materials which are harmful for our environment such as foam "peanuts" and bubble wrap in shipping and plastic bags on string sets, bows and cases.

Rhiannon requested that all her suppliers and makers try to refrain from using such materials when shipping to her if possible.

On her end she personally packs fragile items in biodegradable and recycled materials such as starch peanuts and newspaper. She chooses to ship nearly all items in paper products with paper tape, which are easily recycled in most communities, rather than plastic. She only buys brown paper, paper tape and paper-lined envelopes new.

When she does use plastic or foam, it is almost always reused packaging that came to her or she searched for it personally in places where it would have been disposed. She asks that customers follow in kind, recycling or reusing packaging whenever possible. Should disposal be the only option, please consider an appropriate way of recycling all materials.

Most products are shipped in brown paper or cardboard with paper tape.

Efficient, Home-Based Office

Rhiannon made the difficult, limiting and fully conscious choice to operate Fiddleheads from a home location.

This option means, in addition to far more flexibility for Rhiannon, no daily commute, being with her children when they need her on sick days and after school, and only one building to maintain: thus a smaller carbon footprint and far less costs to customers.

Heating and Electricity

Rhiannon optimized her first home over the years for peak efficiency. Insulation was been added everywhere in addition to all new windows and doors. During winter the furnace was on a schedule and in summer we use window coverings to keep cool, using no air conditioning.

For heating she purchase renewable natural gas via methane capturing at the city refuse site. This methane was already leaching into the environment, and by burning it efficiently the gases were being used for a better purpose than as a greenhouse gas. (Methane is 20x worse than CO2 as a green house gas). All appliances were Energy Star rated and she replaced most lights with LED bulbs.

When it came time to replace office equipment, she choose models which use less electricity and contain safer materials. Even the printer's toner was packed in tiny, #2 recyclable plastic containers - no more nasty large disposable cartridges. The printer, computers and monitors use little power when idle and were rated as "eco" models." She purchased vegetable-based ink pens and other environmentally-friendly products for the office as they became available.

These measures have mostly proven cost-effective. For example, over 5 years she have paid only around $1500 per year for heating and electricty (remember, this is wintery Canada), where many surrounding homes paid double this amount and aren't home during the day. The only downside was keeping the heat only at 70 degrees F, which some customers and students found too chilly.

All Rhiannon's personal purchases were made with the environment in mind and she chose to only buy products in limited or no packaging. Finally, she recycled and composted almost everything that left the home. Even her babies wore cloth and flushable/ compostable diapers. TMI?

Since September 2015 Rhiannon has lived in a transitional home in Kamloops and will have to reinstate most of these changes, as funds and time allow.


Car & Travel

An overwhelming majority of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution comes from our vehicles. Rhiannon made a financial sacrifice and decided in 2005 to put more money each month into a car that would lessen her carbon footprint.

Rhiannon's annual gasoline consumption was instantly less than half of on the previous vehicle, even with the rising oil prices, thanks to the hybrid car [Toyota Prius].

After ten years and nearly 300,000km of service in rough terrain and temperatures, the Prius began sucking far more gas than usual. It was painfully discovered it would be far too costly to repair when set against the value and likely went for parts. At least it could be recycled. Rhiannon purchased a 2012 Prius V to accomodate her growing children and family.

Idling Gets You Nowhere

Rhiannon kindly asks that lessons and shop customers please turn their vehicle engines off while waiting outside Fiddleheads. (More than 10 seconds of idling can use more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it). Learn more about Engine Idling at this link

By driving a more efficient vehicle we have eliminated 4 metric tons of CO2 per year. The Prius realistically got around 50 MPG in our mountainous region of BC.



Recycling Violins?

For 16 years Rhiannon was listed in her former town's recycling directory accepting old music books and instruments.

It's incredible to think how many people just throw away old sheet music and musical instruments when they can be put in the hands of an eager musician. Rhiannon has passed many huge boxes of sheet music, books and instruments on to other musicians and the local school district.

Taking recycling a step further, In 2003 Rhiannon started up a non-profit group, the Shuswap Violin Society. The group had a scholarship fund, workshops and public music events. Best yet was the instrument bank where violins and other instruments were donated to the SVS by the public then loaned out to players based on skill or need. The instruments were later donated to the local community orchestra where they are played to this day.

This is recycling at its best!

Rhiannon and the SVS presented a young student with a violin to use for two years


Saving Paper by Going Digital

Rhiannon's violin school students enjoy digital sheet music arranged by her and emailed to them at home for practice. As for paper sheet music, she won't photocopy reams of music but instead prints off individual songs and pieces as needed in lessons.

In past years Rhiannon produced an multi-page newsletter which had a student readership. Originally she made several hundred paper copies each month, but began posting the "Fiddleheads Gazette" online. This saved on printing, paper usage and postage. The digital version also allowed the Gazette to be experienced in full colour, which was far more ecologically responsible in electrons than in print.

Her Facebook page replaced the Gazette.


In order to better understand better environmental practices Rhiannon has become a member and/or supporter of groups and societies which promote environmentalism.

See Charitable Giving page

Know the old adage about "teaching a man to fish?" Rhiannon donates funds to causes which aim to educate people as she thinks this is the best way to promote change towards a healthier humanity.

She previously sponsored children in Guatemala and Bangladesh. She also supports the Wikimedia Foundation which provides "free access to all human knowledge" in over 100 languages.

Want to learn more about environmentalism? Rhiannon has a science and environmental "library" of sorts she us happy to lend to local students who show interest in ecology and our environment. There are also many fascinating links posted below.

Our annual Christmas recital raises funds and items for local food banks

Going Green Pays for Itself

As world citizens faced with a changing world we can get creative and not be harmed financially in the process. We know "efficiency renders efficiency" and we will soon find, with some creativity, being friendly to the earth can also be friendly to our finances. 

At present Rhiannon's personal Green Policy has helped her attract her customers from around the world. It feels good to make a living in a way which is also helping other people realize their personal eco-polices and goals!

Many businesses and individuals have found that becoming more efficient saves not only money, but resources as well


Thank You!

Please feel free to discuss your concerns, offer suggestions and provide feedback to Rhiannon.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about Rhiannon's Green Policy.

“Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social, and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyles.”

- David Suzuki, Scientist

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr. Seuss, The Lorax



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